Mind Mapping teaching strategy in medical education in Sudan

my topic is about mind mapping and its role in education and in the few minutes I will try to go through this conclude the right the balls and production methodology and conclusion about mind mapping my goal is to present evidence of mind mapping value for better teaching and learning and also to improve understanding about using medical education in Sudan so I appreciate that there are many medical methods used in learning but I strongly appreciate also that might mapping is a good method in teaching but it is underutilized in education so what is the problem the problem that our medical students faced with great amounts of information and they have very limited time to digest and absorb this information so all the time we found the medical students are struggling with their own capacity so most of them or many of them are not successful through the examination time usually as medical educators we used texts like like four point four point is linear rather than connective and it is less meaningful and list critical thinking when we use PowerPoint or any your text slides I will go through 30 definitions about learning understanding we know that understanding is to get idea about something retaining the earth the art of storing the information for our students recalling or retrieving this we'll talk about in depth because it is the problem with our students so we have to ask ourself a question who are our students understand but failed to retain a recall the information the talent is to know that understanding something is not sufficient to remember it just we taught it it doesn't mean they caught it and also the way the student cuts the information or the not it is not the right way we understand at medical educators we understand our materials very well but we fail what about the way we deliver the information it does not reinforced retaining or recalling the information might mapping simply it is defined as multi-sensory nonlinear conducted teaching method it enhance the critical thinking and support deeper level of integrated information while mind mapping is now rising in literature the view but in Sudan in medical education it is under utilized we use the methodology searching library database PubMed and psycho info MEDLINE M bears we look for the conceptual and empirically published literature or mind mapping I used additional resources from Tony Buzan the inventor of mind mapping we make to avoid omissions and error we review all the articles we search for and I use some key words and phrases like Sudan might mapping critical thinking visual learning and medical education we look here for towards imagination and knowledge might mapping is give a huge weight on imagination they think that by imagination I can absorb knowledge and no wonder if we find the genius Albert Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge as knowledge is limited but imagination encircle the world here we have thinking pattern of human brain we have the right lobe of the brain and the left lobe of the brain variety of the brain is responsible for the colors imagination and all the visual images but the left one is responsible for words number lists analysis so we can say the right one is for the art and the left one is for logic or analysis we can find Albert Einstein here he used the right brain for the art and the left brain to catch his science right a left brain I just want one of the audience a volunteer just to read for me that this is light oh is I want somebody to read the next slide for me no no so say say okay please look at this chart and say as quickly as focused as possible the color under the world okay so if you read the words if you read the words with the word please sir yeah yeah so it is very easy right but at first sorry at first your right brain try to restate the color and your left try to say the word so this is the conflict between the right and this is the way we deliver our information to our students we just enhance their left side of the brain okay so mind mapping is for sixty years ago is invented by Tony Buzan he considered it as universal key to unchanged the potential of the brain he used certain things certain tools he used images keywords and colors also here we have the tools of mind mapping the fairies think might map is structured in a very organic and very organized and clear away if I ask the body here to calculate quickly the dots here it will take time right but if we do it like this it is simply 5 by 6 it is 30 so this is the way of mind map it is very structured also here we have lines might mapping use limes and as you notice here it is not straight because nothing in the nature are not Nahanni it is nothing to be straight in the nature so he used to use this type of Lion words you have to use or sometimes we put our text for our students by many words but when we use mind mapping we use only key words which will enhance for the students the images is very important in mind mapping because as you know 1m it is equal subject of words the most powerful thing is mind mapping is color so you can imagine here this room without color or I will give you another example I think most of you know this map ok so imagine this map if you want to go from point A to point B okay so how much if it would be like this so if we used anything without color okay it will be difficult for us to know steps to are creating mind mapping simply we will have paper in front of the paper we create a central idea then we added branches to the map the the branches radiated out from the central idea then in step 3 we add keywords just keywords and it will be very clear after that we color the branches the branches and sub-branches will take the same color but the surprises will be thinner than the main one after that we include the images so here this is mind map this is mind map for how to construct the mind map ok so might map first we have pepper black pepper after that the paper will be landscape and start in the middle as I mentioned before we use images colors and words we utilize for connecting and it will be organic and will be thicker or thinner depending it is main idea or sub idea also we have the style the style it must have some of fun and it must have emphasis on certain logics information here we have the stroke especially as we mentioned the structure is clean and radiant and it must be with very with many associations so here we have to look after to see if there are many of medical students try to use mind mapping physical therapy students use mind mapping this is a study and they found that they can arrange and integrate the material better than using the text methods also a study found that the pictures and the colors can add and connect between the sort the way that the real world thinking in like in clinical location also in nurse practitioner education they used mind mapping for a group of students they found that it increases the visualization of relationships it helped in gaining information data retention and very inclusive comprehension ultimate mapping can be used in assignment and project it is very influential tool that assists in planning and structure the topics of minato peaks of resources the evidence supporting the mind mapping that Journal of Experimental Psychology found that colors can help to process and store images more competently than black and white colors and it seems that from the pictures we saw before far better and images then for the memory than any others word for example this slide if I close it after a while you cannot remember all the things I mention it here but if it is pictures you can remember a lot of informations white mapping is example of what we call radiant thinking stimulation like our brain our brain think in a radiant matter is stimulate all the aspect of the brain so when we use mind map in our education it means that we stimulate the the right and the left brain for our students the brain is were in a base of connotation it can't the brain our brain can connect thousands of idea at the same time here this our student they are two ways we have the traditional ways of taking notes and also we have the mind map taking not we see here this student the the normal way it is linear way but the other way here you see it is radiant radiant it is connected to each other also here this we can compare between the linear way of teaching and the mindmap way on the left side we have the mind map might map we have colored images dimensions lying imagination awareness it will enhance the information to be completely understood we have the linear nodes here my mapping it is not something that we can say what can I say it is connected formations it conducting formations many formations can connect it at the same time the linear way we use it it is just linear analysis and we have some images important we can use images but still it is not connected to each other in our conclusion we have to say that it is a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain and it incorporate in clinical critical thinking it integrates informations and solve the nodes of complicated clinical problems you can see here the photo this is a nerve cell and we have here the mind map mind map mirror natural thinking process of the brain our brain in a radiant manner so it is a conductivity our recommendation that the first continuous change in the medical science and the need for future medical practitioners to remain competent need a change in the educational methods by which we learn our students creating an environment that improve all students critical thinking and ability to master the quantity of information required to succeed in medical education also we have two important point we can do some practical implications by high quality professional training of the university teaching staff because sometimes we believe our students that they did not got get high marks but the problem that we are not enforced them to have our really calling our attention their information and also we have to do some social implications to assist a learner's with lower cognitive competence to attend more information this is my efficiency and thank you for being here just to add something when I put the first slide here I put this also the left side of the bread on the right side but I think it is not clear like now because left side now you see here it is color so this is the picture we can put it in our mind that the right side is just for images for colorful for visualization and the left side for logic and analysis thank you

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