Mell Hall: UGA dorm tour with Meleigha and Sarah Kate

*MUSIC* Sarah Kate: Hi I’m Sarah Kate
Meleigha: I’m Meleigha
Sarah Kate: Welcome to our room! Meleigha: alright well she actually has to go to mock trial practice so she’s got to go
run and I guess I’ll just take over
Sarah Kate: yea sorry Meleigha: alright so first off is our futon cause in case if we got to sleep at night and we don’t want to climb up top
we just go right here and we got Georgia pillows, pillows, Chevron
pillows and of course we got Uga right here in the middle because you know, who doesn’t love Uga? We got a blanket gotta be University of Georgia and then we’ve also got our initials up here and then we’ve also taken the class of 2017 photo and blown it up and put it behind our futon. What’s also really cool about both of our beds is we’ve got a bunch of pillows up there. What’s really cool about our futon is the fact that we have storage bins underneath in case we have to get to things like towels and purses and other things like that. Also we’ve got storage bins here, so I keep my blankets in here and so easy enough. Also, we’ve got this storage bin, we keep laundry in here, and we put them in big bags, so you know, people don’t have to open them up
oh my god that smells so then it’s fine nothing smells
and also we’ve got this storage bin right here which is where she keeps some of her school supplies in another thing about our futon that we like is that we put these lights right over it because if we’re studying we can see what we’re doing and we don’t have to worry about keeping the other person awake because the lights are underneath the bed and then you don’t have to disturb the other roommate at night above my bed I put a bunch of photos and she’s put movie posters and T.V. posters and also under here we got our fridge, our microwave, storage bins we put our clothes in and then we put cups and plates, and we put food, and then we have pretty much everything we need right there.
We’ve got a coffee maker, a blender, utensils, and then also right here we got a printer and then
this is her desk right here so on both of our boards we’ve taken
chevron, red and white chevron and put it on both of our boards she’s ten times more organized than I am, she’s got a bunch of different white boards to write on She’s got a schedule on there, she’s got her printer
and a couple other She’s got family photos here and here, and she’s got Prince Charming, who we both love dearly.
And right here is our T.V. so we keep DVDs and we have a DVD player, a tool box if we need it, a photo of us and then what’s cool about living in Mell is the fact that we have these storage bins up top so she keeps a seat rest up there, she keeps her hammock up there, and then over here I keep my scarves and my laundry supplies and extra towels, we cans stack and go upward really cool about living in Mell is that we have these storage bins up here and this is my desk so I got a hutch right here that I put a bunch of stuff on photos everywhere this is where I get myself organized for class or
at least try to I have my laptop and a bunch of office supplies another bulletin board and photos here and I keep my jackets right here and then here are our closets right here and then we have them covered up with UGA of course theme covers and then we open up right here what’s really cool is that she bought these storage bins and
I use mine to put t-shirts in and she’s used hers to put shoes and I’ve got a shoe rack down there for mine personally. Then she also bought
jewelry organizers and so I have my earrings and necklaces and watches in there
and I’ve got all the rest of my clothes in there as well So lastly, we got our sink area, which is where we brush our teeth and get ready in the morning So we’ve got our towels here, some inspirational quotes
right here that we love and then right over here we’ve got storage bins on both sides
and then here’s our sink and right underneath it we have a storage bin
that holds our cleaning supplies as well and I got my triple storage which I put
personal items in and I’ve got another thing on top that I keep my perfume and lotion in. And what’s really cool about living in Mell our mirrors are actually medicine cabinets.
So we can keep in there our toothbrush and toothpaste, some advil pretty much anything we need in there. And I’ve got a hanging rack on my bed that I put my robe on, my shower caddy and I’ve also got another hanging rack as well that’s specific for my hair dryer air and curler and straightener and right underneath
there we have our scale so we don’t gain the freshman 15. So, that’s our room, I hope you really liked it.
Vote for us and Go Dawgs! *MUSIC*


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