Meet William Dillon, DO, Internal Medicine | Ascension Michigan

My name is William Dillon and I’m the
chief medical resident. When I was 18 my dad was diagnosed with
lung cancer and subsequently passed away about a month later, following that my
mom got into compulsive gambling and seeing how that experience affected not
only me and my mom but you know all both of, both of our lives it made me
want to do something a bit more meaningful in taking care of people that
were sick. I chose internal medicine because I
wanted to be involved in every single aspect of a person’s care, you know
sometimes if you’re in some sort of subspecialty you might just be focused
on the heart or the lungs, I wanted to be able to make an impact in every single
part of that person. When someone comes to the doctor they
want to feel that they’re being heard that their medical issues are being
addressed, that their concerns are being addressed. The most rewarding part of what I do is
being able to see people improve over many years and form relationships with
them. When I’m not in the office I pretty much
just spend time with my wife, we like to go to a lot of diners.

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