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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel if you’re new here, my name is penny. I’m a certified advanced esthetician in Portland, Oregon and today We are going to talk about dermal rolling and micro needling. I did a video Quite a while back and I’ve gotten so many questions on that video and so many of the same Questions over and over that I thought I would make kind of a follow up video and answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Especially about at-home needling there’s a lot of questions about that I also needled myself three days ago and I’ve taken a progression Series of photos I took photos during and I took them after a few hours later I took them the next day day three I took them today before I put on makeup and I will definitely be putting those throughout this video so that you can kind of see the progression of micro needling I did micro needle with a point five millimeter pen and I did not go any deeper than that on my whole face. So just know that I was going for collagen induction and you will see how deep I get with a point five how effective it is and The progression of my healing process. I think that’ll be helpful for some of you to kind of know what to expect Let’s get started. The first question is can you micro needle everyday? And as for that is yes As long as you’re using the right length needle now if you’re using a point two or a point three millimeter That’s a really really short little needle on a derma roller For example, or you’re using a pen with Nano needles, so they’re barely getting in to your skin then Yes, you absolutely can needle every single day and it’s really a great practice I suggest that you do it at night and that gives your skin time Overnight to the pink will go down and you will wake up with glowy skin. It’s a great great practice It’s a great way to infuse your skin with antioxidants and other things that are really good for your skin So the answer is definitely yes now That is absolutely not to say that if you go any deeper than point three That is the max then no you deaf should not be needling everyday with anything like that So that leads me to my second question, which is I have a list you guys I took notes How often should I needle for collagen? anti-aging now the answer to that is every four to six weeks and there’s really good science for that you guys There is an enzyme that is produced called collagen aids and that enzyme it’s kind of responsible for remodelling and kind of Directing the excess collagen and as we do things like collagen induction therapy that enzyme peaks at two weeks So if you needle your face with a point five or anything Deeper and you do it every week or every two weeks You keep that collagen AZ’s enzyme peaked at all times. You might think hey, I’m getting great results I see great results But the likelihood is if you are rolling more often than every four weeks with 0.5 millimeters or deeper that what you’re actually seeing is something called edema You’re seeing your skin in a state that is kind of Inflamed so it appears less lined or less wrinkly that kind of thing But the truth is in the long run you’re actually doing yourself a disservice. So any needles that are 0.5 or Deeper or longer. However, you want to look at it. Those should be only every four weeks and just do yourself a favor and nano needle or use the derma roller with very short needles every day and Once a month or once every six weeks hit that point five millimeter needle and you’ll have a great long-term Benefit from micro needling. Okay, the third question. My cheeks are Scarred medium and medium to deep should I use longer than 0.5? No, you shouldn’t now I Really think that if you have medium to deep scarring on your face that you really should consult with a professional It’s one of those things where we can assess your skin. The assessment of your skin is super important. So I caution you to really take scar needling into the hands of a professional that said If you want to needle for your scars Consider getting a consultation and just getting some direction from a professional you have to be very very careful on some of the areas of your face because you can actually scar yourself and You don’t want to be scarring near scar tissue or over scar tissue You can definitely exacerbate the problem. Next question. When would you use? 2.5 long needles, this is actually a question of my video. You will never never never use 2.5 needles you guys Seriously, this skin on our face is about 1.5 millimeters thick pretty much everywhere and then you’re beyond That there’s just no reason a professional might use needles that are deeper than that for scar revision But that is in their professional scope and they have a reason for that So definitely I just caution you do not take needles that are Certainly anything over one. Just don’t take them to your skin. It is not Necessary and if you feel like it’s necessary You need a professional really just this is your one skin. Just don’t screw it up. Is it normal to feel tight? and dry after Absolutely, I feel tight and dry honestly like a couple hours later I start to feel that you have to remember that micro needling is creating all these micro channels in your skin and there are micro injuries and if you think about like if you skinned your elbow and How the skin starts to grow back and of course you could escape and all that kind of stuff We are inducing not only collagen, but we’re inducing the wound healing process So what happens that skin is regrowing its gonna tighten up. It’s going to Retexturize the surface of your skin which is an added benefit to micro needling you really can get a really wonderfully Retexturize surface from micro needling I’m on the third day right now My skin is absolutely dry tight and slightly flaky You don’t always get flaky. But you definitely can that is also super normal So what I say to people is just the real really kind to your skin in the days following a micro-needling Use as much moisture as you feel that you should use no harsh scrubs definitely want to also You know add in some higher linic acid and you can use enzymes If you feel like you want to break down some of those flakes like day four day five, you can definitely use a very gentle Enzyme kind of peel that is totally fine Next one is can a person with rosacea microneedle and that is such a great question you guys and the answer is yes Again, though. I’m going to advise you to talk to a professional. You should never micro needle on pustule Rosacea don’t ever micro needle that now you can micro needle vascular. Rosacea just the pinkness It really can help when you think about it. Rosacea Some of what’s going on is the dermis is thin so you’re able to see those vessels You see that pink a little bit more. It’s closer to the surface if you will well If you can thicken up that dermis Then it kind of provides more of a kind of a barrier between the vessels and the outer epidermis So you theoretically could reduce some of that pinkness just by way of Thickening that dermis so rosacea and micro needling are definitely friend Definitely just want to be extra careful with rosacea. Okay? The next question is can I use vitamin C after micro needling and the answer is known now I’ve had this question asked a lot and I know a lot of people like to use vitamin C and it’s not That the actual vitamin getting deeper into your skin, isn’t it? That’s a great thing It really is but the problem is there have been cases where granulomas have occurred after Vitamin C is introduced post micro needling You