Meet your provider – Andrew Lutzkanin, III, MD – Penn State Medical Group

[Music] Well, I grew up here in Middletown and I
went to medical school here since it was close to home. So when the opportunity
came up to practice in my hometown and work with some of the same doctors that
I worked with in the medical school I had to take that. It’s very much a
close-knit town. It’s also very much a working-class town. People here work hard
and deserve to get excellent care and our fortunate to have a place like Penn
State right in their backyard. The reason I think seeing a family doctor for your
obstetrical care is that you get the same doctors throughout the experience. Maybe
this has been your family doctor for several years, maybe not but we get to
know you throughout the pregnancy. Your particular issues we get to know your
family, we get to know the baby even before the baby’s born. And then, we’re
right there with you at the time of delivery in the hospital. Even if it’s
not our turn to be on call will be there for you for the delivery as best we can.
And then after the delivery, we can continue to take care of you and any of
your medical issues and we can take care of your baby and any of his or her medical
issues. When I take on a new patient, I see that as a true commitment to make
sure that we can work together as a team. I think what I enjoy most about
practicing here is that it’s familiar. Patients are all similar to my experience so I
know the community, I know types of issues that they’re going through, it
makes me able to connect with the patient’s a little bit better and find
out what they need. This has been my passion since very early on at residency. Doing women’s health and providing a full spectrum of those services. I’m Andrew
Andrew Lutzkanin, I’m a family physician in the Department of Family and Community
Medicine and I’m here one hundred percent for you.

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