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Today I will be discussing about the first aid to
be given when a person is having seizures. There are certain exceptions and those I will be
discussing at the end of the session. When a person is having a seizure especially if
he is standing please get him into a safe lying
down position. You cannot do anything to stop the seizure. Please put some soft pillows or cushions around
the person so that he or she doesn’t injure
himself or herself. Once the seizure passes off please ensure that
the airway is clear and the person is breathing
and then put the person in the recovery position
and call the ambulance. Keep monitoring the person till the ambulance
comes and meanwhile if the person. You see that he is not breathing or he does not
have a pulse. Please go ahead with the Cardio
Pulmonary Resuscitation. So here we have a person who is having a seizure.
What do we do? Wait for the seizure to pass off. Please cushion
the area to prevent injuries. Wait for the
seizure to stop. Once the seizure has stopped, check if there is
anything in the mouth and which is easily
removable please remove it. If there is something deep down please don’t poke
your finger to remove it. Then check whether the person is breathing or not. The person is breathing. Please put the person in
recovery position. Please extend the left hand and then support the
person’s head under the right hand and its almost
like a sideline sleeping position. This way we are ensuring that the person’s airway
is open and she is able to breathe comfortably. Call the ambulance. Keep monitoring. At any point
you see that the person is not breathing please
be ready to do the CPR. There are certain exceptions. Sometimes during
accidents or fall from height. People can have
seizures. In such situations we are not allowed to disturb
the position because there is a potential chance
that the spine got fractured and actually
paralysis can result. So we have to just leave the person where ever
she is and continue monitoring till help arrives. If there are more than two to three people and
you are confident that you can put the person in
a recovery position WITHOUT without injuring the
spine. In that case one person takes care of moving the
person into the recovery position while the other
two support the neck and back but that only
trained people should do. So with this I told you what to do when a person
is having a seizure. Some children under 6 years of age especially
when they have fever, there is always a potential
chance of a seizure. So parents its very important that you give the
fever medicine paracetamol to control the fever
so that the child doesn’t have a seizure and if
your child already had a seizure during an
episode of fever please do take proper guidance from the
paediatrician about what you should do next time
your child gets fever. Especially up to 6 years
of age. The first aid remains the same. Wait for the
seizure to pass off and put the child in recovery
position and there are medicines which can be
sprayed in to the nose to stop the seizure. Please if your child already had a seizure or
even if it is an adult who is known to have
seizures. Please learn about it and learn how to
administer the medicine in case seizures are
persisting. I hope I have given a good idea about the basic
first aid when a person is having a seizure. What not to do. Many times people keep a key in
the hand thinking that it will stop the seizure. There is always a potential danger that the
person will hurt himself or injure himself with
the key. Its very dangerous. Some people put a spoon in the mouth so that the
person doesn’t bite on his tongue. Nothing is going to happen if the person is
biting on the tongue but by putting the spoon in
fact you may be blocking the airway or there is a
chance of injury. Please do not do that. Some people splash water. Cold water on the
person after a seizure. That itself can precipitate another bout of
seizure and also people try to poke their finger
deep inside to get the braces or whatever idli or
any food item in the mouth. Please never do that. If anything is easily visible and easily
removable, remove it. Otherwise please leave it
at that. So the principles remain the same even if it is
an infant who is having seizures or fits. That is
just remove the tight clothing. Wait for the seizure to pass off and put the baby
in the recovery position and this is recovery
position for the baby. You can see that I am holding the baby in a
slightly inclined position downwards and
sideways. So this is the recovery position of the baby and
I am supporting the head and neck well. We tend to panic in such situations and do more
wrongs than rights. Please do not panic. Stay
calm you will do a good job. Please do share our first aid videos Spread the Message Save lives


  1. Thank you Dr. Sivaranjani. You are doing a wonderful job. May God give you strength to serve more. Regards

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