Modern life and Fraudulent Medicine

friends people say he has done this year than that don't believe that I now almost feel like echoing what what are those great people of Germany of your fawn Johanna Gertie said one day he said I know no philosophy physiology jurisprudence and even illest theology how much from end to end with labor scheme but here I stand Oh fool with all my lord no wiser than before friends man must try to be wiser better look at this a hairdresser I like him because most psychiatrist hate me they would like to see me see the end of me because I am dead against psychotic drugs because each one of them derived from either rocket fuel extract over from naphtha extract of no Joel damaged the human system it's not only the circuitry drugs other drugs also because there is a beautiful study done by an American scientist a great scientist he is actually professor of genetics in the Washington State University Douglas is called Douglas Dec Douglas Douglas did a fantastic study he created a chip called them MIT chip mitochondrial chip a computer chip which attracts the drug when it goes into the human system and it tells you where what it does and he took lot of our modern medicine we call it as modern medicine ways it's called modern medicine I don't know anyway we call it as modern medicine and the other horrible drugs mainly debate in Chinese and Indian herbal drugs and what came out in that study is something fascinating the minute we give any drug when I give any drug it may be anything from aspirin to start in it the body says this is something new I have not seen it you know my ancestors have not seen it mankind has not seen it so it must be a poison that's the wisdom of the human body so any poison which goes in the body tries to throw into the chemistry chemistry Factory in the body called the liver so it's thrown into the liver every drug mind you mark my words every drug now what the liver does it does its best to destroy it does its best to destroy it supposing the liver is not able to immediately destroy the whole lot something comes out of the liver which we teach pharmacology students as first pass effect I used to ask lot of professors of pharmacology when I go around medical colleges lecture what did you teach about the first cause effect very simple so it is the amount of drug that comes out of the river after the circulation in the liver but what is it about what is the philosophy behind it would you believe not one person ever answered that question the answer should have been or the student must have told try to prescribe as less drugs as possible as less trucks as possible because every single drug when it becomes a chemical is not recognized by the human system as its own this beauty I'll give you an example there are 43 Studies on garlic in the world literature 43 studies of garlic and the conclusion is garlic is good for cooking but not as a medicine now there was an editorial in the British Medical Journal and the editor was a good friend of mine so I told him I phoned him and said I am going to write a letter to you Richard you have done one mistake you are not seen what did they use in garlic studies what they used was a garlic pill now what is garlic pill Vasavi garlic anything that we e we want it to be either nice to the body into for taste or you know some obnoxious things you don't want so west we have lot of people who abhor the very smell of garlic so to sell drugs what do they do they remove the smelling part of garlic which is called the SH group the sulfide group the same chemical that gives good smell for your heart the same thing so they remove that I'm sorry for using unparliamentary words but you know you want to tell the truth you'd really drive the point home so this garlic pill is garlic – SH group inside a plastic capsule which goes into the gut and there it delivers it it's supposed to deliver it by and large most of the time the garlic is eaten by the our friends in the in the toilet whom you see on the television see when that what is that thing called you spray it in it they all come like that and then suddenly you get that spray and then say they all die what's the spray condi forget it Harvick X Excel you go and go back home and see there are billions and billions of germs in the in the toilet so they are very happy because they get good garlic to eat what happens to you nothing happens to you now garlic to be effective in the human system it must be eaten as garlic in nature and that too in raw form and that to put in the mouth chewed kept there for a minute or two when it burns you because garlic is a medicine called Aladeen but it is in the form of alle seen in the garlic and it mixes with the trip seen in the trestle ever to become Aladeen unless it that it's no effect now when we did that study garlic is a fantastic medicine fantastic medicine from killing germs viruses lowering or whatever you call you know you people have an idea that cholesterol is bad etcetera etcetera if you think it is bad it lower it if it is good for you it will increase it actually now we know that old elderly ladies you know old elderly in English means above 85 old elderly ladies who are still alive and healthy in the French nursing homes have on an average a cholesterol of 500 milligrams percent to 900 milligrams percent because in your body you have how many cells do you have in the body school-going hits 53 trillion good is not bad anyway 50 to 100 trillion cells that is 10 to the power 14 and those cells die in every day because they have their time today they are told that is called apoptosis apoptosis in Greek means falling of a brown leaf this word was coined by a botanist called Martin raff so as a professor about me in the University College in London in the early part of last century and Martin gave the name apoptosis that is a cell when it's told this is that's a gene called the suicidal gene gene sells the cell like for example a red cell 120 days is life and RBC at the end of the say 120 days it gets a message saying that look mister RBC