Mercy Hospital – OBGYN Why I Became A Physician

– I became a physician because
I wanted to help people. I was attracted to science
and biology when I was a younger child and I thought I would become
an orthopedic surgeon. I’m an ex-baseball player,
an athlete and I thought it would be great to treat
professional athletes like myself if they had any injuries. However when I went into medical school I found the specialty of
obstetrics and gynecology and fell in love with idea of
being able to help bring life into this world. And at the same time be
able to take care of women that were not pregnant. So in my field in particular
which is pretty unique to obstetrics and gynecology we are two specialties in one. We take care of patients
during their pregnancies and the problems that are
associated with pregnancies, as well of taking care of patients and their needs when they’re not pregnant throughout the rest of their lives. So I thought that was a
very unique thing, unique ability to offer in
obstetrics and gynecology which really wasn’t found
in any of the specialties. And the idea of assisting a family to bringing life to this world was just a phenomenal experience for me.

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