Mini Cannabis Grow Box with Harvest and WeedPics

– Hello there. I wanna grow my own weed, but I live in the middle of the city and my apartment isn’t really that big. My wife wouldn’t allow me to
have a huge grow box like this. What I did, I built
myself a mini grow box, and in this video, I’m going
to show you how I built this, the first grow I did in it,
and the weed I got out of it. Let’s go! First, I got myself the smallest grow tent that’s still just big enough
to grow some plants in it. Next, the most important
part was the light because it’s such a small tent, I need a really, really good light. I’m using this American Bridgelux COB LED. Every LED light needs a
driver, and driver goes here. The next really important thing is air because plants need
CO2 to grow and thrive. That’s why I’m installing this fan. And because I’m living
in an apartment building with neighbors top, left,
right, and underneath, I cannot have any smell
coming out of my house, so I’m using this smell filter. (light metal clunking) For better understanding, this is the fan, pushes the air this way. The fan is connected to this duct and the air is pulled up this way. The air enter the filter this way. The air enters the box here at the bottom through these openings. Okay, cool. By now, we have a light, we have a fan, and we have a smell filter. Now, we need some electronics, so we’re gonna build something. This is a timer switch that
will switch the light on and off so I don’t have to. Then, I have the temperature module. It will display the temperature. These things will need to
be installed into something, so I have this front plate laser cut. (tape peeling) I have this enclosure. Now, we need to connect these two together and in order to do that in a clean way, I have this circuit board. To close this, I had this plate made. Now, I can connect all
that, shizzle my nizzle. That goes here, and the fan goes here. This is the main cable, goes in here, and this one goes into the wall. Let’s see if it works. The fan has started to run. I’m gonna switch on the light now. Okay, seems to work. I think it’s time to start a grow. I place the whole thing in my closet and I germinated myself some seeds. Six plants I am going to start. I place them in the box under the light. Soon enough, they were
looking quite nicely. Had a nice little Jurassic
park, but unfortunately, I had many, many males like this one and you know what happens with males in the cannabis world, right? Mm-hmm, exactly. Dead. And then, another one. Dead. Eventually, I had two mature females left and I screwed up the fertilizer game. I wanted to be smart and give them a larger dose of fertilizer just to see what happens
and I burned them big time. You see they are quite yellow and brown, the tips are burned. They had too much fertilizer. And it’s off with their heads. Now, the work begins. Snip, snap, snip, snippity-snip. Snip, snip, snip, snippity-snip. Then, we remove all the little leaves, that’s what makes cannabis look nice. It’s a lot of work, but then you have a pile of wet marijuana, and that needs to dry now. Now, after around three weeks of drying, I had two jars of weed. They looked pretty nice. It smelled nice for sure,
and I’m happy with it. But how much is it? Let’s put it on the scale. I got seven grams in the one glass and the other glass, 14 grams,
so that’s 21 gram altogether. (inhaling) That was grow number one
with my mini grow box. It went all right, but I kind of screwed
up the fertilizer game. Had I done that right, I would have probably gotten more weed. But honestly, I’m sick
of giving fertilizer and messing around with
water and pH balancing and it’s just time consuming. I decided I’m gonna
build version number two of this grow box. There will be no need
to give any fertilizer. Super easy to use, even if
you’re a total beginner. Anyway, you know what
time it is now, right? Yep, I know. (upbeat music) ♪ I see it in my face ♪ you know, actually, this
place where I’m filming, this is not my home. This is an office, I’m not
supposed to smoke here, but it’s a Saturday and
there’s probably nobody here anyways.
(lighter sparking) (inhaling) – [Man] No smoking in the
office you bloody German. ♪ I see it in my face yeah ♪ ♪ I read it in my mails yeah ♪ ♪ I feel it in my face yeah ♪ ♪ I feel it in my yeah yeah ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ I feel it in my yeah ♪


  1. Hey @HomeGrowEngineering; I don't know why, but as soon your video started, I started smiling!!!
    Great info, man!!!

  2. Dude I like your fucking videos I like your ideas I wish I could buy some of that show you built for my tent

  3. Nice Video – You can grow Feminized Seeds – I make colloidal silver for cannabis and sell it to supplement my army retirement. I sell it cheep so growers can try it once before diving into making their own. Check it out at my website

  4. Hey Digger, das ist Mist. 21g in der Zeit.. überleg mal 50×50=21g. | 100×100=250-500g

    Ich bestelle doch auch kein 0,2l Kölsch für 2€ wenn ich ein 2,5l Kölsch für 4€ bekomme…

    Da muss man mal Kompromisse machen 😅

  5. I don't think you needed to draw an arrow curving around the exhaust hose smh if people don't understand how a vent fan works they are just sad

  6. western and northern europeans are so damn good at making things simple to understand….prolly why Ikea is so popular

  7. Next time pull it up from the roots when youre almost ready for harvest and let it sit for a while. With the roots exposed and hanging it upside down the plant goes into shock pushing all the nutrients into the buds giving it a higher thc level. Cheers mate

  8. Not bad at all buth fertilizer is shit dont use it it's really not good they use to use fertilizer back in like the 1970s

  9. Nice Video…i have question about the Fan…ist it loud as a hairdryer? Someone commented in Amazon that it Is as loud as a hairdryer…ist it true?

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