your time is up so the RBC responds the cell is intact apoptosis is intact cell becomes smaller smaller smaller smaller and becomes a morphic loses its structured form and at that time it becomes a speck of dust and we have lot of scavengers and they are so efficient inside they do not require even that machine to grow they come eat it up phagocytes phago fish is appetite there were so much of appetite for cells any cell that is dying they eat it up so you are fine but now what happens you make the surrounding of the cell so bad that the cell instead of dying apoptosis dies by necrosis necrosis is cell wall breaks and when this necross is occur the cell content comes out which is very bad for the outside and the outside gets destroyed and this is one of the reasons why you get cancer etcetera etcetera so anyway that's not our core content is this that each cell when it comes in contact with this kind of a drug rejects it so the drug must be taken in its natural form that is why the poet wrote little do we see in nature that is ours little do we see in nature that is ours getting and spending we seem to have lost our powers what if what are we doing ask the Chartered Accountant how many people want to cheat I mean probably you know in a philosophic way today if you cheat the comment I would be very happy because the government is pondering that money you know you give that money and stags it's used for it directly into this Swiss banks and probably India is the biggest deficit from the Swiss bank so instead of that you can do some good others so we have lot of these what's called film and tropes the film and throats are those who really want name for giving that thing I so and so as given that kind of a thing I'll tell you a story of two great people Bill Gates whom we all know oh great man he does a lot of philanthropic he gives money etcetera etcetera put just one billion dollars for the Gates Foundation that too because he had a disease for which he didn't get a good psychiatrist like him he was taking antidepressants he suddenly had a disease this fellow likes the tandoori chicken very much and he suddenly started hating tandoori chicken Bill Gates could not eat thundery chicken and he almost hated condition so he hated food and started losing weight and all the medical establishment in America which he created because he owns three-fourths of the drug companies and almost hundred percent of the vaccine companies now all that couldn't help him one day somebody told him look why don't you do give something you know that's the essence of Indian philosophy Dana Tecton abugida each openly she says I shouldn't be saying that in front of Tripathi g3 party he has the three Vedas yes for now so what does it say Dana tech Tina Fujita rejoice in giving so he was told to give so what did he do he thought for a long time HIPAA Dena a trillion awake ache 1 1 1 billion 8 billion for Bill Gates why n 1 billion is like for me one rupee so he gave one rupee and he made a big fuss about doing charity what charity he gives you money but it comes back to his company so after some years there was a study done on Bill Gates charity which is published in The Lancet medical journal which says what horrible man he is if he is giving one rupee he gets back ten rupees for his company this man see there are people there was another rich man who could buy bill gates he didn't know that his name is Warren Buffett Buffett has he's a chairman of 43 companies but he doesn't have a single company meeting when he selects a CEO for the company he thinks for one month when once he selects the CEO the next he sees him or contacts him after one year with the letter he says dear so-and-so see that you don't lose money for a shareholders too if possible improve that for do your duty Warren that's all he has not met anyone of Ezio's and he is the richest man he was still very recently now Bill Gates has become Richard Howard he was also like that know Bill Gates so Warren Buffett one day calls Bill Gates for an appointment his secretary says no he's so busy next six months you can't see his I just want two minutes just want to see his face so no no no it's not possible he's so busy then he says can I walk talk to him she says no you can't talk to him so the old man one day goes to his office straightaway who goes to his office and walks into the office and he says somebody he didn't know who he was and he said I just want one minute of your time he said okay Bill Gates was upset but he said okay Saddam he said I do not want to even sit down I have just got a check you are supposed to be doing a lot of charity I want to give something to your charity but don't put my name Bill Gates gave one billion this fellow gave a cheque for 37 billion Bill Gates was almost about to collapse then he sat up will stood up and made him sit down talk to him for five hours then he told him don't put my name don't do anything you just do some good things to society that's the difference between a true film and throw and a man who behaves like in an Phil Landrum so that is how society runs now come back to her drugs what happens when once you take any drug in its natural form the body immediate is ha ha this is mine I know my grandfather has eaten it you know it's like rice or it's like wheat so it is immediately taken in so the MIT study or they the mitochondrial chip study showed that it is the body's intelligence and the energy that runs the system and not the drugs and all that the modern drugs could do is ad or adverse drug reactions the biggest killer of mankind today is not a gun it's not a plane falling down you would be surprised in America alone whose population is little over the population of probably that would not talk with 300 million around less than 300 million for jumbo jets full of people die every week but due to drugs if one jumbo jet falls down in this world they'll be news for two months in all the television 24-hour 7 and every week for jumbo jets fall down and these people unnecessarily die by what is called iatrogenic dr. india stillness