Mental Health First Aid and Purdue Extension

>> Mental Health First Aid is a training that
teaches participants how to help individuals who may be developing a mental health problem
or experiencing a mental health crisis. >> The key points that I took away from the course
would be able to stand back and actually listen to somebody and I guess listen non judgmentally. >> And to be able to empathize with people and
display that empathy while I am speaking with them. I think it helps, and it’s shown to help calm
them and maybe be able to get more accurate information so I can properly assess the situation. >> And possibly make a different decision, maybe
taking someone to a location and getting them some mental health they need rather than just
taking someone to jail. >> It’s almost staggering to me to think back
on the interactions that I’ve had with people prior to the course and interactions that
I’ve had afterwards and how to, the cues that I missed before that the course helped me
to not miss now. >> It helped me become a better officer. It helped me become a better administrator,
a better trainer, and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is in the public safety
profession or anyone that just wants to further their education or just simple personal knowledge
on the subject. >> People who have attended this program feel
empowered to talk about mental health issues and are more likely to reach out and help
others who may be in need. >> It’s another tool in your tool belt. You guys see police officers, and they have
all these tools on their tool belt. Well this is a mental tool, and you’ve got
to keep those sharp just like everything else. [MUSIC]

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