Miller School of Medicine 2019 White Coat & Pinning Ceremony

[Dr. Henri R. Ford, Dean of the Miller School of Medicine speaking]
Dear friends, so we have gathered here today to witness and support
what has become one of the most cherished
traditions in medical education: The White Coat Ceremony. This is a momentous
occasion for the members of the great Class of 2023 because it symbolizes your
formal transition from pre-medical to medical students. You are embarking on
what I believe is simultaneously the greatest journey and the most rewarding
adventure of your lifetime. This white coat is a symbol of authority, a
symbol of empowerment. But most importantly, represents a beacon of hope for many suffering patients on the hospital wards. Today you engage in an
important tradition, as you are inducted into a profession of service. It is more
than a garment. It symbolizes the trust required to be effective in the medical
profession. That trust is not given away; it is something you earn by the education
you receive and by your actions. Members of the great Class of 2023,
in addition to the white coat, you’re also about to receive a special
pin as a welcome to the medical profession. Remember, the physicians who have graduated before you have a proud
heritage. I’m going to ask you to reach under your seats. You will find a bag
containing a brand new stethoscope with the Miller School name on it.
These stethoscopes, which are so important in our profession, are provided
through the generosity of our alumni and faculty. They are our way of welcoming
you and encouraging you to be the finest physicians you can be. Remember why you chose to enter this profession, and remind yourself of it every day. Don’t be
afraid to ask for help for yourself or for your colleagues. And, yes, you do carry
the responsibility of looking out for one another. Don’t think about
the hard work and long study hours coming your way. You are
privileged to be starting the best career in the world.
It will all be more than worth it. Members of the Class of 2023, the future
of American medicine, the future of our noble profession depends on your relentless pursuit of excellence, your commitment to lifelong learning and teamwork.

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