through our biggest weapons of mass destruction about which i have written with the caption called weapons of mass destruction the british medical journal the drugs chemical drugs so friends avoid as many chemical drugs as is possible i had a colleague of mine professor a psycho psychology some of you might maybe name is kb kumar professor kumar was at one time the president of the behavioral society he is now in hyderabad this boy was so good i tell you i took him as the professor and within about two years the psychiatry department is empty no patient is going to Highgate an apartment this fellow had to sit till out one o'clock in the morning two o'clock in the morning to finish his patient load so the psychiatrist started complaining about him writing memos about him he is very bad he is grabbing our patients I said nobody can you have a patient if a patient wants to go somewhere he goes how can I say so some more other they managed to keep him till I was there the day I retired there is some horror maneuver and see through me through remote can you believe that the best doctor was thrown out anyway he got a better job and he is now the you know he is almost the king of what every service and still same humble soul and that's why I like this psychiatrist psychiatrist have become real drug dispensing machines just because they have no patience the minute he says you know I had no sleep last tonight then he said did you are you feeling fine no doctor you know I know enthusiasm right he'll start with an antidepressant and when will the 10-degree this is the part this is the problem so this is where a psychiatrist a professor of psychiatry in America she was young energetic and was like her friend she wrote a book called dementia a drug induced crime on mankind by doctors and she published this book her name is Grace Elizabeth Jackson she was thrown out of the Medical College she was in the Naval Medical Colleges the professor circuitry she was thrown out of the Navy she was thrown out of the Medical College thrown on the road but this book is getting here millions of dollars and she's she's invited all over the world to lecture and she had lecture we see such that you know one lecture she can 10:10 months salary comes in one lecture so this girl is very happy but what I'm saying is this is the how the world is 1968 I wrote and small article called unconventional wisdom in medicine when did I write in 1968 and my department sat together and said this is a nut he must be thrown out so they proposed that I be dismissed but anyway that then Dean probably was a nut himself so he didn't dismiss me so I survived by the skin of my teeth this happens this very much happens in this world so it is very difficult to fight for a truth I don't want to call the truth because Khalil Gibran said never say the truth it's a truth and become different definite wrong because truth is not something which is stationary when Nelson Rockefeller had depression in 1952 because he made so much money pulverized everybody in Texas and made money from all other oil people then he had a house huge house huge car and then he was depressed depressed so much that he was not sleeping at all rolling in bed the whole night ever no psychiatrist would help him because he come to Nagpur so nobody could help you so ultimately what happened was one day he didn't sleep a wink so he went to his lawyer the next day the lawyer told him why don't you do some charity that was in 1952 five hundred million dollars was big money and he gave it as charity as Rockefeller Foundation and Rockefeller improved and improved and improved died at the age of 89 so it is an evening that you get and that is the philosophy in life you may say oh I am NOT rockefeller I am NOT Ambani how can I you know Santa give one paisa from your one rupee you don't lose nothing okay you can't give that come to give a smile because you may need a smile in the evening when you when you're tired so give a smile whenever you meet as supply said that and you know when I walk the beauty of walking is not some people say I have money I'll have a what is that called treadmill like that there also he has got that computer inside calculating how many crores are coming and going and he's running no use at all walking must be the walking's benefit is not just the legs moving it's the beauty of the thing you are being one with nature in you're a part of nature you came from nature going back to nature you're only a part of nature and that is the beauty of walking in the morning in addition to the physical excess you get anyway that's what I are weather usually say some week Shekhar you work very hard that's the exercise if you work very very hard that exercise is enough to keep you going and you will feel very you know I will tell you an experiment you do a day when you are very tired go for a walk come back you're so rejuvenated you forgotten your tiredness however tired ooh you are go for a walk maybe in the evening maybe in the afternoon maybe anytime and there is no time as long as the weather is okay you go for a walk and lot of our ladies worry about Sun our best friend in the world the man who keeps us alive if the Sun takes s strike one weeks right we'll be all dead why we even the plants will be dead so it's the sun's electromagnetic energy that keeps you and me going and Sun is the best friend but the industry has produced a myth with television interesting that you will get skin cancer you will become black your color will go and things like that so you you have so many things sunscreen one of the important causes of skin cancer then all kinds of chemicals on the face you know you makeup you must see these people American people who look so nice on the television you see them in the house ones you will think it's some ghost of that person so bad they looked because it skin completely peel so you go to Kerala and see those women at night glowing face because they put coconut oil and they they take bath never wash the coconut oil have you seen a Kerala lady in Kerala at the back