Member Moving Medicine: Hilary Fairbrother, MD

moving medicine is about educating the next generation of physicians every Medical School across the country is trying to do the very best job that they can educating medical students for sure the problem always there is that you you may only be looking at your particular med school not looking at medical education in a broader sense at NYU when I was faculty there we were one of the original awardees of the accelerating change in education grant the AMA was in a unique position where they funded these large grants at schools across the u.s. where we are changing the way medical students learn and you've seen it in curriculum design in the length of time students spend in a preclinical versus clinical environment how they're preparing to take their USMLE exams how they're learning the basic science and the clinical application of that knowledge is changing I'm an AMA member because I'm a doer I encourage my students to join the AMA because I want them to be part of a solution by joining together physicians can make demonstrative change in health care

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