Mint Medical Education Highlight Reel – a Fresh Approach

next case here first off we're getting a trans abdominal image again it's a first trimester pregnancy to begin I always like to start with what is presenting is that the head is at the bottom feet we see the two cerebellar hemispheres we see the vermis which is in between the two cerebellar hemispheres and we want to see that that vermis is present and intact you could press this or you could go either side this indicator here tells you which one is your active mode it's the same way with a trans abdominal probe there's always a notch and we want to keep our thumb on the knotch so when you're in a lot a longitudinal approach and we talked about this in scan lab you're gonna have your thumb on the top of the probe longitudinal and when you want to turn trans you go 90 degrees keeping your thumb towards you press the in mode button it's going to place your cursor and then you can move that with your trackball place it where you want it to be side-to-side or that that looks very good and then press the Enter button to activate your end mode and then you have your M mode tracing here this line is being displayed here so as you move that line from side to side you can see how that changes where the tracing is first off we see the pregnancy is usually going to be e centrally located so this is a transverse image and the pregnancy is way off on one side unknown and it's fundal and it's up in the corner so that's our first clue now sometimes you will see that and it's not a corneal and you'll come back you'll scam the next day now it looks like it's in the totally different spot and that happened sometimes but you want to keep your antenna for the possibility of corneal our topic you

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