Meet UCF Football's Sports Medicine Team

our goal is to provide world-class health care and to get those guys back out on the field as soon as possible they can only help us if they're on the field and we want to keep them out on the field so in doing that we try to provide world-class health care like I said and try to keep them healthy refill you need to get over the noisy hey can you grab me in your towel please there you go that's better what starts up contracted just like a ball still his left over this is like never ending with myself we have four full-time certified athletic trainers Jud fan is the first assistant he's been here I think he's going into his sixth year we figured out he's the he's the go-to person if I'm not in the office juds the one that Coach O'Leary will come to look for I trust that everything will get done is exact as if I was there I'm knowing that Judds in the room we'll be coming in from walk in walk through then okay I'll be here go anymore go in oh you know we get to help help these kids that they're not just the patient to us that's the unique thing about our healthcare profession is is we see our patients every single day scapular stabilizers so your shoulder blade rotator cuff we know that families we know everything about them you know it's it's a it's a friendship but it's a it's a respectful friendship so that's what makes it so unique so to watch those guys you know if they do get hurt it affects us personally Edward Lee is our last assistant he also has some dual roles within the department but his main responsibility is football and he's kind of just your catch-all guy he fills in he's actually we just got him certified in Active Release Technique which is a very specific soft tissue technique that's a new kind of to what we do in sports medicine so the first thing you want to do is just kind of evaluate and see and feel around and see where those adhesions are so you're not going astray in on your thumb right you're doing a fool using the four hands sometimes – you can just have them accurately move it go ahead and move it we experience everything in this profession so anything from hangnail to you know a fractured vertebra discs in the back so we see it all and we have to be ready for any of those type of things so you got to be you know trained for to see to see it and be prepared so any of our equipments and you think and our training we have to be trained for whenever anything that comes with healthcare student athletic trainers in our program are our lifeline and they're behind the team they're helping them there assisting us with taping their lower learning and growing – but the benefit of having an actual undergraduate program at UCF makes just the quality of our students that much better than anywhere else in the country all right so we're making custom mouthpieces for the players and what we do is we have mouse molds that we make before the season starts place a square in the contraption the plastic will come off the mouthpiece the red thing that says profile form with just the back of the teeth now just let it sit and feed us we turn off the heat turn on the vacuum Oh dip it down to pull it off so I just cut around the edges our athletic training students do an absolutely great job they're a huge asset to what we do in the Sports Medicine Department there you go mouthpiece you love what you do you know there's a lot of people that would love to trade some great places with me too you know to be able to be on the sidelines of a game to be able to go up to an Ohio State or some of these bigger schools or whether it's you tap or Tulsa you know it's a job and it you know can grind on you're wearing a little bit but at the same time you got to take a look back sometimes and just go this is pretty pretty cool so so nigh fans is Brent Harvey come out step 10 to 15 as we take on FIU and pack Bright House dating


  1. I am looking in to coming here and majoring in sports medicine. I was also wondering if it is like FSU where the first 2 years you are learning then your last 2 is hands on experience?

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