Minecraft Xbox – Medicine Mania [195]

hello this is stampy and welcome to a minecraft let's play video and another video inside of stampy's lovely world and today in this video I'm going to be joined by a creeper I'm gonna be joined by a skeleton I'm gonna be joined by a chicken food ester and a bear called Lee who is I can see your gamertag Lee why are you why are you up there in the tunnel up in the tower sorry okay the steak looks like leaves gone for a little bit of a wander let's let's go find out what he's up to then hopefully he's not misbehaving again Oh got a little the snow up here so we need to who need to clean this up if nothing else he's pointed out to me that my house is still messy and I I never go up here to the top of the tower so I guess it's a nice excuse to go and have a little look over my lovely world from the the skies and hi Lee hello oh there's a broken block here oh okay he's he's on a boat holding some milk and looking over the world are you feeling okay Leah are you sure you're feeling alright and you're acting a little bit strange oh that's a little bit of an odd thing to do do you have my breakfast Oh is there drinking the milk in here I'm drinking the milk okay tell you what late I'm gonna be downstairs in my bedroom okay and I'm gonna be playing the egg game if you feel up to it and you want to join me do you wanted you wanna come join me my first you wanna throw me my breakfast if you just drop the cake now I should be able to catch it and there we go I've managed to get my breakfast at least I'll eat I'll leave you to it daily I'll leave you early I'll leave you to it you can stay up the top up there that was that was a bit weird I'm a little bit worried about Lee I think I think maybe I've been working him a little bit too hard I think maybe I should I should give him a bit of a holiday anyway let's go eat my cake num num num num num and then let's go play the the egg game then shall we and honestly I don't know you got down here even quicker than I did so just what I said I don't actually have any eggs on me so Esther would you mind would you mind Lamey Lamey little late quickly please go and you just while I'm here just one little egg just pop it out and then I can use it for the the egg game nope I'm gonna give you one chance I'm gonna count to three and over stay here Esther I'm gonna count then I want you to pop out an egg okay one two three egg well if you're gonna be like that I got a very stubborn chicken I got an idea right if I go over here and I just stare in the distance I'm gonna pretend I'm not noticing a where Esther is and then bra boop oh there we go what let's just scare an egg after Vista thank you very much s2 anyway let's go play the game at all hello spring what are you doing over here did you just spring up on the balcony okay you can come join us for the video then I guess you've chosen yourself and this baby egg game if you don't what this is basically we throw an egg or one of the paintings and oh we need to try knock it off and you want to go first leap do you want to go grab an egg I think he had one on him anyway Andy he basically needs to go and try not well though go as to just laid another one as well yes we basically need to go and try and hook off of one of the the paintings he's going for the theatre I believe he's lining it up getting good hair tie and nailed it nicely done Lee very nicely done right I want to get one as well now then scene as Lee garner I'm gonna go for an easy one and then that way it's less likely for me to miss it you stay there spring don't spring in front of me all right let me go and try and line up quite high I think probably about there and fro got it there we go a hundred percent success right here and I got a spare egg I'm gonna put that in my pocket and I can use that one tomorrow then I guess and it's actually nice themed spring-like if you remember in my last video I love my dogs went for a wander and I keep just finding them around my world some of them will come back to my doghouse I don't know I think I think my dogs are gradually taking over my world and taking control anyway let's add so into the love garden and today I am adding Nettie and Nettie as some of you may know is actually my sister and I'm doing a video series at the moment called the sister challenge and as she was very nice and decided to join me in it and so I wanted to say thank you very much for that Nettie and welcome to my love garden God didn't I said that really weird and she's actually planning by the way to make her own videos as I'm gonna leave a link in the description to her channel if you wanted to see my sister doing some minecraft videos are you you can definitely go and check it out anyway now you may be wondering why I came up here because to be honest I've never come up here and that's because I have a shopping list we're gonna be making some medicine over at the the hospital and there's a whole lot of things I need so I need some spider eyes and so I'm gonna go and take a few spider eyes I need some sugar which is right here and I also need some mushrooms which are right here I just take the the brown mushrooms because they're the ugly ones now I need millon I don't have any melon on me so I'm gonna get some from the the millon moments face but I need a ghast here let me go grab a ghast here as well I get a few of them I also need some nether warts as you pretty much need for any potion and I got a low tier and all some gunpowder as well actually while I'm here because gunpowder can turn potions into splash potion so here we go I've done my my weekly shopper for all of the different things I need and did you hear an arrow then I'm sure I heard someone firing an arrow arrow how peculiar let me let