Milk, Type 1 Diabetes & Autoimmune Diseases

hi Jeff Nelson of veg source here have you ever wondered what causes type 1 diabetes and children or what causes rheumatoid arthritis or lupus or colitis or any autoimmune disease what happens in each case is that the person's immune system is activated against their body's own tissues and your body attacks itself but why would it do that the simple answer is because of what you're eating here's how it works if you have what's known as a leaky gut and food proteins leak into your bloodstream your body will attack those food proteins because they shouldn't be in your bloodstream if the food leaking into your bloodstream is dairy or other animal proteins your body may attack not just the dairy but anything that looks like dairy which are parts of your own body to understand how autoimmune diseases work watch this fascinating excerpt from a recent talk by dr. John McDougall in between the blood vessel and the gut wall you know got where the food is the partially digested food is in this between this blood vessel and the gut where the food is there's one cell layer thickness right here see this one layer of cells it covers all these villi and goes through the entire intestine trusts all the way from your mouth right inside your lips all the way to the other end this one layer of cells now this one layer of cells it doesn't marvelous things amazing is the smartest part of the body when we have proteins from bacteria and viruses in our gut this these cells recognize them as being harmful and keep them from going into the body but well we proteins and foods hopefully plant foods what these cells do is they recognize these as necessary nutrients and allow these proteins and amino acids into the body these cells are so smart that if you eat a quote calcium deficient diet which is no such thing but if you ate a diet like I eat in other words you don't drink any milk or take calcium pills you'd a diet of starches vegetables fruits those those cells are so smart that they will reach out and take in the calcium from those plant foods and bring it in and always meet our needs if we do something fully like drink glass bowls of milk or taking handfuls of calcium pills and those cells didn't block that calcium and keep it in the gut not on the body we get very sick and died we get soft tissue calcification if those cells allowed all that calcium that the typical American eats to go into the body people would be dying the heart would get calcified the kidneys would be calcified etc those cells are so smart every medical student learns that when somebody gets iron deficient anemia say they bleed those cells become very active and increase the absorption of iron tremendously I'll crease it up to around 20% of the iron that's in the in the food gets absorbed because those cells get so efficient because those cells recognize the body needs more iron but if we don't have iron deficiency anemia we started taking in a lot of iron those cells keep that iron out so that we don't develop hemochromatosis a condition where the liver and the spleen gets filled with iron you die those cells are so smart but those cells get injured and they die they get injured by viruses and environmental toxins and just the typical American diet will kill off a lot of those cells one of the more common things that kills those cells is taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like motrin or Advil you know how when you take those non-sterile enter inflammatory drugs the gut you get gastrointestinal pain indigestion bleeding's because it destroys those cells in fact if you take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for a while that border can be damaged so severely that it can take up to four months for it to grow back okay so what's that what's that that cell layer that very smart single it's just one single layer cells it gets damaged those cells disappear and now you have what we call a leaky gut so these can indiscriminate go through into the blood and to the bloodstream into the body it doesn't have that those cells that would otherwise protect us okay so there are lots of things that are supposed to in the gut and not going to the body like viruses but say viruses get into the body okay here we have a virus in the body it's in the bloodstream and what the body does when it sees a virus is it goes out to kill the virus one of the first things it does is the lymphocytes make antibodies make antibodies to this which we call an antigen it's a protein so the body makes antibodies that attach to this virus protein and kill it or have other cells come in after it's attached the antibodies of attach other cells come in and they kill this virus so that we don't die from the virus that's the way it's supposed to work it'd be good if the virus stayed out of the body state and the gut didn't go in but sometimes they break through and go in and people get virus infections this is a protein that the body would recognize as foreign it's beef protein when beef is consumed those cells that I showed you that line the intestine they should keep beef out of the blood stream but if they're injured and you have a leaky gut what happens is those beef proteins can get into the bloodstream and the body thinks those beef proteins are a virus a virus coat or a cell wall of a bacteria and so it starts making antibodies to those beef proteins to kill those beef proteins that leak through that gut because there was a leaky gut present so it starts making antibodies and it does it also when we have dairy for example if we have dairy what happens is the dairy proteins the beta casein segments of the beta casein and other proteins with a leaky gut they get into the bloodstream and the body thinks that these proteins are foreign they are they're from a cow and it makes antibodies against these foreign proteins but what happens is the antibodies made aren't just to that beef protein or just that milk protein what those antibodies find in the body because you know these are foreign proteins these aren't supposed to be in the body viruses yeah the body knows about viruses being the body but it doesn't know about calm L protein or pig protein or other animal proteins being in the blood strength so it recognizes the thorn but it also recognizes it as the same it will make antibodies to a segment of the column L protein okay there's this like a lock-and-key it makes it makes it this is a lock-and-key setup here makes antibodies to it but what it does is it finds similar-looking proteins to what's on a column of protein or a beef protein or pork protein it finds similar proteins on our own body tissues similar segments of amino acids for example we've identified in in type 1 diabetes we've identified the 17 amino acids that the body makes antibodies to when calm elk protein goes into the bloodstream through this leaky gut we've also identified that same seven sequence of 17 amino acids present on the insulin producing cells of the pancreas the beta cells so here's the scenario the child consumes the milk for one reason or another the gut barrier doesn't work the child has a leaky gut the column milk goes into the bloodstream the body recognizes that cow milk is being foreign it makes eye antibodies to a segment of that cow milk we know what that segment is it's seventeen amino acids have been identified the body keeps making antibodies to that cow milk but I want searched around looking for those antibodies it finds a similar segment of 17 amino acids on the surface of the beta cells of the pancreas those cells that make insulin it attaches to them and they die that's how you get type 1 diabetes or other autoimmune diseases this full fascinating an important talk from dr. McDougall and many others are available on the get healthy now red DVD set click on the link below this video to go to our store and watch several other fascinating excerpts from the red DVD right now in these DVDs you will learn the latest information about the cause of many chronic diseases and more importantly the solution to regain and protect your health thanks for watching you