she has got a half moon in the Rose that is her hair standing there with lot of coconut oil making an impression it showed me one Kerala girl who has got a skin disease because biggest germ killer in this world is coconut oil biggest gem killer that is why in pickles you put coconut oil you don't grow fungus in that and you look at a Tamilian girl no feet you must see their feet so clean because they don't get out of the house without turmeric paste on the feet and many of them of course the olden style these days of course people are westernized they put the turmeric paste on their face they all look jaundiced if you look at them they look really wish these are all healthy things that we don't do and the truth is always suppressed for business coconut oil 1964 I wrote an article coconut oil is as good as mother's milk and the best fat because coconut oil and mother's milk are the only two things that contains sodium mono lauric acid which is the basis of human immune system I even wrote their suspecting doctors who have not studied their biochemistry properly will have a child to go and see the infant food which is only coconut oil can be used for infant food if you use any other oil the infant will die because only two things that get digested in the mouth because infant doesn't have the pancreatic juice pancreatic lipase so the fat can be digested only by the salivary lipase and only two things even today you put coconut mouth it gets that yesterday you don't have to subside you solve it it just gets digest and directly go as ketones and that is why in America today coconut oil is a treatment for Alzheimer's disease very good results coconut oil now is the treatment for heart diseases from Harvard and Harvard has now admitted that because we demonize coconut oil millions of people have died all over the world so it's very difficult very difficult I tell you I have suffered so much that in 1984 I gave a talk on coconut oil for the heart in American College of Cardiology meet with about 25,000 cardiologists meet in three cities only because such large conference halls are not there anywhere and after the talk they questioned him for a long time some other I survived then I was coming out the old cardiologist he is no more now may soul rest in peace Elliott for days his name he'd called me and said young man do you have any other work in Boston I said no sir see it's now four o'clock it will be dark by about six o'clock and the whole soil lobby so powerfully ER they may bump you off you better go this is this is our this is called truth this is a truth you must see the abusive letters I get I wrote a book called what doctors don't get to study in medical school it came off there's a big journal in India or the National Medical Journal which comes from all Indian students they think they all inane story they're all gods because they have political clout you know he starts this already instead of MBA student and dice intensely as this retired director or somebody till then they are all only lists so he wrote two-page review the author is a fool he doesn't know science he is the bloody fool and he must be hospitalized and the book is so bad the English is horrible and this and that and all kinds are a Bushiroad would you believe copies were sold in one week so I wrote him a nice letter thank you very much for getting all my book sold now this book was published in London by a company English company on their own and the British Medical Journal wrote a review which said this is not a textbook of medicine as claimed by the author but is the holy text of Medicine written by a prophet then all over the world it sold it is so difficult to tell the truth so difficult to tell the truth so be yourself and go back to your roots accept what you are because if I'm a monkey if I know I have a monkey and I accept I'm a monkey I have no stress at all but most of us if we are monkeys look at this girl but most of us we know we are monkeys but we want to show to the world we are Tigers now here is a stress because every second you have to act like it I can act like a tiger because if something slips your monkey nests may be seen by society so the biggest stress is you don't know who you are try to know who you are and then you know life becomes so easy don't keep any secrets inside open book anybody can write on that book open book and you are so compassionate so happy compassion is there is real meaning see we have changed the definition of health now we in the sense we have a group of scientists we call ourselves the world Academy authentic Healing Sciences we are 15 years old and I accept me I am a villager the 14 of them are who is who in the world of science four of them are Nobel laureates and they're very influential people and we have had a decision to say we must change the definition of Elka's absence of mental physical psychological spiritual etcetera etcetera and this is the definition of Alma alta is a business thing because I tell you what absence of disease now for that we have created a business called check up check up you're fine no you are fine but you go to a checkup you come out as a patient I'll tell you why it is very simple no you don't laugh I am serious about it very serious because today you have a TB as total body scanner which scans 500 parameters of your body ok now a little sad statistics even a child knows that what are we doing in medicine for a human body we say your normal blood pressure what is normal what is your normal rotation is not normal normal blood pressure Mahatma Gandhi's blood pressures 210 by 120 all the time and Susheela Nayar was not getting sleep Matt Berger is getting good sleep what is happening here is I have a friend of mine who's who started neem hands as the first founder director Harvey Varma RN Verma is now 89 you know 91 this man has been seeing me for the last 45 we are saying that his blood pressure is 90 by 40 I told him why are you worried Bryan box blood pressure is 60 by 40 and he is the strongest man in the world so what is the problem he said many