Miracle Child Ryder – Penn State Hershey Children’s Miracle Network

>> Hi, Ryder. >> He was almost like the, the perfect healthy
baby. >> Hi, Ryder. >> And there was no problems, and then all,
all of a sudden one day he, his heart stopped. >> He is six weeks old today. And you’re such
a big guy. >> I got a call that I had to be at the hospital
’cause my son was sick. >> Love you. Oh, now upset. >> He was in the hospital for five, five weeks
at Hershey. [ Music ] >> He was whiter than a sheet and he had a
tube down his throat, and he, he was lifeless. I remember screaming and falling into a chair. [ Music ] >> Unfortunately we don’t really know what
happened to Ryder. When he was about three months old, he had an episode where he went
into a cardiac arrest. [ Music ] >> And they told me that they would do everything
for him — I’m sorry — until they couldn’t do anything else for him at Hershey. [ Music ] >> That’s why they let me hold him because
they thought it was going to be the last time I held him. I’m sorry. [ Music ] >> I knew he had a brain injury, it’s just
hard to say that [inaudible] I guess I just want to know what I have to do as a mom to
make him feel better. And it’s hard. [ Music ] >> [inaudible] ’cause he wasn’t sick. [ Background noise ] >> He was given a 30% chance of living that
night. >> Ryder, he surpassed what they thought he
was going to do. I think in his lifetime, just in the last 10 months. >> All right, buddy, you ready to go? Oh,
let’s go. Let’s go, let’s go. So Ryder goes for vital stim therapy. >> Hi, handsome. >> Vital stim therapy involves some oral stimulation
program, he sees a speech therapist [inaudible] >> And I’m going to get my tickle spoon, remember
our spoon’s going to tickle your mouth? So you know it’s in there. >> Anything we can do for him and his well
being down the road is [inaudible] improvements, and he deserves everything he can get. >> Good swallow, Ryder. Good job, buddy. >> The quality of care that Ryder had gotten
while he was at Hershey would not have been possible without the technology and the equipment
that Hershey has had now because of CMN. It makes you put life a little bit more in perspective
when you have a child like Ryder. [ Inaudible ] >> Just is a wonderful child and a blessing. [ Inaudible ] >> I think we’re blessed to have him.


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