Mitochondrial diseases

mitochondrial diseases cover a wide range of conditions caused by genetic mutations in the UK alone they affect thousands mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell they use a process called oxidative phosphorylation to generate energy but a mitochondrion is a complex piece of machinery and a lot can go wrong it takes around 1,500 proteins for mitochondria to function and problems with many of these can lead to disease the cells nuclear DNA creates all but 13 of these proteins the rest are coded for by the DNA in the mitochondria themselves and mutations in either can cause problems a cell has just one nucleus and many mitochondria all the cell's mitochondria contain their own DNA if a mutation affects mitochondrial DNA some might be healthy others defective and different cells can have different numbers of defective mitochondria inside them that means that some cells may be less affected than others the diseases caused by damaged mitochondria can also be varied they can affect any organ or tissue and they can appear at different times throughout life for example lay syndrome is the most common type to develop in childhood it can affect patients in a number of ways including loss of skills epilepsy and problems with muscle function mutations in over 75 genes in both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA can lead to this syndrome so what can be done to tackle mitochondrial diseases like lay syndrome treating patients is difficult but in some cases the disease can be stopped before it's passed on mitochondria are inherited from the mother if the mutation is in the mitochondrial DNA this inheritance can be blocked one approach is to combine the nuclear DNA from an affected egg cell with healthy mitochondria from another woman the embryo would then have nuclear DNA from the original mother and father and mitochondrial DNA from the egg cell donor this has led some to call such potential infants 3 parent babies this technique is still very new but it has recently been approved in the UK it may be a controversial approach but techniques like these could finally help combat these devastating diseases you


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  3. I have lost my baby because of this disease. So do you say that if i want to have a baby again %100 he or she will have that disease for sure? Is it (3parentsbaby) the only way to have a healthy baby?

  4. DNA is a code

    And it has a [starting coding and a ending coding]

    MTDNA its [starting coding and ending is different]

    As it is [DNA its a different code all together
    as it makes up the electron transfer chain

    As the males MTDNA is in the tail of the sperm
    it than falls off upon entry as it uses up its
    energy to move iteself into the egg
    so what one is left with is only
    the Females MTDNA
    for that kind
    to use

    XX and XY


  5. My sister passed away from this when I was on 1st grade and always wondered how it happened and now I know!!
    Thank you!!

  6. Another alteration of the organism produced by the introduction into the diet of foods for which we are not enough evolved. Like gluten. The consumption of proteins for which we are not evolved is very dangerous. Some gluten peptides pass to the blood when the intestine is damaged and disrupts the normal functioning of the body. Remeber , Amino acid combinations are like 0 and 1 on computers.
    If some people follow a diet without gluten, dairy or processed foods, they heal without medicines. Better a paleo diet. This takes between 6 and 24 months.

    Gluten + mitochondrial. DO YOUR RESEARCH! . research in celiac forums.

    Diets do not make money to pharmaceutical companies and doctors are sellers of pharmaceuticals.

  7. how do you think prokaryotic cells have energy they don't have mitochondria that will need a lot of gluose aka a type of sugar because the form produce energy want more info do some research

  8. the cell can produce energy without the mitochondria they will do anaerobic respiration but that person will have a lot of cramps because of fermentation.

  9. Cells cells they're made of organelles, try to pull a fast one the cytoplasm gels, the nucleus takes over controlling everything, the party don't stop until the membrane blocks the scene

  10. although most of this video is spot on, the information about the coding origin for mitochondrial proteins is absolutely INCORRECT. You said the NUCLEUS only codes for 13 proteins that function in mitochondrial function. YOU'VE GOT IT BACKWARDS! the mitochondrial DNA codes for 13 proteins in mitochondrial function while the NUCLEUS codes for the rest. PEOPLE DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  11. 'It may be a controversial approach…' well if you keep telling people that it is 'controverisal' then they might feel that way, but there is no reason to take these silly people seriously. At some point you just gotta ignore the anti-science people who oppose everything from stem cells to vaccines to mitochondrial donations to GMO etc.

  12. Wont embryo screening a better approach than a tri-parent baby (because all maternal mitochondria are not defective)? Another approach is to take advantage of mitochondria in sperms.

  13. Please consider making a video on Hemophilia.

    A tip to infographic video makers, when you use big jargon words please write it down for those who might want to research it further.

  14. Mutations, how boring. When I saw the video title, I was thinking of phages that infect mitochondria. That sounded like an amazingly horrifying discovery!

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