harbours in an economy by training in a column see when the doctors always tell you something to boost the blood pressure I said oh no I can die under but today England Coon you put 92 years he says aha this man kept me alive of 45 years I said I didn't keep her like that man he will never die you can't die so your blood pressure is what is your blood pressure so what the poop textbooks blood pressure it's called the average statistical average you checked on one our friend knows all Chartered Accountants understand Acuras understand that you take thousand people check their blood pressure and no blood pressure can be checked correct to be a human being because the very physics of blood pressure is wrong I won't go into that because if you confuse you come back to this now what has happened is you check thousand plot it on a XY graph together it correct me if I am mistaken then ever a Gaussian curve called the bell-shaped curve right yes then you say mean mean plus two standard deviation now that comes to whatever now I'll give an example what is the normal height of an Indian male Gaussian curve 5.4 2 plus this side that side 5.2 plus 5.6 your normal okay right Amitabh Bachan comes for a checkup Sixpoint to our treatment is cut his legs to make him 5.6 all right both another campaigner sugar-cookie occurred a blood pressure drug a favor he could think then next day Jaya Bachchan comes for a checkup she is four point six transplant that led to her day in and day out we doctors are doing this trying to correct the statistical average which we tell the common man as normal so average becomes a normal there will be water called false positives for every parameter the false positives 5% right sir yes now calculate I am Telling You when he checked 500 parameters what is the false positive 2500 so hundred people go for a check-up 2500 patients come out easily a good business so there was his professor of medicine in America her name is Leon Eisenberg and this girl was 52 years old and she was a very brilliant professor and she was worried about what she was teaching one day she asked the brightest class boy who passed out came to his she said who is a patient she asked she was expecting a very II saw Terra cancer the boy very simply said a man or woman who sees a doctor becomes a patient she had a shock of her wife she said then when does he become a man or over again the student thought for a while and said rarely ever madam if ever . this girl resigned her job as professor of medicine at the age of 52 because she said everything is wrong about medicine and she sat the MCAT test MCAT is CT et whatever he has and what I go to great join the medical school that Medical School a student again went through four years and came out and said everything that we teach is wrong did you get it you haven't got it because it is not publicized that article is suppressed this is very interesting the first article which studied diet and heart started in 1954 ended in 1959 spent 110 million dollars of the taxpayers money in America and the study said diet has nothing true with heart disease but by 1959 the myth of fat has gone so much that we have started getting fat lowering drugs have you seen that drug you have to take eight tablespoons of that in the morning it is like sand and most patients used to vomit it and that was the beginning of the cholesterol to the statin today 25 rupees a tablet if you take it it kills you 10% of people who stay after starting their blood sugar starts going up ten personal statin use has become diabetic so 11 million people take statins in India and 1 mil 1.1 million diabetics are added every year then we proclaim on the other hand by the diabetic drug people these are India is that capital of diabetes of the world false the truth is India is the best country to have diabetes because Americans are following Indian Rao's rice diet for diabetes South Indian rice diet at least in the morning brown rice in the afternoon and brown rice in the evening and the little fruits here and there six times a day 8:30 10:30 12 33 36 39 30 small small small small fields and don't ever see wheat because wheat contains gluten gluten goes directly to the pancreas and maintains your diabetes if you're a diabetic wheat maintains your diabetes but you know because we want to have it is to be maintained this called this is mongering if everybody is not mad what would less doctor – healer to grocery shop see this is this this is called taking medicine to the marketplace what did he pockets a cure rarely , comfort mostly semicolon console always and what is consoling what is consoling psychotherapy so today you people are not MDS in PA you are the top most doctors in the world was you're doing exactly what Socrates said not Socrates our friend our Father hypocrite I said but we all hypocrites he was hypocrite us and we took an oath in his name and immediately became hypocrites today medicine is the biggest industry in the world cholesterol-lowering alone is one point seven two trillion dollar this one company which sells cholesterol drugs gets an on an average 15 to 18 billion dollars profit a can be extent which is like your spring of the ballpoint pen cost $10 to manufacture sold for $2,000 the budget is $500 doctor's hospitality and a comparing it is a small profit two thousand four hundred and ninety dollars percent and of course do you ruin get it for two thousand the hospital will have added so many things that salt then in the seasoning etcetera etcetera becomes about three four legs now what does it do at the end of the day nothing because the blocks you see are not disease at all the disease that kills you is not seen in the NGO gram it's called vulnerable plaque which can't be see these blocks are very good because every even a child as a block they did angiogram for a young children in the American army aged between 18 and 22 white died in the Vietnam War and a Korean War therefore vessel blocks three vessel blocks they were very healthy because God has given enough that's called remodeling the heart it's