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In this video I’m going to show you what
we have packed in our minimalist medicine bag and first aid kit for a
long-term around-the-world family travel. Aloha! This is Heidi. We’re preparing to
travel long-term as a family of four. When we start our next adventure our kids
will be five-years-old and one-year-old. I want to show you what we’ve packed
in our minimalist medicine bag. Some may not consider this minimalist but for my
packing it sure is! Previously what I would do is I would go on the CDC
website which is the Center for Disease Control and look at their long list of
recommended medications to bring and then I go somewhere like Longs Drugs and buy
all those; pack up a big medicine bag; lug it around the world; come back home
with most of it; and then for our next trip I’d go through and throw out all the
expired medications and start all over again. So this time we’re trying to go
smaller scale and that’s because we’ve learned two things. One, it’s that most
places we travel we can easily get medicine if we need it – either from a
pharmacy or from going to a hospital or a clinic. Two, our family has just
changed in a natural direction so much that we don’t take very much medicine. So
we’ve decided the only ones that we’re going to pack and carry around with us
are things that we would need right away. If it’s something that can wait
until we can get to a pharmacy then we don’t need to bring it with us. Let’s
go ahead and look inside the medicine bag and then we’ll look inside the
first aid kit. So let’s take a look at what’s in the medicine bag. This is a quart size bag that we have here. Okay, so right on top we have some Arnica Montana this
one is one that can dissolve in kids mouths. This is by Hyland’s. We use
this for our children for pain relief. Then we also have Arnica in pellets
that you dissolve under your tongue for the adults. I got this as part of my
home birth kit and there’s still plenty of left over, so we can take that along
as well. My husband does have a tendency get headaches sometimes when we’re
traveling: if we don’t get enough sleep; we have to get up early to get to the airport
in time. So we have Acetaminophen or “headache
relief” for him. I rarely in my life ever have to take a headache medicine. And now I
have these little packets of electrolytes to mix with water. I figured these
would be good in a couple of scenarios. One, if we’re out all day and we’re
sweating in the heat a lot then we can have this to replenish our electrolytes.
Or if any of us get traveler’s diarrhea. We decided not to bring Imodium or a
diarrhea medicine with us this time just to wait and buy it if we end up needing
it. So in the meantime, the important thing would be to stay hydrated and keep
your electrolytes up. So we could mix one of these with water. And this Ultima
brand looks like the ingredients are pretty good. It’s natural colorings in it,
not artificial dyes. Then we got some of the original Fishermen’s Friends
cough drops. These are super strong. These are the
original ones where they have actual sugar in them, which I prefer over the
artificial sweeteners. These are good to have on hand even on the airplane just in
case if you feel sore throat coming on. It’s nice to have. One medication
that we would want to have right away if we needed it is an antihistamine. We got this allergy relief one and I chose the children’s version because it
has instructions for either children or adults to take this. They have to be
over a certain age so our youngest won’t be taking this but if our son or
ourself needed an antihistamine we could take this. We got the dye-free
version so it’s just white. Then these are two homeopathic medications
that I take if I feel like I might be coming down with mastitis.
This is Belladonna and Phytoclacca. I don’t even know how to pronounce it
properly. You can just see how it’s written. I’m not an expert in homeopathy so if you
have any questions about that you should probably ask somebody who has actually
studied it but these are just the two that I personally take to ward off
mastitis since I’m a breastfeeding mom. That’s the entirety of the medicine. Things for pain, headache, sore throat,
electrolytes, allergic reaction, and a couple homeopathic remedies. Even
though boxes like this and this bottle are pretty big and bulky it’s really
important when traveling, especially international travel, to leave medication
in its original packaging so if they want to inspect it at the Airport they can see
exactly what’s in it. You don’t want to be traveling with just loose individual
pills that cannot be easily identified. I tried to find like the smallest box and
this is still kind of bulky but we will keep it in the box so that any officials
know what’s in there. Now let’s look at what we have in our first aid kit. Again, this
is in another one of these quart size bags. Most of the items in this first aid
kit have already been around the world on trips with us. I just keep reusing
them. First of all we have some Band-aid bandages and I just use hair
ties to keep the smaller ones and larger ones separate so it’s easier to find and
that way if I end up needing an extra hair tie I have it. We have our baby’s
thermometer in case she’s running a fever. An ACE Bandage that fortunately we’ve
never had to use. That’s been on all of our worldly adventures with us. I have a
pair of tweezers and I just kind of stuck it in a cotton ball hoping that it
won’t poke a hole in the bag. Usually I keep those with my cosmetics but I
read on lists of first aid kits that you should have your tweezers readily
available in case you get a splinter or you need to clean a wound. We will
probably be carrying this first aid kit with us wherever we go. This is some
sports tape that you can use to tape on gauze bandages. You can use it in other ways
as well, but I think I need to do a bit of research because I don’t really know all
the ways you can use sports tape. These are our sterile gauze pads- 2
inches by 2 inches. If we needed to bandage up a minor wound
we could use the gauze and tape it on with sports tape. To clean around the wound we got these
alcohol wipes. This is something we had actually ran out of in our previous
first aid kit so I just replenished these. I was also looking for antiseptic
wipes where you could actually clean the wound itself and I wasn’t successful in
finding those. I have heard that the best way to clean the wound is to flush
it with water so you could use a syringe like this. These are medicine syringes that
we got for one of our children before. But you could use a syringe to flush a
cut with clean sterile water to clean it out or if you’re somewhere where you can
use hot soapy water that’s great as well. Some Q-tips that we just had
from previously. I’m actually not sure what we would use those for. Maybe for
applying Neosporin which we have separately in our liquids bag. If you
watch our video on travel toiletries you can see how we packed our Neosporin and other gels and liquids. We have some latex gloves that we picked up in Thailand. If somebody were to get a minor wound – a cut or scrape, we could put on some clean
gloves; we could clean with water; clean around it with alcohol; put on either
the gauze and tape it on; or bandaid if it’s a small cut. The kind of funny thing when
I was preparing this I was thinking through what’s most likely to happen
that we would need things on hand right away and my husband tends to scrape up
his legs pretty bad every trip we go on – whether it’s a scraped knee or something
else so I can definitely see us needing these basics just to clean a minor wound
and get it bandaged. I’ll include links to some of the products I mentioned that
we packed in the description box below the video, so click the “show more” or if
you’re on your phone the little triangle arrow down to see those links. I’ll
include these Planet Wise bags. We got them as a set of three mostly so that we
can use one for our liquid toiletries but then they worked out great for the
medicine and the first aid kit as well. If you’re interested in more
travel tips and inspiration please subscribe!

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