Mental Health First Aid: I am one, be one too.

So I grew up in Cardwell which is a small
rural community up in Far North Queensland and I’ve loved growing up in
this community although we’ve had a couple of challenges over the years I
mean we’ve had a couple of cyclones as well and I noticed every time a cyclone
comes through it impacts not just my family but also the community there’s
almost like a ripple effect that goes throughout and that’s why I decided to
do a course in Mental Health First Aid. The moment that it really hit home to me
how important this whole Mental Health First Aid training course is to everyone
here at college is when a parent came down to visit their son and daughter and
I’ve never met them before and they came up to me with a tee rolling down their
cheek and just gave me a big hug. I think that really hits home about why we all
do this we’re doing this because we care about the people and we care about the
students here and we care about our friends. Family law is particularly stressful. Clients are sometimes going through the worst situation in their life and
there’s a significant amount of stress that they’re dealing with that you have
to help them through. I’m using the Mental Health First Aid skills to better
look after myself and to help support my family law clients who are going through a really difficult time in their life. I’m also educating the next generation
of lawyers on the importance of good mental health. In the wider community I’ve been able to
see a lot of people have gone through various challenges. You find people who
are just newly been introduced into the Australian society they’ve come from a
very different background and so being able to support people like this has
always been something I’ve been very, very, very, passionate about. I work in human resources and I remember one day observing my manager who was supporting an employee who was having a mental health crisis and my manager had such confidence to support this employee
and get them to seek professional help, and when the employee was safe
we had a debrief and my manager said to me that she’d gained the skills to have
that conversation through the Mental Health First Aid training program and
that’s when I decided that I too wanted to be a mental health first aider and I
booked on to the next course. I am a Mental Health First Aider Be one too.


  1. I got interested in mental health issues after attending a conference on Mental Health and Well-being here in Ghana. During the conference I realized there was a short course on Mental Health First Aid as part of the conference. I got interested, knowing it'll help me as a nurse, render more quality care to my patients and registered for it in the following year's conference. I went through it all and got accredited after the exam.

    Knowledge in Mental Health First Aid has helped me in my interactions. I am able to establish a more conversation-friendly environment with people, and help them appropriately. I'm also able to identify people who may be going through some sort of a mild mental health issues and get them to discuss their problems. The course has really been helpful.

  2. This is brilliant and it could help so many people just knowing what to say and how to point someone in the right direction with only a little bit of knowledge and confidence. I loved this course and I did it to have confidence working with so many people through my horse riding school with the vision to support our community and schools alot more through my horses and our mental health programs

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