  1. So if I get you correctly this problem occurs because of a leaky gut. Is this the reason why some can eat these products and not get sick but others can't.

  2. There is a link of type 1 diabetes w/ cows milk, but I think there is far more than that going on..Lack of nutrients or maybe too much of something. A lot of people drink milk, so that doesn't mean drinking milk is the root cause of type 1 diabetes, because a lot more people would get type 1 , if that were the case…

  3. Almost !

    It`s not that simple :

    The Immune-System does not track down these amino acids.


    In cow meat and milk (sheeps are a problem, too) are still the pathogenes from the animal.

    And with a survival rate of 1-2%, when we cook meat, or heat milk, we have those "problems", too !

    IF we have a "leaky-gut", things will become very nasty.

  4. Breast fed babies do get type 1 diabetes sometimes. I breast fed my kids, and my oldest son developed type 1 diabetes at the age of 2. However I must admit that I myself, was a consumer of cow's milk dairy products at that time. What the doctor said in this video makes perfect sense to me. Foreign proteins will set the body into autoimmune frenzy, which is due to the foreign DNA in those proteins. The chances are, that most of the foreign DNA is destroyed in the stomach acids, (thankfully), otherwise I think all of us would suffer an autoimmune disease. It is very possible that an animal based foreign DNA molecule
    occasionally could slip through and survive the digestive system which would cause autoimmune illnesses in a percentage of us. A much more vicious and direct hit of animal DNA into the blood stream is by injection, where not even the digestive process can act as a barrier against these foreign proteins. Here is a list of the ingredients that are injected into us and our children through vaccines: MDCK (Madin-Carby canine kidney cells), Bovine serum, beef extract, Fenton Medium also called bovine extract, Insect Cells, Japanese encephalitic Mouse Brains, MRC-5–(Medical Research Council 5, human diploid cells derived from the normal lung tissues of a 14-week-old male fetus aborted for "psychiatric reasons", Porcine (pig) gelatin,Vero Cells (African Green Monkey Cells), WI-38 human diploid cells which are human diploid lung fibroblasts derived from the lung tissues of an aborted female fetus. Thimerosal (nano tech mercury) Aluminum, Formaldehyde, and Polysorbate 80. My diabetic son is now 35 years old, and he has always been a super disciplined diabetic with counting every carb in his diet, keeping the carbs low, and very careful monitoring and insulin use. He has just begun within the last two weeks a diet that no longer includes animal proteins, and already his insulin requirements are dropping, and he feels a lot better. His other autoimmune conditions of ADHD and severe joint pain are also clearing up rapidly. His doctor has been increasingly pressuring him to get his annual flu shot which he refuses every year. She told him finally that although she considers him her top patient in well controlled diabetes, that if he continues to refuse to get his annual flu shot, that he really should get his medical care through a Naturopath. Now I was really wondering about this, when he told me about his last visit with her……well I have learned since that both our major hospitals where we live are each paid approximately $7 million per year if they keep a minimum of 75% of their patients up to date on vaccines. They are paid by the pharmaceutical companies. So why would they pay these incentives to providers? When I consider the cost of autoimmune disease, it definitely would be profitable to create these diseases. There are about 80 known autoimmune diseases. Diabetes alone costs the USA over $300 billion dollars per year. Type 2 diabetes is included in that statistic from the American Diabetes Association web site, however, Dosch and Salter in their research re: type 1 diabetes at the Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto, Canada in the year 2006 stated that type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes are really one and the same disease, that both diseases are, "inflammation of the pancreas". Dosch and Salter cured type one diabetic mice overnight by injecting capsaicin into the pancreas of these animals. They were cured because the inflammation was stopped. The research was never allowed to go on to human trials.

