Meridian Paulton: “The public option is just a Trojan horse for government-run health care"

Great Britain and Canada look like here let's bring in Meridian Halton she's a research assistant and domestic policy study is that heritage it's great to have you here Meridian good morning good morning thank you for having me what would socialist healthcare have because if you listen to Bernie Sanders Medicare for all it would cut cause people would have more access to care and it would be it would be better for Americans what would that look like here in the u.s. though well the arguments that we hear are always that socialist health care yeah are gonna cut costs they're going to increase the availability of health care for Americans but it's in fact the exact opposite of that so we know that's in countries like Canada and Great Britain we have notorious wait lists we have people seeing skyrocketing costs in fact is a real problem that we would experience here in the US and you wouldn't have any choice in your health care so we talked about socialist health care Medicare for all that means no private insurance no employer-based insurance not even Medicare as we know it today all outlawed all gone so there is then a difference Meridian between health coverage and health care how bad does health care get as more people would ostensibly get coverage well we've seen this time after time in Canada and Great Britain both of which have systems similar to what's been proposed in the Medicare for all bills in particular Canada last year alone Canadians were on weightless for over a million procedures something that would be unheard of in the United States you know and also to and this comes from heritage research if we have Medicare for all fifty eight million seniors and disabled Americans would be displaced from their current medicare plan I know a lot of seniors that love their Medicare plan and put out these government health care programs which seems like kind of a disaster I want to move on to the Washington State issue this is new news this could be the first hit in the u.s. to actually have Meridian a public option available by 2021 but the state doesn't run the program a private company insurance company runs it is that maybe what would make sense more in the United States you know the public option is just a Trojan horse for a government-run healthcare across the map for socialist health care what a public option would do what Washington State is attempting to do essentially restrict the cost of the supply and then we're in so doing restrict the availability of the supply of medical care and so what you end up doing is you end up favoring these socialist programs you end up favoring the government-run program because it's at a lower cost that drives private business out of the ability to compete and pretty soon you end up with a socialist program so it's a really event this is just a Trojan horse for this socialist healthcare but other states are considering something similar no Colorado New Mexico you're right multiple states have looked at having public options multiple states have looked at having the single-payer health care here's what they found every time when we look at government-run health care government-run health care fails because it costs too much government-run health care fails simply because it doesn't get Americans the care that they need if you ask Americans what they want Americans want more choices Americans want lower costs Americans want better access for health care socialist health care gives the exact opposite that raising costs reducing choices so Meridian thank you very much and it's interesting show or the rhetoric that we're hearing is much different than the reality when we examine right items like Medicare for all yeah Meridian very great points from you in Heritage thank you so much that was very informative and we're course gonna be having this conversation all week long on FB nfo


  1. Lmao the socialists think people are good and when you guarantee single-payer for a service the ones providing it won't raise the costs for the single payer noooooo never


  2. Millions would be on the wait list for procedures or NEVER have access to any of those procedures. It is obviously cheaper for some people to have no access to good health care. It is obviously cheaper for some people to have access to poor health care. People are only valuable according to their wealth status. The ISSUE is access to good health care for everyone NOT socialism. Work towards a public policy solution that involves the private and public sector.

  3. Government run healthcare? Ya know how u wait at the DMV all day, THAT'S gonna be your doctor visits enjoy sitting around waiting, being denied whay you REALLY need to save you or help u get well. This WON'T go well

  4. How can we trust in any way a system that does "medical kidnapping" including transgendering minor kids without parental consent, killing newborns & preborns, killing sick & elderly in hospice, etc? Now we import many many many foreign debt-free dentists & doctors to replace ours who cannot afford the low payments from the insurance companies; again, putting US citizens LAST.

  5. The government needs to stay out of healthcare. Jesus Christ, they can't even run the post office effectively and make a profit, and its not like they haven't had time to get over the learning curve of running one….the United States post office was established in 1775 with Benjamin Franklin as its first post master. Now look at UPS and FEDERAL EXPRESS. Yeah, government needs to stay out if healthcare, as well as big pharmaceutical companies need to stay out of government. With big pharma lining the pockets of our representatives and making them millionaires by buying their favors, is it no wonder that our kids are being used as pawns in the vaccinations game? Think about it.

  6. Healthcare is not healthcare…preventative is healthcare and that starts with spirit mind will and a clean diet with intermittent fasting. The Prayer of faith is what is needed after you get a diagnosis…and then fasting and cleansing and prayer, again…for healing.

  7. i live in canada. health care is just a joke. people leave this country to get health care. i have a spot on my lung can't afford to leave cdn to get it fixed. i have to wait till it turns to cancer before the doc will do anything for me. what a joke. don't let it come to your country.

  8. You can have all the "Insurance cards" in the world, but when the insurance company refuses to cover your kidney transplant or life saving cancer treatments, you die! America does not need "insurance for all". What we need is national catastrophic care for all. This would greatly reduce the cost of health insurance for most people and prevent the tragedies of end of life bankruptcies and denial of life saving care to the poor/poorly insured which is now happening at record levels.

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