preconditioning these people with the blood get a heart attack they won't die but if one gets a heart attack without a block he will drop down dead so but we frightened that we tell them to do these hunters views you're sitting on a volcano it might burst any minute so the fellow says can he go home and come back he has properties why I don't know on your way back home also you made ie so you better do it now do you know why if the buckler goes out it talks to somebody he may not come back now charger accountant will tell you a cost of a cardiac catheter lab and sub Jerry will be about 30 to 40 crores today they don't put their money they put some black money as this thing and then borrow it from the bank there are obliging bankers who give money now having got the money now calculate the interest calculate the other thing so we require minimum for bockris a day to run the show that is why mark Paine wrote I quote for a man with a hammer in the hand and wanting to use it everything here looks like a nail kneading hammering absolutely true that is why we have become a menace to society it has to change it can't change otherwise it has to change from within and that change can come only if we can bring here per generation future generation which is not as greedy as we are is a human greed that kills another human being and if you don't have greed and if you don't have as somebody rightly said I think Suppan said you have to ego your you go here to sell it is that's why the first thing I sold was before I sold anything else my ego in the market so people say oh we must come to take you I said why do you come to take me do I get any special thing and they say we will get the car I said look you bring a car from 100 miles to pick me up then you take me to your place then you have to drop me back that means four trips set it so that is our own car car is yours but where is the oil from you are to pay for it now now what do I get if you come or if you don't come I will take a taxi from here my taxi company Farrow is there I will come to your place pace taxi fare and that will come back so it saves at least two trips they don't understand people don't like it's a chief guest we have to bring him and not hazard why driver brings me better than you you know I know him because I have been using that car for donkey's years and he is very safe I can even sleep in that car you don't bring a big car with a driver who is not known icons every minute have to be a great people don't understand that because people want to be big you know I people call me an old naughty girl Poonam was calling me ABAP I said I am NOT a VIP I am a VVIP very very insignificant person but if you look at yourself look at yourself you are a colony of 100 trillion human beings they are called human cells and they are all you and each cell has been living on its own it has got its mind its can eat it can sleep it can excrete it can do everything but for economic reasons after this chartered accountants came they said no why everybody do everything will come together so about 100 trillion of them joined together and made a colony called the human body and you think your human body solid you nothing solid about you you are like the television screen you know I am talking here it's like Amit imagine talking on the television or hema malini dancing you put the television on Hema Malini starts dancing you put it off Hema Malini is dead but you go to the dining room and put it on him a volley is born there that's what exactly happens the human cell this was found out by a cell biologist called Bruce Lipton Bruce Lipton there's a beautiful book you must read called biology of Billie this is a fascinating book this man was an atheist he never believed in God and he was a professor of anatomy in the Wisconsin medical school and he was cell biologist and he was studying not the dead cells like most Anatomy study which he calls as a tombstone of a cell is studying a lie you say and he was studying this live cell and then he saw the cell is live moves about thus everything it excretes it thinks it can you just put a drop of poison at one end of the petri dish the cell runs away from the poison you put a drop of some good food there the cell runs into the food and eats it then he saw on the day you are made you are the one cell you call zygote your weight is 0.12 zeroes one gram but that one cell when suddenly gets a connection there's what's called the integral membrane protein with an antenna like your television antenna it gets a connection from universal consciousness and the cell becomes life and it just starts doing everything this man was looking at it my god he said I thought science run this world but look at it something beyond science runs this world and he became a believer and he wrote this book and now goes around preaching like our friend Sapna who left her ophthalmology and went around preaching Bruce now goes around preaching like a preacher people to have belief in God because it's God who runs the world that's what's called the biology of belief somebody was talking about emotions the two people our Chartered Accountant knows a catalyst emotions have been proved to be chemicals there is this girl called Candis pert a brilliant PhD student who came to the palace America's NIH is called the palace where all Kings it like you know here ICMR is a palace and like that from there all beeping the sir I call them sir carry scientists and there are carry intellectuals here who give opinion on everything under the Sun from Sun to the moon everything they give so the circle scientist the head of us what's called Sala Snyder my ger is a big name Lasker Award winner and a big name so this girl started a postdoc with Snyder who had some money for finding out opiate receptors which are known to be only in the brain because he thought the brain mind is only in the brain at that time so he told her find out if the opiate receptors elsewhere this girl took to it like fish taking to water she worked very hard day and night day and night day and night but by