Meet Wesley – SMU Physician Assistant student

[Background Music] >> Half of medicine is listening to the patient. That sense of listening and allowing patients
to speak and trying to really understand where they’re coming from is critical. The values that make a Physician
Assistant excellent are keeping sight of your patient centered care and understanding
that it’s really all about the patient and never losing that compassion
that originally brought you to where you are and that drive for excellence. Out of all the schools that I applied to,
I was most impressed with Samuel Merritt. When I got here I immediately felt this sense
of community within the school and the idea that we don’t necessarily want the
people with the best GPA but the people who make the most sense and that
fit and have the same passions that we do for healthcare and medicine. Compassion and empathy are closely tied. I think it’s the idea that you
understand what somebody is going through, even though you are not going
through it yourself. And understanding that everybody
has their own truth to who they are in terms of their disease and their pain. The best outcomes come from when a
patient and a provider have a common bond and they really understand each other. I get to help people and then see them come
back with an increased quality of life. [ Music ] [ Silence ]

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