do not want granulomas they are permanent and you just don’t want to do that, so I definitely caution you stay away from Vitamin C post micro-needling. I mean by a few days I definitely would just not introduce it anytime when any of those channels might be susceptible to Taking it in and a granule granuloma forming. So no, sorry, okay The next question is can you do makeup the day after your treatment? So you definitely can do makeup the next day I always tell my clients that and I have seen some people on YouTube Especially saying no makeup for X number of weeks and that kind of stuff and know you can definitely use makeup the next day Would I tell my clients that the preferred makeup if they can avoid? Wearing a full face of foundation some mineral tinted sunscreen would be really ideal But a lot of people need to go back to work the next day and your face definitely Can still be pink or red or have the remnants of pinpoint bleeding? So yeah the day of your treatment know I tell my clients. Just leave your skin alone Don’t touch it do nothing So I got a lot of questions about the higher onic acid and why before? and why after and all that kind of stuff and honestly the higher monic acid is mostly for slip when you’re using a pen the pen needs some Something to slip along the skin and higher logic acid is just something that our body produces It is the perfect thing to needle in Okay, this question is important who should not needle so if you have an active acne breakout You definitely should not needle if you have pustules due to rosacea, you should not needle if you have active Herpes if you have a cold sore You should not needle next question is can micro needling be done over Botox or filler and the answer is yes it definitely can but Huge but if you get Botox you need to wait two weeks before you microneedle And if you get filler you want to wait two weeks as well So usually what I try to do is we needle before and you never do them on the same day you just don’t so the answer is yes it just To be spaced out Appropriately, this is one that I get all the time you guys what number of needles are best And I’m this is referring to pens primarily and I Typically use nine and twelve needles in my cartridges that are disposable and they are sterile now This is really interesting You will see Cartridges that have 36 needles and forty two needles and so a lot of people think more is better And it isn’t really that it’s better or it’s not better What I want you to think of is if you had a bed of nails And you had a hundred nails? you might be able to lay down on that bed of nails and not get punctured and If you had a bed of nails that had nine nails spread out that might hurt a little bit the same principle applies to micro needling cartridges So when you have a cartridge that has nine needles or it has twelve needles the pressure That it takes for those needles to enter the skin is less so just know that if you have the option to choose 36 or 40 to neil’s I’d probably steer clear of those only because it takes a lot more pressure for that number of needles to actually enter and release from your skin So stick with than the nine or the twelve needle cartridges and you will get the best benefit Without having to do a bunch of pressure. Okay. So this next question is when would you go over a 1 millimeter and Guys, I caution you never to go over one I really think that if you feel that you need Over one millimeter because you have scarring or you have stretch marks or something like that You really should consult a professional if for some reason in your research You see that you really think you need a 1 millimeter or deeper go see a professional Ask them show them what you are concerned with and get some guidance Other than that if you are strictly doing this for fine lines and wrinkles and tone and texture and all of that good stuff Stick with 0.5. There’s just no reason to go any deeper than that You have a specific Skin concern and in that case you probably want to consult a professional, okay The next question is really interesting you guys which is better a roller or a pen. Okay so here’s the deal a pen is actually more affordable in the long run because you’re gonna buy the pen once and Then you only have to buy cartridges now I encourage you to absolutely dispose of Every single time you use a cartridge you toss it you do not ever ever Reuse a cartridge now on the same note. I also highly encourage you to not overuse a roller. I Know that it’s probably unlikely that any of you are gonna take the advice to actually rebuy a roller every month Although that would be the best advice I could give you. However, I know that most of you are not going to do that so in that case you want to make sure that you really sanitize that roller effectively a tip for you is to get a denture tablet get denture tablets at the store and Actually soak your roller in a cup of the dissolved denture tablet that soaked for half an hour that’s actually more preferable than Alcohol, if it were me and I were using a roller I would actually pull it from the denture Tablet solution after 30 minutes and then I would spray with some alcohol and I would put it away So that’s just a little tip on sanitation If you’re not willing to rebuy a roller every single time laughing that is a positive for the Pens is that you can adjust The length on the Pens so you can do Nano or you can do 0.5 You can move it around with a pen with a roller. Of course you just have the one length that the roller is and you have to buy multiple rollers to achieve different my another thing for the roller is that it glides over your skin without the use of higher lennick acid if you don’t want to So if you’re somebody that actually doesn’t want to use higher amount of gasset You can use a roller because by means of actually rolling it will glide over your skin just with your motion Where a pen really does need that Higher logic acid or that agent that product to have some slip. So those are just some pros and cons guys They are both excellent tools. There’s nothing wrong with derma rolling and there’s nothing wrong with using a pen. It’s really kind of preference It’s what you’re comfortable with and I definitely think that they both can be very very effective Is it worth it to use a point to needle like is that even worth it? Does it really even do anything if it’s not actually getting in and you know? Inducing collagen and the answer is absolutely yes, and here’s an interesting statistic for you Especially those of you who love to nano needle all the time when you use a point to roller for example the product that you put on actually Penetrates four times deeper than if you didn’t needle at all if you use a point three roller or nano pen your product actually penetrates eight times deeper then if you just applied it without Giving it some channels to enter the skin. So I mean when you look at it that way you definitely can see the benefit of Nano needling. I mean, I think it’s absolutely Fantastic. So those are all the questions for today There were a bunch more questions, but this video would be so so long So what I’m hoping is that if I did not answer a question that you have if you will leave it down below this is the first in a series of micro needling videos this subject is Huge let me know in the comments If you are a derma roller, or if you are a micro needle err and how often you do it if any of this information Resonated with you or was helpful for you I hope that you guys are having a wonderful week and I will talk to you again very very soon


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