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I've done a lot of research at the Mary it's a great place to try innovative techniques the Mary offers things that we find no other facility does it's the closest model to a live patient that you can have each year more than eleven thousand physicians from across the US and from more than 27 countries around the globe travel to Memphis Tennessee for training and research at the not-for-profit Medical Education and Research Institute or Mary but what is this place that has played such a key role in groundbreaking medical innovations since it was founded in the mid 1990s the Mary is based upon two very important and interrelated endeavors the first is to teach new techniques typically surgical techniques to postgraduate physicians now Mary's second endeavor inter related to the teaching endeavor is research and in particular research and new procedures new surgical techniques new devices in the next few minutes you'll see how the medical education and research institute proves that we learn by doing Mary's 45,000 square foot facility in the Memphis Medical Center district includes three anatomical teaching laboratories seven training and research suites and an expandable 80 seat lecture auditorium the majority of the school's core courses are designed for surgeons performing minimally invasive procedures in the fields of orthopedics neurology head and neck ent GYN and vascular procedures along with those who specialize in pain management and interventional radiology the prestigious American Association of Neurological Surgeons chose the Mary to be its Learning Center featuring workshops were practicing neurosurgeons and resident neurosurgeons in training these workshops have been developed over the last four years in particular and they would include areas of spine into vascular applying and eventual techniques for vascular problems in Pediatrics for specific devices that can be used in pediatrics and in skull base surgery I'm looking for that lateral to fall some who trained at the Mary say it's operating rooms are second to none when it comes to equipment and that provides a realistic training ground for residents makes a big difference to be able to not have to make excuses or the simulation you're able to treat it more as this is operation we're going to go in we're gonna get started we're going to watch how you do it and the steps are going to be the same another key component to the Mary facility is the use of uninvolved anatomical specimens which experts say provides a more realistic venue for testing new techniques and devices these bodies donated in the name of science are part of Genesis legacy of life a unique donor program created by Mary one of the things we pride ourselves upon here at the Mary is the way we treat our donors the patient is prepped and draped so that only the surgical area or the area of the anatomic interest is exposed and this is all done using identical techniques to what are used in noir that makes the Mary a popular place for researchers and technicians associated with companies that develop and manufacture medical devices and implants and teach the techniques for using them if you look at that who's who of medical device companies they almost all utilize them Mary for their research and they do it because it's a great facility it has a great location and they do it because when they come here they leave knowing that got tremendous value out of their day's work what sets the Mary apart from other facilities is the staff and that they listen they listen to our needs they work with us to design things that meet our requirements for our surgeon consultants both are educational and a developmental basis and because doctors have busy schedules making it hard to get away from their practices Mary can go on the road and take it's laboratory experience to off-site locations throughout the continental US the Mobile Mary is actually crucial to our entire medical education strategy as it becomes increasingly difficult for surgeons to leave their practice for two or three days to attend medical education events and courses it's become increasingly important for us to take those events to the surgeons we are able not only to go off-site now but we have just added a new capability here at the Mary where we can do video conferencing which allows us to broadcast live surgeries right into our auditorium so that our student physicians can actually sit and watch a state procedure being done and then they can go down into our lab and actually practice hands-on what they just saw and that really reinforces that training expiry in addition to enhancing patient care and medical technology through education and research the Mary has become a key player in the burgeoning biotech sector in Memphis Memphis is a biotech center is fortunate in that not only do we have a large Medical School in the University of Tennessee Health Science Center but we have several large companies in town Smith & Nephew Medtronic just to name a few who are very influential nationally and internationally in development of various medical devices for a facility that has been in existence only since the mid 1990s the Mary has already touched countless lives around the world and promises to touch countless more in fact we've developed a flow model for vascular cases at the Mary in which we can actually simulate arterial blood flow to help with vascular procedures and endovascular procedures like steps we use it for education of surgeons education of employees we use it as a area to prove up product concepts ideas and we use it also to educate the the surgeon and nursing staffs and and to gain a better understanding of how to use the products in the surgical environment the Mary's an ideal environment for conducting certain aspects of research projects for the medical device industry obviously the testing of prototypes as new implant systems new instrument systems are being developed is critical I absolutely cannot imagine not having the Mary this is a key component to our business model and to our success going forward goals at Mary include improved outcomes and patient safety Mary is accredited by the AAT be the only national tissue banking organization in the u.s. it's also recognized as a simulation center of excellence in existence since 2009 the simulation center of excellence is partially funded by a grant from the ICICI nation of Memphis the center has four specialized simulation rooms to provide training environments such as an ort our hospital room delivery room or doctor's office there's additional space for larger sessions and at adjacent 17,000 square foot facility where Mary's disaster training takes place Mary is a unique center of excellence it can provide both lifelike simulations and human anatomic donors to provide the most effective training that will result in saving lives and developing confident competent caregivers time and again cutting-edge techniques and technologies have been tested and proven at the medical education and research institute in Memphis by thousands of doctors researchers and medical equipment developers and manufacturers from around the world the future of Medicine is being discovered here every day to learn how you can become involved call the medical education and research institute at one eight hundred three six zero six three seventy four or go online to Mary dot org

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