Menieres Disease Long Term Disability Claim

hi I'm attorney Gregory Dell and I want to spend a few minutes talking to you about the medical condition known as manures disease and how that relates to either a short term or long term disability insurance claim now I've represented probably approximately a hundred people who have claims for manures disease which is as you probably know an inner ear disorder the most challenging things that I see from a disability insurance company is that people who suffer from manures often don't have continuous problems it's usually episodic issues that come up that then become disabling actually to the point where many people can't even get out of bed for sometimes hours two days at a time what disability insurance company say is well I know there's some tests that can show that you have manures because there's a variety of different diagnostic tests you can have and not necessarily saying per se this is manures as much as they say yes you have vertigo yes you have some balance disorder issues yes there are certain movements that can cause you to go into an episode but nobody really knows what causes veneers so because of that the disability insurance companies will often take advantage of that and what they'll do is as you know when you have a manures episode you're incapacitated but the other times you could be functioning normally so they may go ahead and get you under video surveillance and see you going to the grocery store pumping gas or going to the movies or going out to dinner and saying oh you're walking normal you're able to carry something normally you're able to drive a car so you should be able to go to work but what happens with someone with Meniere's is that you don't know when that episode is going to happen for example this one's more extreme I've represented numerous pilots who have manures obviously we can't have someone who's going to have a condition where they feel incapacitated the room is spinning their balance is off flying an airplane that goes without saying but what about the numerous business executives that I've represented and our firms represented that have that have veneers disease and have episodes where they just can't commit to meetings they can't commit to scheduled appointments they can't commit to going to the office every day and focusing on what they're doing because of the fact that some of these people on a daily basis they never know when they're going to have an episode and when they do have an episode they're laid out for days at a time where they simply cannot function so Meniere's disease is a very very serious condition and the fact that it often brings about unpredictable attacks is what makes a person unable to commit to working 8 hours a day 40 hours a week when we work with you and represent you we look at what your occupation is and how your disability insurance company defines the definition of disability because if you have manures and you're under the any occupation this definition of disability then the insurance company's going to say well we think there's some occupation that you could do as opposed to if you had an own occupation definition of disability then the disability insurance company is going to have a lot weaker argument to be able to say that you can go back to work even though we understand that you're going to have episodes but a lot of disability insurance companies don't understand manures and because that it's very important that you hire an attorney who has represented people have that condition who's dealt with numerous ENT doctors who treat this condition and understands exactly what it is and how to prove to the disability insurance company that you are in fact disabled by manures disease so if you're considering filing a claim or your claims been denied and you need to file an appeal or a lawsuit feel free to give us a call we'll review your disability policy we'll review your claim at whatever stage it's at and we'll be able to let you know basically right away whether or not we think we'll be able to assist you


  1. i have had meniere disease for 25 years and it has been a nightmare, and this attorney knows more about meniere disease than 99% of the doctors.

  2. i have had this disease since 1996 it took everything away from me, i wonder what i did in my past life to deserve something like this.

  3. I live in the UK and I find it impossible to find a solicitor who has experience representing persons with Meniere's Disease. Does anyone know where in London I can find someone to represent me?

  4. What if you have no insurance? My job doesn't even offer benefits. Does this mean there is no chance of receiving help?

  5. In 2003 I moved to WI from Mi the doctor refused to fill the meds that I had been on for about 6-10 years which resulted in Tinnitus/Menieres.

  6. I've been to several ENT specialists and they refuse to call my condition Meniers disease. I have Vertigo, tinnitus, and one screwed up right ear that doesn't drain the fluid. I've had several ear tubes to help the drainage but it doesn't help. Call it what it is. I've sat in the spinning chair, several auditory tests, Caloric tests…everything says Meniers.

  7. Employers won't accept disabilities .. They say equal opportunity however it's NOT I repeat NOT followed..

  8. I am from PA , do you work here? I have major depression,Meniere,s vertigo and tinnitus. Please let me know. Thanks Rog

  9. I have had dozens of Drs look at me and all are in agreement. I have tinnitus and ear fullness and collapsed ear drum… I think its a severe allergy.. to "Dairy" OR Acid reflux going into your estuation tube. My doctor refuses to treat me.. as she knows nothing about it, she keeps sending me to specialists. THe fight goes on with this "thing" that is rotting out my life energy!!!! Just finding a Dr to CARE is hard enough!!!! My diagnosis is ANXIETY….go figure.

  10. My symptomS worsen 4/5 days befor full moon and the day itself .The hearing goes like when in an airoplane , vision isn't correct (sometimes double) kind of dizzyness, heart pulsations , stomach problems

  11. The closed captioning is terrible: "many years disease" and "New Year's disease"? Given that Meniere's causes hearing loss, closed captioning is important to get right for this video.

  12. I bet if someone in that insurance office catches it, they'll know exactly what it is and how it feels then.

  13. I was diagnosed with bilateral MD about 2 years ago although I know I've had it for a very long time just did not know what it was. I have lost my low frequency hearing in both ears and my ENT told me to start preparing then. Well, I have managed to keep on working and trying to live as normal as possible but I cannot do it anymore. I was diagnosed while at the same job I am still with now. I pay for LTD and wonder if I am eligible to receive it if my doctor writes me out. I am going to see him Wednesday and they will check my hearing again but I plan on telling him that I cannot work anymore. Can I get LTD?

  14. I Gregory, I have these symptoms ringing in my ears that drive me crazy and some times losing my balance or spinning, I haven't seen a doctor yet but making an appointment can I qualify for SSD ??

  15. this is so true i have menieres disease since early twentys having an episode now been in bed for 8 day so far and still cant get up it's awful it is one of the worst things to have.

  16. I've been undiagnosed for 28 years now. Extreme dizziness, tinnitus, etc  daily. No episodes per se. I've been gainfully employed all those years with jobs that 'cushioned me'… person office., flexible schedule.
    I am finding it extremely difficult going in to office now that there are 5 of us in there. The noise level, chaos is just overwhelming to my senses!
    Do I Have a leg to stand on to file for disability? Do I actually have to quit the job and ultimately lose my insurance to show I am unable to work 40 hrs/week?
    I have functioned on FEAR for 20 years. If I don't work, I am homeless.
    Now I suffer from extreme anxiety/depression as well.
    Doctors around here are clueless and I can't afford to travel trying to find a diagnosis. I wouldn't know where to begin anyway.  =/

  17. My dizziness started March 1979 and not a day has passed that I haven't been dizzy in these 35 or so years, doctors finally said it was chronic vertigo about 15 years ago.Since then I've had 2 checkups a year and on 3 meds.  I'm now applying for ssi since i've never been able to work…..Do I have a chance?

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