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Today we will be discussing about diarrhea and
vomiting which is a very basic problem and very
often encountered problem with both adults and
children. So, the first thing people do when they have
diarrhoea is or their child is having diarrhoea
is going to the medical shop buying a medicine to
stop the diarrhoea. This should never be done; most common cause of
diarrhoea is infection. So, what happens is if you give a medicine to
stop it the infection stays back in the body and
it can cause a lot of problems. It should never
be done. Secondly, when a person has diarrhoea he is
losing salt and water from the body. So most important thing is to replace the water
and salt in right proportions so that the person
doesn’t fall more sick and get serious because loss of water and salts from the body can
even lead to death sometimes. First thing is always have something called oral
rehydration solution, ORS, in your first aid kit. This oral rehydration solution contains water and
salts in the right proportion required when a
person has diarrhoea. So please keep this ors sachet in your first aid
kit always and when you buy it please check
whether it is WHO approved formulation or not. So whenever a person has diarrhoea please open
the sachet and mix the powder in water as per
instructions on the label and give this to the person having diarrhoea
approximately around 30-50 ml after each bout of
loose stool and if it is big bout of loose stool
you can give about up to 100 ml also. So if the person is having vomiting can I still
give ORS? Yes! You wait for the person to settle down, wait for
say 15 to 30 minutes and give one sip of ORS
every 5 minutes, one tea spoon. So this way the chance of the person retaining
the ORS is much higher so if a person has
diarrhoea or vomiting most important is to re-hydrate him by giving
oral re-hydration solution and what else can you
give? Coconut water also has good amount of water and
salts in it and coconut water is a good way of
giving hydration to the person. So, once you start giving sips of ORS and coconut
water and with sips of cool water in between and
you ensure that the person is well hydrated and
things are in control. You can always reach out to the doctor to check
for the cause of diarrhoea or vomiting and get
the person treated accordingly. So take home message when a person is losing
water and salts from the body in the form of
vomiting or diarrhoea first step is not to try to stop the diarrhoea it
is to give the person water and salts in the
right way. As advised by me just now that is with oral
re-hydration solution and if the vomiting is not
stopping or the diarrhoea is very severe or the person is looking very sick you have to
reach out to the doctor for further treatment. Also, many times when a child is having vomiting
parents have this tendency to keep on trying to
give food to the person or the child saying that arre my child has not eaten anything
from morning and again they will give some food
and the child will vomit. So whenever we are having vomiting first thing is
please give some rest to the stomach, allow it to
come back to form. So, first give ORS and other liquids like coconut
water let the vomiting subside let the person
become well hydrated, let the appetite return and then offer very
simple and soft foods and that too morsel by
morsel in such a way that the child doesn’t have another
bout of vomiting just because you have over
stuffed him. So very important don’t force food when a person
is having vomiting hydrate the person well let
the appetite come back then only offer simple
food and when it comes to diarrhea – Okay ! I have given ORS, I have given coconut water and
ensuring the person is well hydrated so what else
can I give? Yes you can offer soups, you can offer Kanji and
slowly once the person settles down you can offer
butter milk and then later on curd based foods,
khichdi, sago water etc What are the things I should avoid when a person
is having diarrhoea? Sugar, glucose, chocolates, biscuits, bakery
foods and also honey. Honey is also sugar and preferably even milk
because these can worsen the diarrhoea. So, prefer curd based food, soups, khanji ,
khichdi, butter milk etc, and avoid sugar,
glucose, fruit juices, milk, bakery products,
chocolates and biscuits when a person is having
diarrhoea. So in this video we discussed about how to take
care of a person who is having vomiting and
diarrhoea. Please see my other videos on first aid and basic
health care. Leave your comments in the comment
section. Thank you.


  1. Thank you so much doctor for your valuable advices to take care of our family in a right way…u r like a blessing in disguise to us.

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