Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative

(gentle music) – [Narrator] The Michigan
Bariatric Surgery Collaborative is a physician led, quality
improvement program comprised of hospitals and surgeons. Since our launch in
2006, the MBSC has grown to include nearly all hospitals that perform bariatric
surgery in Michigan, reflecting the wide
diversity of populations and practice settings in our state. Funded by Blue Cross
Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network, The Collaborative is focused
on enhancing the care for bariatric surgery
patients throughout the state and has become a national leader in surgical quality improvement. To reach the highest levels of
bariatric surgical treatment, we’re working to improve
overall patient care, surgical practices, and
the surgical experience. In order to continuously
improve patient care, participating centers submit data to a central clinical registry. We then meet throughout the year to analyze the data and
identify areas for improvement. Together we design and
implement strategies to achieve our improvement goals. And finally, through our process of continuous assessment and evaluation, we’re able to refine those strategies to ensure the highest level of
care for all of our patients. In order to innovate surgical practices and enhance the technical
skills of our practitioners, surgeons coach each other by
analyzing surgical videos. Our surgeons use videos
to identify the safest and most effective techniques for performing bariatric procedures. Finally, to enhance the
surgical experience, we have developed unique tools to help patients understand if bariatric surgery is right for them and to help guide them to the operation best
suited to their needs. By focusing on patient reported outcomes, we’re learning what matters
most to our patients, facilitating communication
between patients and their doctors, and delivering patient centered care. By working together, we
have increased safety for patients having bariatric
surgery in Michigan. Through our collective efforts
we have lowered the risk for wound infections and potentially life
threatening blood clots, reduced the use of unnecessary procedures, and dropped the rate of readmissions to the hospital following surgery. In this unique collaborative environment, we’re learning from each other and striding toward a
common goal making Michigan the safest and best place in the country for bariatric surgery. For more information
visit www.michiganbsc.org or call 734-998-7481.

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