Meeting deadly disease head on

Marquis von Bulow's five multiple you carry satellite really key attend a Louisville mother deliver something higher than ham sorry yeah no Alicante sit even know who the weenie the outbreak of acute watery diarrhea took took us all by surprise in terms of how quickly it spread and how how overwhelmed the services that were available were and at one point we were seeing almost 500 new cases per day so coordination was obviously one of the biggest challenges we had Michael Voris Oh Hank uh vertical another father did inherit another for the loyal Island huh PN I've known new hair taken in the loo and CUDA lately and I thought that her father owned coral fan you don't scare that you know for a healthy head in a kookaburra and Fernando see the Andaman highness and Kishida sensible hello Bella bond program you notice can be not a very critical moment partners like UNICEF was struggling with providing supplies but you know came in and provided additional logistical support moving humanitarian supplies from one point to the other if we didn't have support from you notes maybe we will not have reached as many women and children it's definitely a model that's worked well and we're certainly interested to try and see support it again and actually have it as part of the the regular operating model we use in humanitarian response

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