Meredith Dryden, MD – Family Medicine Physician in Carroll, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hello. My name is Dr. Meredith Dryden.
I’m board certified in Family Medicine and joined McFarland Clinic in Carroll,
Iowa in 2019. Well I actually graduated from Kuemper in
Carroll in 2008. I’m really excited to get back into the
community and become part of the community and really excited to give back
to them because I feel like they really contributed quite a bit to my upbringing and where I’m
at today. I’ve actually had a lot of experience with
prenatal care, obstetrics, and I will do Caesarean
sections as well with that. And then following that, children, pediatric visits
and wellness visits we’ll do, as well as your wellness visits up into your geriatric Medicare
visits as well. So all of those things, and then also take care of patients in the hospital.
So when you’re acutely sick, take care of that and then follow up in clinic as well. I really just enjoy building a relationship
with my patients. I really like to work together with my
patients, so I find that when we’re able to work together towards a common goal
to improve health, I think that’s especially rewarding. I like to get to know their personality
so that I’m able to tailor their medicine through that and what their
goals in life are. So I think Extraordinary Care, Every Day
means to me that you’re treating your patients like your family. You’re
giving them the optimal care, care that you would want your mother, your father,
your sibling to to receive every day.

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