the time the money was spent there was nothing left and still she has not gone to the receptor so Sol called don't I don't want to waste my money on you this is over you go and do Lu do something I don't want you as apposed talk but this girl said I am going to find it one day something inside her saying I am going to find it one day so she told him I don't want money sir but I continue in this lab he said for a change okay continue in the lab six months later she found out an opiate receptor in the muscle opiate receptor in the blood vessel and she was so excited and she had worked so hard she deserved a holiday she's locked her laboratory and went away for a long holiday then something sensed this fellow something is amiss so he called the laboratory technician sensor what was this girl doing at night they said sir she was working on the same thing and she has found something is it then lock was removed at night and he got the ledger and got all her data and before she came back from the holiday he published the data in a paper and he was so influential that he went to switch me and said this is the thing I have found and they said okay you will get the Nobel Prize so Nobel Prize was declared in his name but not given because the date had not come when this girl candidates came back she was so fuming because he said this fellow who destroyed my scarier now wants to steal my data very bold girl so she went directly to Geneva and Zurich and then talked to all the members and said this is my work this my original data this fellows photo started it this not his journal and of course Saul did not get his Nobel Prize candidates lost her job Candice lost her standing in community thrown out the can days wrote a book molecules of emotion beautiful book molecules of emotion please get that book and read it can days but ca and DAC PRT surname and read that book and there is a beautiful sentence I will tell you time will come when you get a headache you don't look for a pillow instead sit in one place and elevate your consciousness to the level where your own brain produces enough opioids to kill you painful stop what a beautiful thing and that is the future of medicine my dear friends but we have to take it out d-link it from money unless you d link medicine from money this medicine will kill mankind I don't know how many if you read this beautiful article if you are not read in the Google free it's called death by medicine there are five authors the first author's name is Gary Null GA ry n ull please read that you will get a shock of your life that we are the leaders of death in the world followed by cancer low down and heart attack much lower down the top of the list in a country where these think there are so much Chuck's and balances if it could happen you horrify you take the audit in India my god you will be shocked that is why we went to the IOM convince them that the future of health definition should not have absence of disease because there is nobody who has no disease if I now scan all of you with the TB s all of us will have not one cancer 10 to 15 cancers but they don't become cancers they all day when really when you have a good domain and when you want to help someone cancer cannot grow in you but when you eat a lot like a pig and hate everyone cancers grow like a tree and that's what happens and it's in the mind everything is in the mind and where is the mind never mind and the mind is everywhere it's in my hand and who is the mind for every nine cells of germs in my body I have one cell of mine in your body for every single cell of yours you have nine germ cells in your own genome we are saying via human genome we know everything we do a genetic engineering will do stem cell we don't even know one by one a millionth of a genome because genome contains 23,000 human genes and two and a half trillion germs genes Jeremy knows metal bellows why genomes all of them put together the meta-genome is all germs and I am written article you read that is simple article called germs are us twice Orazio seen you know so I wrote germs are us we are germs so when I say T or father have diabetes yes sir then you become a diabetic with fear itself if the sugar will go up your father's diabetes is nothing to do with you because your father at you that relationship is one in a million zeros one but you may have a diabetic if the germs is a diabetic so your germs child and these jumps are of friends we have come one full circle from pasture Louis Pasteur said germs kill oh and then they say germ theory is born and that's why mankind is alive it was a great day for medicine and antibiotics were on today it is a very sad day for medicine because there are 500 antibiotic molecules they cannot even touch some other germs which have grown in the hospital called superbugs and then do you know how we kill it when morality they I used to drink his own urine we used to laugh at it did you laugh you also must roll off because most of us are are a nice you know RNA resident non-indians most of us live here think with American mind now America do you know what they are doing because patients are dying like flies in the intensive care unit in nosocomial infections one professor chiu in Johns Hopkins Hospital she went into veterinary science in the veterinary science for hundreds of years infections were treated not by the present vets who use antibiotics in the olden days with cows the infection was used by cow done this girl did a bold thing the patient was dying of a simple Clostridium difficile infection and otherwise the patient was very healthy so she gave the of her a patient's own mother 250 sheet emulsified put it in a tube and put it in the mouth by evening the patient became all right now for severe infection the treatment is in American German fecal transplant fecal transplant Mirage IVA I was drinking urine dates fecal transplant now America says human urine has so much Ocala craniums and so much of immune boosters that it could be treatment and cow's urine is now paid rented for treatment as an immune booster