me go investigate there hopefully hopefully Lee's okay wherever he is and I should probably explain and what it is we're doing in this video we're gonna start off by doing the the final few finishing touches on the caring cat clinic which is the the hospital which I've been building and then we're going to go and play a new mini game to decide who the the doctor of the month the the hospital's gonna be and here's the mini game here and I'm gonna get you a very quick glimpse of it by jumping up here on Google's island and yeah it's a bit dangerous that's some cactuses and in that pit there you probably can't see but it's full of lava and I'm gonna explain what the the game is a little bit later on in the video and we can go check it out it's called the the manic medicine mania minigame which we're going to go and play later on but for now spring do you want to sit down here so you stay safe and oh let's go inside and do the the final few finishing touches or the first thing I want to do is sort out this room rather than having an ugly wooden door I wanna fill all of this in here with glass and I'm gonna use some some sticky pistons to make some automatic doors that can open close and it this way we can trap the zombies in and if you don't want these faces by the way basically if you get a zombie villager and you can actually heal them if you give them a weakness potion and then a I then give them a Golden Apple or you can actually heal them and die so this is gonna be a room which is designed to do just that so we basically need a good way to trap them in which is what I'm doing here so if I go and put down some glass there and I then just need to link-up some redstone so you can go and set them both off let me just destroy a little bit of the the floor now and buy a little bit of the floor I mean quite a lot of the floor and so I can easily see what I'm doing I'm gonna have to go and grab the the the green wall again in a second so if I go and do that then I'm gonna go and build my way up here somehow I go and place that down there is hard I'm sliding all over the ice it's hard to to jump up I'm gonna get rid of this block here as well and if I go and build along here I'm going to basically do redstone leading to a lever which is just gonna be in the corner of the room down here so it's gonna be super super simple redstone which is good because I can't really do many other types of redstone other than very simple rest I don't know drop my repeater butter fingers right there guy grabbed it so I do a repeater there and a repeater there and then just do one very simple trail of redstone which is gonna lead all the way over to the corner then hopefully the redstone is gonna be working I don't to get too close to the button low so I don't want all the the redstone to get confused and start overlapping and so let me just go and build this along here and like that and then like that then if I do all of the redstone there should be it right when I told you a simple redstone I really did mean it so let me just go and grab the the pieces of Karthi which I dropped all the way around here as I can go fill in all of the the floor again and so there we go got 10 pieces that should be enough and if I hop my way back up and that should be it complete the only other thing I need to do is of course put down the leaver and Lee you're not supposed to go in there that's a place for zombies right let me just go and try and find a way to get up if I just use some blocks and there's not really anywhere to pull up well here we go I can just jump straight up here no no I did the redstone in the wrong place actually the Redstone needs to be one block to this side of where it is there we go when I put the redstone there and then go and fill in all of the floor hopefully this is gonna work so let me go out here and let me go and try and make a lever then if I put that in the the corner of the room it should hopefully I set up the rest and actually while I'm here I might start some potions brewing so I want to make some healing potions as some medicine and so to make almost any potion you need to start off by making all could potions and so I got my glass I'm gonna make myself some some glass bottles I'm gonna go and fill them up from inside of hip and then I'm gonna go and put them inside of the the brewing stir I might just make one of these I think actually no let's make free of them and so you put never wort in first and that is gonna turn all of the bottles of water into awkward potions and then I'll come back a little bit later on and I'll show you what you do next but look look how many things I'm doing at the same time here let's go back in here and put down the lever and there we go so you can see that opens and closes so we're gonna get the zombie trapped in here and then we're gonna run back out and shut them inside so they can't escape jolly good and then the last thing we need to do is to put a Golden Apple in the corner as well so if I make a chest I can go and fill it full of her golden apples and I don't really have any apples on me I think we might have some one he keeps trying to make me eat apples at the moment so hopefully Lee's going yeah we got some some spare apples you can give me and I'm gonna turn these into golden apples and then we can fill them in full of the the chests in there so now let me go and make myself some gold nuggets which are over here then I'm gonna be able to make myself for a whole load of our golden apples and so I'm gonna go put all of these in the chest so we can use these two Hills or zombies and speaking of healing there we go we've got some awkward potions so now let's let's make a potion of regeneration to my third gas here in it should make that and good ideally