Michael Ketterer: Father Of 6 Scores Golden Buzzer From Simon Cowell – America's Got Talent 2018

hello hello hello how are you nervous it's okay and what's your name please my name is Michael Ketterer way you from I'm originally from East Tennessee but right now I live in Orange County and tell me a bit about you what do you do for a living I'm a pediatric mental health nurse okay and what are you gonna be doing for us are you a singer yes sir so this is kind of a different direction you coming on a show like this michael said tell me what the thought process was what's what's the ambition the dream here well um my family's my reason why I'm here my wife and my six children you know one of the things that happens especially because my children came out of foster care when you're surviving you can't dream and that has been one of the most rewarding things is providing them with a home in a safe environment where they're free to dream and so I'm here because I want to show them that if their dad can live out his dreams then nothing is impossible for them to fear okay Michael listen we're all rooting for you thank you [Applause] you certain kind of it's never so I want my whole life to be you baby you don't know what it's my baby to love somebody to love somebody the way that I love all the way to store Holloway that I love baby you don't know what it's my baby no we have Michael you know what that we find signals on these shows is it about being technical or is it about being relevant and sometimes for me it's just about being real and a surprise I'm being honest with you because you were so nervous I was concerned for you but I think sometimes actions speak louder than one [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] oh boy a genuinely mean this is special and everything was perfect [Applause] hi everybody I hope you enjoyed this video subscribe right here for more


  1. 2:51 Jessica from True Blood? Is that you? I have errands to run, errands that do not require your presence.

  2. There's a light
    A certain kind of light
    That never shone on me
    I want my life to be lived with you
    Lived with you

    Coz' Baby You don't know what it's like, Baby You don't know what it's like
    To love somebody
    To love somebody
    The way that I love you

  3. I wish there should be million like buttons… I can't stop listening! It really touches deep in my heart..

  4. Absolutely amazing voice. And I love the fact that all of his children came out of foster care. He's a great man with great talent.

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