Michael Latreille, MD, Adult Primary Care Physician-Burlington, VT, UVM Medical Center

(gentle melody) – Hi I’m Doctor Michael Latreille and I’m a Primary Care Physician. Well there are a few things that I think that are really
important to me in this practice that I hope to bring to my patients. One of those is an interest
in helping patients to address some of the social
determinants of their health. And that includes access to green spaces and healthy places to exercise, access to healthy food, addressing financial barriers, and anything having to do with health. I also really hope to bring
a unique focus on lifestyle. So diet and exercise and really helping
patients to come up with a plan that they can be engaged with to help take control of their health. I think there are quite a few benefits to being seen at a university hospital. In my practice alone, we have the resident practice which I think really
greatly expands access. So for example, if a patient can’t come in to see me because my schedule is booked, it’s fairly easy for them to get in and maybe see one of the residents or one of the other physicians or nurse practitioners because we have such a large practice. Also, I think the access to subspecialty care
is really unparalleled. Since we’re
all in the same system it’s relatively easy for me
to either pick up the phone or send an electronic message and get somebody in to be
seen by a subspecialist or get some quick advice on the fly. (calming music)

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