Melissa S. Naef, PA, Neurosurgery Physician Assistant – Burlington VT, The UVM Medical Center

– Hi, my name is Melissa Naef and I’m a Neurosurgical
Physician Assistant. I grew up here in Vermont, and
I’ve been gone for 15 years. I recently moved back
and it has been so great getting back into the community, becoming a part of the
Academic Medical Center. You have all the specialties here, but it does feel, it’s a
small community feel as well, because you run into people
you know all the time. My philosophy of care is
to empower the patient and provide knowledge about the patient’s conditions. When they come to us, they’re usually at their most vulnerable,
or they’re in pain and it’s really important to show them what’s going on with their body, what their conditions are, and kind of go through all the details of what’s happening and
give them their options to help them make informed decisions.

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