good idea I have not put my lab coat on over here hanging up on my coat hook that is my lab coat scene as I am doing some some sciency things I should be I should be wearing my my lab coat it's all about help and safety you see and so let's go put the the golden apples inside of here and then this should be the the zombie room completely finished the not all bad zombie lab is there completely finished and let's go see how my potions are doing so there we go I got free potions or free generation let me just go and put them inside the chests tip and then over here I'm just gonna put all of the the other ingredients that I don't really need inside of here washy so now I do need to do is I need to make my my potions of weakness I've not done that yet and to do that I need to make a fermented spider eye and to do that you need a normal spider eye a mushroom and sugar I believe and so I'm gonna need to mix myself some some more bottles of water and so I need to get some bottles there uh she ran out of water so I'm gonna very quickly run next door to there pretty kitty and are still some from the the cozy koozie my jacuzzi down here a very convenient infinite water source right next door I'm gonna go and grab that I'm gonna have one little looker the area to see if there are any zombie villages I can't see any at hand they are quite rare and so we need to make sure whenever we do see one we're able to to bring them back to the the hospital over here I can hear a spider I think that's in the the pet shop though I don't think it's a wild spider anyway let's go try and make this thin shall we so Lister my bottles in there and let's go and try and make myself a fermented spider I shall we and here's one right here and then I need to go and plug that in the top and that should hopefully make me three awkward potions so let's go and put all the rest of my ingredients in there and I also need actually to grab some gunpowder because if you add gunpowder to a potion it turns it into a splash potion which is gonna be exactly what we need so it will will air fire out of the dispensers so while that's brewing I'm gonna have a little bit of bread you probably shouldn't eat inside of a medical lab but I was very hungry I needed to eat and let's go put the rest of the gunpowder in there and then this gunpowder if I put redstone in the top I think I did that by accident Oh a mundane potion no effects oh did I do it wrong I think I might have done did I not put I think I put the redstone in rather than the rather than the fermented spider I oh no right if I put this in now will that work okay I think I think I took this wrong I'm trying to teach you how to do brewing and I think I ended up doing it wrong and then I could actually do while that spring is a decorate the the final room a little bit more and put some paintings that this is where the the psychiatrist would sit so we want lots of bright happy paintings around the room I have that one there and on this wall here let's try and get a big one shall we there we go a big Donkey Kong potion what's going on in here this sounds too so there's a lot of commotion it's a zombie and her dog stuck inside me I might have been fooled if it wasn't for the big alpha Lee above your head are you are you feeling okay are you feeling alright you keep you keep playing dress-up and doing weird things today I think you might be having a bit of an identity crisis come come follow me Lee we're all friendly come come follow me oh you think I'm gonna shut the door you can get changed into your normal clothes I won't look and though Wally's gained change I'm gonna go check on these and there we go potions of weakness jolly good so let me go put the Gunpowder in and then let's go check on ladies I'm a little bit worried about him do you want to follow me inside here Lane do you want to come into my office and let's have a little at about you shall we and let's find out what's going inside that head of yours if you have a little lie down there on the Shea's lounge I'm gonna sit down here and we can just have a little talk your honor you're in a safe place hilly you're in a safe place you can say whatever you want soli how are you feeling today I see you don't want to talk about your feelings mmm that's very interesting why don't you tell me about your childhood what was your relationship with mother bear like hmm I see you don't want to talk about that either I think I can see what's going on here Lee I think I can see why you've been getting so upset today I think it's because you're not eaten enough cake because I eat cake every single day and I'm never unhappy so I think that if you eat more cake then you're gonna be a happier person and there we go doctor stampy's save the day again I'm always able to prescribe the other right cure so if you eat more cake you're gonna be much happier I promise anyway let's go check on my potions they should be almost done here we go I got three splash potions of weakness and so if I go back into the the zombie room I can go and plunk them into my dispenser and Larry you're probably going to want to move from there is you're going to get splashed right in the face by some of those potions and then yeah if we do see you as zombie villager we can go and trap them inside of there and so here we go this is the caring cat clinic 100% completed everything that needed to be done has been done and let me have a quick check in the pet shop just to see look we got one there's a zombie village Ellie we managed to get one in here how lucky is that right we need feet we need to get inside before it becomes day right let's just break this open let's just break this open and we need to try and take out the other googlies without him getting hurt right stay