  5. Also hemochromatosis is being increased due to reduced iron being added to food. If you look up what reduced iron is, it is the same metals that are in electronics but in nana particle form. According to the FDA, they state on their website states that they do not know if nanoparticles are safe are hazardous but yet have been approved for release for companies to add to products like food.(Human and animalCosmetics, ) vaccines and more.

  6. Wait a second… How would a fully formed protein make it into the intestine? Proteins are broken down into amino acids by HCL in the stomach.

  7. Hi Jeff, i understand the leaky gut idea but when watching over videos on healing the small intestine and duodenum and leaky gut they say to drink bone broths and eat paleo type diets and carbs are the problem, there is no doubt in my experience that gluten is a problem as I am gluten/soy/dairy intolerant, but why are many paleo guys and some MDs saying to eat a paleo type diet? Amy Myers MD, Chris Cresser MD I think also, and others? Are there certain carbs to avoid for leaky gut for example Gluten, or potatoes (nightshade?) Thanks.

  8. +David Simons YES it's Great. Dr. McDougall is due to be on the show the doctors. He also has ten day retreats to educate people on a personal level. One of the ladies he cured from a form of lupus started a forum called veg source. She was cured 16 years ago she was vegetarian when she was sick then she sought the help of Dr. Mcdougall and he helped her go vegan and starchy. Watch this vid Of her husband talking about auto immune diseases/diabetes, etc. :

  9. Milk is linked, no question, but only commercial cows milk.  People living on farms don't have higher rates, it's people living in cities that have higher rates of type 1 diabetes.  Cattle herders living a nomadic lifestyle have no type 1 or type 2 diabetes.  It's not the milk specifically, it's something we are doing to it, or that has changed.

  10. That's well and with respect to antibodies to cows milk, but explain why human breast milk which also has those exact same amino acid sequences, even more amino acid sequences the exact same as pancreatic tissue, why then do breast fed babies not develop type 1 diabetes?  Why is there no type 1 diabetes in the southern Sudanese, or Kenyan cattle herders?  All drink milk.  I think the link between milk and type 1 diabetes is correct, but it's something that we are doing to the milk, or giving to the cows.  Homogenisation, prostaglandins, hormones?  Antibiotics? what role do those things play?  Prostaglandins affect the pancreas.  Homogenisation causes auto immune issues.  Why if milk is so bad, does breast milk not cause diabetes?  Why don't all calves have diabetes?

  11. This video is so wrong about type one diabetes that it's not even funny. I have type one diabetes and it's not because of what I ate, it's because my pancreas stopped work or dead inside me. You can get type 2 by not eating right or working out but NOT TYPE ONE DIABETES. You can't cause type one diabetes and there is NO cure for it like type 2 diabetes. Type one diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in The United States of America and you mostly get it at a young age as a child. You have to take shots everytime to eat and you can't forget to make your finger bleed to get your blood sugar number. Every 3 months you have to go in to a special doctor for check ups and to draw a large amount of blood from you to make sure your blood is still good. You can get sick faster and easier than a normal person and you lose 13 years of a average human life because you have have TYPE ONE DIABETES. When you go to bed you are always worry IF YOU WILL LIVE to see tomorrow because you could die in your sleep from high or low blood numbers. Imagine living in pain from something that is a ball of chance. THIS GUY KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT TYPE ONE DIABETES, TYPE ONE DIABETES AND TYPE TWO DIABETES ARE 100% DIFFERENT.

  12. Its still shock me just how some people have no idea about Hybetez Remedy (look on google search engine) although lots of people cure their hypertension naturally with it. Thanks to my mate who told me about this. I have eliminated my hypertension problem for good with natural approaches.

  13. I've had diabetes since I was 4 mine was caused by roseolus which is rashes all over my body and a temp of 110 they had to pack me in ice for 2 days to lower my temp I never drank milk till recently before my blood sugars were around 180 -200 regularly even with a low carb diets and all veggies diets I've had diabetes for love 20 years but I drink 3 glasses of whole milk now regularly and now with Lantis and apidra insulin my blood sugar is do to 90-110 ! this is crazy not all type1 diabetics are the same our bodies are not the same at all you can run multiple tests and each person's bodies will react differently to each substance ask the american diabetes the thing I don't understand is all endocrinologists that we see have no diabetes but we pay to see them just for our medicine only hell I was on the pump for 5 years and my a1c was a 12! my doctor could never get it to regulate my blood sugars right I took my self off now my a1c is a Damn 7! my question is why do you people believe everything these half wits claim instead of helping your self?

  14. Type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases have a common thing – autoimmune attack, and something must distort the action of normal immune system. I could suggest reading the findings in a book in amazon when you search with keywords "cause of type 1 diabetes". The trigger is not food indeed. We get that shift when we are vulnerable, not when we are healthy. And we become vulnerable when we get infection and try to deal with it carelessly or incorectly.

  15. You can not only eliminate diabetes for life but also save lots of money using all-natural treatment solution instead of typical ones.

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