Miller School Medical Education Reform

For more than 60 years, the University of
Miami Leonard M School of Medicine has been a force for change. Whether it is responding to natural disaster
or our DOCS program delivering healthcare to the most underserved and disenfranchised
members of our communities, the Miller School has a deeply rooted history of service to
the South Florida community. Today we are redoubling our commitment to
prepare and inspire the Miller School's next generation of physicians to become transformational
leaders who will help define the future of medicine, direct health systems and impact
healthcare globally. We want to ensure that Miller School graduates
are ready to advance our global mission. We recently brought together a group of Miller
School leaders, educators and students to redefine that mission, to create our "why." The Miller School's overarching priority is
to empower our students and trainees to transform lives and to inspire them to serve our global
community. Now we will need input from all of you to
define how we will bring our "why" to life in order to train the next generation of physicians
and researchers. The guiding principles that are fundamental
to how we achieve this goal are to nurture, collaborate, lead, challenge and innovate. Over the past several months we've been working
on our next generation medical curriculum. All of us want to see innovation as a primary
goal. It starts with a refresh of the way we teach. With more active learning, we want to take
students out of the classroom and into the clinical environment as early as possible. We want to offer real life experiences that
will inspire them more than the standard curriculum ever could. We need to nurture our medical students with
master educators who will coach them through every step of their medical education. The curriculum of the future should challenge
us using novel teaching methods, ground-breaking technology and robust competency assessments. I want us to continue to lead. Medicine is changing faster than ever. The Miller School needs to be leading that change. We must collaborate with other disciplines
to ensure that our graduates have skill sets beyond their medical degree and can thrive
in rapidly shifting healthcare environments. The ideas are flowing in and we are listening. Right now I am asking you to be a part of
this remarkable moment in our history as we embark on our journey to revamp our medical
education curriculum. We have created opportunities for you to get
involved and to take an active role in our curriculum innovation. We plan to roll out our renewed vision in
the next year. It is my sincere hope that you will help us
bring our vision to life. With your help, we will empower to transform
lives and inspire to serve our global community.


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