Mobile Intensive Care Services: At the Ready

(upbeat music) (alarm blaring) – [Robotic Voice] Medical assist. Mary Greeley Medical Center. – Every day it’s a little bit different. You don’t know exactly what
you’re coming in to do. Don’t know what kind of
calls you’re gonna go on or how many calls you’re
gonna go on that day. Easy to come into work kinda knowing that I gotta be ready for
whatever’s gonna happen. – First we do truck checks, so every day, for every shift, we go through the entire
truck, front to back, every supply that we have in
there we wanna go through, we wanna make sure everything’s stocked, so when we do get a call
we’re not missing anything. On day shifts, you’ll clean
the ambulances as well. – Do any ordering we might need to do as far as getting supplies
here, any equipment, stuff like that. By the time we’ve kinda done that, usually first call of
the day will come in. – So we’re pretty busy at Mary Greeley. We run about 5,000 calls a year. That includes mainly 9-1-1s in Ames and in a couple surrounding cities to us. We also run non-emergent
and emergent transfers from our facility to other facilities. So sometimes that’s Des Moines, and sometimes that’s
Rochester, or Iowa city, or even Madison, Wisconsin occasionally. – So we do a ton of events for ISU. All the football games, we
have a big turnout for that, so we have a lot of paramedics there. We do basketball games, volleyball games, anything in C. Y. Stephens, really. In addition to that,
we do training as well. – Something that we see
as our responsibility as the Emergency Medical Services for Ames is we have the opportunity to train other public safety professionals
in life-saving measures. So, we’ll go work with
the police departments, the Sheriff’s Office, and train them in tunicate use, bleeding control, Care Under Fire, things like that. So, we do devote quite a lot of time to education of the other
services in our area. – Teamwork is so important
in this stressful kind of job to makes things run smoothly. Nothing we deal with is ordinary. Knowing that you have people
that are in it with you, helping you, and that when
we hand things off to the ER they have a great team that’s also trying to make everything
the best they can for the patients. – So being hospital-based
is definitely different than most EMS systems out there. We work directly with the hospital, whether it’s OB, Peds, the ER, ICU, we kinda just try and
help out wherever we can, whether that’s assisting
with IVs, combative patients, any security issues, lifting help. Mary Greeley was the first
paramedic level service in the state of Iowa. So it started off that if
you’re the first one there that you people kinda are
modeling their systems after you. So there’s definitely
some pride with that. And since then, I think we’ve continued to just try and make everything better, safer, more efficient. – Mary Greeley Paramedics are
highly trained professionals. And whether we’re
responding to 9-1-1 calls, transporting patients, conducting emergency medical training, providing medical transport
at community events, we have a strong and important presence in the communities we serve.

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