MHRA supports campaign to warn people about risk of buying medicines online

they shoot on Melrose 23 came in complaining of from swallowing vomiting diarrhea excessive sweating pupils fixed and dilated v-fib charge 200 websites masquerading as legitimate online pharmacies are run by criminals who've just won your money unlike qualified health care professionals criminals who sell medicines over the Internet have no regard for your health their only motivation is profit counterfeit and unlicensed medicines are potentially lethal as you don't know what you are taking or the conditions where they've been made you should be aware that the dangers of counterfeit and unlicensed medicine are very real and by applying in this way you are putting your health and lives at risk we have been informed that John's condition could be the result of him taking counterfeit or unlicensed prescription medicine a suspect substance has been found in his bedroom we have tested Appeals and they contain high levels of arsenic which is likely to have caused its serious illness yeah

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