Miracle Twins Were Saved by Life-Changing Surgery

– And when did you get
the diagnosis of the PDA? – [Mother] About a week
after they were born, they both had the breathing
issues and other things that could have pointed
towards them having a PDA. But it has to be a combination
of things that let you know that you really need to look for it and Maverick started having
blood shot into his lungs. And they called me and said
that they would be surprised if he made it overnight
and they were doing scans and found out that he had a
PDA of the hole in his heart and because its something
semi typical to have so early they went ahead and scanned
Everly and found out that she had one as well. – [Older News Man] And Doctor Box, we know we can do some pretty- pretty crazy stuff through
a cardiac cath in adults; valves, stents, things like
that; but we’re talking pre-mature baby; tiny, tiny blood vessels. Tell us about the challenge that you had with this procedure. – [Dr. Box] Well yeah,
you mentioned that all the difficulty that we had
with this procedure, their blood vessels are very small, their hearts are about
the size of a walnut. So, it’s a big difference
between doing a catheterization even on a full term infant
or young child, or an adult compared to these premature patients. – [Older News Man] And otherwise, this would have required a- an open heart procedure, correct? – [Doctor Box] That’s right, the- kinda the old way to do it
would be to do a open surgery through the side into the back
and move the lung to the side and, these days, they put a clip on it. The surgeon will put a clip on it and then they sew everything back up and the infant recovers after that. We’re able to do this now
just with a one millimeter nick in the skin down in the groin. Put a very small catheter
through it and its – its very minimally invasive. – [News Woman] How
common is this condition? – [Doctor Box] Up to 50 to
60% of premature patients, especially the real young
ones will have a PDA. About 20% of those will
have to have it closed, one way or the other. – [Young News Man] And I
want everyone to take stock of how amazing this is
because a premature baby, they can be fighting for
their lives regardless, but the old big open heart procedure, to look at your babies, Jamie and, yeah, I know right now
you’re in a hospital setting. But they’re at home with
you now, they’re doing well, they’re thriving, and I think
that speaks volumes about how these procedures
(Crowd Awing) can truly allow these kids to thrive. And I have to give you a shout
out, Dr. Box and your team, because I want everyone to really think about how difficult this can be to accomplish and we know that you have
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budget and we just wish you nothing but the best Jamie,
– [Jamie] Thanks so much! moving forward with your beautiful twins. And, once again Dr. Box, thanks so much.

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