back least a back Lee I'll do this I'm gonna do this very carefully and I'm gonna punch him so he's gonna follow me but we need to do it before it's day of why he's gonna burn right can you see me can you see me is he gonna chase me Ray's chasing me I don't think he can get out Yeah right let's go and break away a bit more of the glass be very careful not to hit and we don't want to hurt him we're trying to cure him we got a race against time though because it's gonna be becoming day very quickly and oh no I hope my dog doesn't go after and that would be bad right we need to try and get through the door if we can is his head gonna fit through his head just about manages to fit through and here we go we might actually be able to heal him he's almost got inside right kay and shot the lever uh believer there we go we got him inside oh no he got back out he got back out right I need to go back inside open up Lee open up the lever open up the lever open it open open it I'm getting her I need a healing potion I need to go to the medicine Bay I can't get outside I can't get outside no no no no no no he got me he got me try get him inside Lee I'm gonna be back over there in one second I can't believe we managed to get one already Lee if you can try and get him trapped inside I will be there in just one second Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go I can't believe how lucky that was we just happened to come across one I mean it's kind of unlucky that he took me out but it's lucky that we were able to find one in the first place right I'm needy there Lee I'm nearly there just don't layer mix coke did not let him go outside because as soon as it's day he's gonna wind up burning right let's go and shut the door behind us I can hear growling I think he might be inside there we go we managed again trapped inside okay Lee if you come over to this side of the room hopefully he's gonna chase you a little bit don't worry you can give me back my things in a little bit hopefully he'll move across and if I press the button there we go I splashed him then if I go and grab the Golden Apple I can't believe how much to plan this is going and if I go and give that to him hopefully there we go you can see the bubbles coming off you can see that that is curing him so if we come back here in a little bit hopefully we're gonna have a villager in our world that is amazing and I can hear other zombies here banging at the door do you have my sword at all on you Lee do you have might you have my sword on you that might be one thing to kennel by careful careful careful let's go take this guy out we can bow and arrow I don't have any arrows there we go pickaxe will do right before we run out of time then let's go and go and play the the game over here next door then shall we I'm gonna put my stumpy style boots on and the game's very simple basically what we need to do is we need to stand here North care for all spiders all over the place where are they coming from today yes so the game is very very simple let's go try and take him up yeah the game's very simple with a bird time we need to brew some healing potions here and then we're going to use their healing potions to be able to get across all of the cacti because otherwise you're died trying to get across you then need to make a a fire resistance potion so you can swim through the lava then when you get here you make a swiftness potion because there's a very long maze down here that you need to run through okay see it told you it's simple right so let me go and try and empty out my pockets little bit and did you have any food on you as well leeks I'd only be gained hungry as I'm going through I'm not gonna have any golden apples I think that would be cheating here we go I got some spare food here and then let's begin in three two one go manic medicine mania begins so right lucky I've had some practice brewing a second ago I want to go and make myself some healing potions if I go for all of the bottles of watering and if I go grab some never walk I can go and put that in the top and that's gonna make them into awkward potions and I can even do healing potions or regeneration I think I'm going to do healing potions this time just to make a bit of a change and so once the never warts completely in I'm gonna put that listening melon in and that should make some that should make some healing potions and if I drink them as I'm going across the top hopefully that is going to keep me alive and I also need to take all of my armor off because otherwise I'm gonna have an unfair advantage over Lee so it's gonna be tough hopefully I'm gonna just be able to make it from from one side to the other and oh let me see how Lee's are going oh I think I'm ever so slightly ahead I'm ever so slightly in front of me so I want to go and try and make the most of my advantage and go straight off so here we go three potions of healing and I can begin so I need to try and run across the cacti without falling in as quick as I can and then when I get her I need to have a healing potion which should hopefully be able to keep me alive Oh only healed me a little bit though oh no no no this is dangerous this is dangerous I need to be really quick keep having the healing potions go go go go and jump there we go I managed to make it across oh no no there's a creeper here there's a creeper right here and I'll know it blew a pool of the brewing stand right okay we need to make the most of it I'm gonna go and just try and put them back down although there's gonna be no water there that wasn't good Oh looks like Lee's was fine right I'm gonna put the brewing potions down here Lee right game on game on anyway Lise it's already got his stuff right I need to go and go fill up my bottles again