Meet Yewah Jung, DO, MPH: Primary Care Physician

I really love what I do I feel that this is
a mission that I’ve my life’s ambition is to be a doctor and so any everyday I come
to work I know that I’m doing what I was intended to do The first question I always as is how
can I help you It’s always going to be an open ended answer and so that we can get to
know each other and how I can help you and your usual doctor visits we’ll probably go
over your history and hopefully by the end of your doctor visit we have addressed each
one of your concerns, each one of your problems and also try to address any preventive measures
that we can take. I really believe the patient and the doctor
are part of a team and the doctor’s job is primarily to listen to them and be able to
figure out the tools that we can give to our patients to make healthy changes in their
lives and empower them to make healthy changes in their lives. I also believe that family doctors are meant
to take care of the whole patient and not just the medical, the clinical aspect of their
lives but really to be able to ask them about you know how their day was and how their family
is because those are often very important factors in patients’ health. I think often patients and I know myself as
a patient have had missed opportunities where sometimes you wish you had told a doctor something
and you feel like you missed that but working at UC San Diego we have myChart and many different
ways for patients to contact you, which is great I also think that patients should always
come in with a prioritized agenda so kind of a list of things you know you want to talk
to you doctor about and then we’ll kind of go through what may be more important or not.

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