this is an unfair advantage for Lee but it doesn't matter we will continue the game no matter what until one of us gets to the end okay so let's go and put in my potions and I need to make a fire resistance one so once again I need to put in some never water I believe and then you need to put in a magma cream after that I believe and let me come throw away some of this stuff my pockets are full of a load of rubbish and so yeah let me go get my magma cream ready as soon as that's filled up I put that in and that should make her a fire resistance potion and then I a redstone or glowstone in to make it better I think one of them makes it last longer and the other one makes it stronger as something along those lines and I think has been able to overtake me because of that creeper that ruined the game and oh yeah look he's almost made three of them already and I'm only making two and he's ahead of me but we also got time to catch up as we go and try to do the swiftness game at the end and so he's there drinking them I'm only just behind him this is actually a really close game now there we go I got my fire resistance potions let's drink them when I'm gonna go for a running jump and try and catch up with him I'm so close I'm so close to him we move so slowly through the lava though I love it those that makes it look like I've got a crazy haircut as I go and walk through I'm just just just behind me I can't believe how close this is and then all we need to do is make a swiftness potion and then run through the maze and then that is gonna be the end of the game hopefully uh I'm okay hope you're not gonna run out of fire resistance i huh I don't want to check to see how much time I've got left I don't wanna waste any time Lee is already at the chest right let's go go go go go so I want to get my bottles of water and my never wort out now let's go and fill up all of the bottles of water and go and put them in here and put my never wort into the top there we go there they're gonna be making them and then I need to add sugar I think it is to do swish yeah here we go there's some sugar in here and so once the nether warts gone down that I put in the sugar then that's gonna make a swiftness potion then it's one straight dash to the end the finish line which is going to be over there so this is nearly finished the second it's done I'm gonna go and put in the sugar and start making my swiftness potions there we go I am already making my swiftness potions I think I've made up good time here let's go and see how Lee's doing Lee is still ever so slightly ahead actually no I think I'm the head you know what I think we completely neck on Nick I think we got the exact same amount of progress done so it's all gonna be whoever's the first person to drink the potion and run the way to the end and it is done I got my potions of swiftness drink drink drink drink drink drink and go he's freaking at the same time we've got the exact same timing he's just behind me right if I run and jump then I should be able to run even even quicker but this maze is massive there is so many turn on oh he overtook me he managed to overtake me right I need to overtake him back we're completely neck-and-neck but again around the corner how did he overtake me so fast I'm overtaking him now though a game back we are literally completely level we keep just overtaking each other I can't see where I'm going I keep running into the back of his head no he managed to take over they managed to get way ahead and on on running into the wall and panicking now on panicking go go go go I still got a chance to take him over but I need to do this perfect now there we go he's stopped running for a second he's still running for a second I got a good chance to take him over there we go they were gonna manage to take him over and I'm back outside I've not won yet though I need to go across the finish line we're exactly level though we are exactly level he is just behind me I can't believe how close it is and across the finish line I can't believe I can't believe how close they ended up being I think I won by about a quarter of a second there that was amazing GG Lee gg-good came oh dude that was fantastic anyway I almost forgot our zombie friend let's see if he's been turned into of wait what um hello hello no he disappeared is there anyone in there has he turned invisible any villages in here I think we went too far away and the zombie disappeared before he had heard and had a chance to turn I don't think he's gonna be down there Lee I don't think he would have xscape that well I can't believe that I got so excited that we found one okay next time next time we find one we're gonna track one in there we're gonna try and heal him and then we're just gonna sit here and watch him until he turns into a villager oh well oh well I think we did get a bit too lucky by finding one this fast anyway so next time we find one are we gonna make sure we trap him and we're gonna make sure we watch him until he turns into a villager anyway that's the end of this video here hopefully you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed making it I want to thank you all very much for watching and we will see you all later


  1. I meant your videos are really good and every time I am sad I watch your videos because they were so good and I appreciate you even making videos

  2. Stimpy I'm sad I watch his videos because your videos are really good and I prescient you for making videos

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  4. Hello stamps you might not see this but I’m Ella this is my favourite video of your I watch it all the time and I have been watching your bids since ep 30 xx you are the best

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