one day I was with the central minister this fellow was used to be my patient so he one day told me frozen egg day shall I tell you a secret I said go ahead you can tell it to the world I don't care he said I said okay he was admitted with what is called ulcerative colitis you must have heard of and which means we do not know anything about it it's called idiopathic disease we are very happy about this this is idiopathic means I have an idiot but that idiopathic is in Latin and I am an idiot in simple English I am an idiot I don't know and he was having 20 loose motions of blood every day and lost about 20 kilograms and he was admitted in intensive care unit in the the All India Institute one day Marazzi they say his Prime Minister came to see he told him you bloody fool on the first day itself I told you to drink your urine you forgot now anyway you are dying drink your urine and he says the next morning he drank because he wanted to survive one day drinking 20 became 18 two day drinking cut short 10 days drinking he went home and he is alive now because somebody has now removed a part of his brain intentional to make him a vegetable but he is still alive he severed 76 77 78 I have another Chief Minister friend of mine one day he told me Pacific Day do you know your friend so-and-so is he was our party chief and I had an eczema my father was a doctor I am an engineer but this eczema will not go as looking so ugly I couldn't face the world one day your friend that Minister told me a drink your urine I tell you I faithfully do that even today I have no disease at all and so fine both these Minister Singh will give you money you do a research but I have done my research already because I have a lot of volunteers don't worry and we have shown how important it is I had a patient recently had a heart attack and he came to me you survived some or other not because of me they all survived because of themselves now this man had ulcerative colitis so his gastroenterologist gave him sulphur virus in and next here stevens-johnson syndrome he was almost dying kidney failure whole body was bloated with skin and heart failure camp came and he became really bad so his wife was crying doctor heart attack you say very much with this is simple diarrhoea he is dying so I told that look if he is dying definitely ask him to drink his urine he became alright in a week's time the whole thing stopped so we have little do we see nature that is ours because the world is too much with us money is too much with us this is what our friend Wordsworth William Wordsworth wrote after the Industrial Revolution the world is too much with us late and soon getting and spending really seem to lost our powers little do we see nature that is ours we have sold our soul a sordid boon friends don't sell your soul to the devil who is a soul now we know where the soul is here is this quantum physics with trophies his name is Robert Lanza and Lanza has found that the soul leaving the body how many of you read the beautiful book called HW well written a book called holes in the wall if you are not read read it HW Wells the fascinating book for holes in the world or a book called bridge on son Louie ray bridge on San Louie rates the 1927 Penguin Classics written by a man called Thornton Wilder at American writer and in which he says how there are two worlds the world of the living in the world of the dead connected by a bridge of human love now multiverse is a theory of lanza multi universes and our sanatana-dharma especially the operations talk about multiple universes and so beautifully and what the operational sock is quantum physics aussi no bridgetta theorem Shia no jati sarvatah is what an electron is nobody has described the electron as well as operations that is why I tell people see ultimately Indian philosophy is a great test philosophy Indian philosophy doesn't mean Hindu philosophy there is nothing called a Hindu religion it's sanatana-dharma ageless religion and all people can he a Muslim can have salata there – Christian care of Salah where sanatana-dharma does not belong to any God because Vedas don't proclaim God at all if you see ohm or bhuva swaha Surya anima so he has a Shakti oh boo boo ha ha Agni enema oh boo boo vena what is YY is the lightning why do I do that raja baath a Yama ultimately I'm doing it because I can't see that Shakti called God so I am propitiating what he has created what is wrong in it that's the beauty of it and that is what is important at the end of the day so my dear friends spirituality is nothing very easily we are all spirits not spirits but spirit spirits is what is available in the shop spirit comes from the words Pyrus in Latin which is breath so our ancestors cave dwellers knew one thing an animal with a kill for eating did not breathe a live animal breathe so the hypothesized just as we do an hypothesis breath is a God who enters you and leaves you when you die which of course is not true but then that is how the word spirituality was developed from that spirituality is nothing through the religion absolutely nothing through the region spiritual it is simply is dealing with the spirit that's a human being and how do you deal with the human being because why do you deal with another human being because he is a part of you today the greatest quantum since Max Planck says consciousness is fundamental everything else is derived from that so you are done drew the consciousness I am derived from the consciousness from the same consciousness supposing I want to heart heart our charter accountant it hurts a part of my body so I want to destroy him my body get destroyed by my own cells that's called autoimmune disease me you concept leave that me business I business make it be business and the day you leave the ie and you become a V you are fine Ashish event to a guru is it sir I have come here I want peace I want peace he was fighting the Guru said say that again I want peace he said okay say that without that I want peace want peace now without the Quai want peace see there is peace what is preventing peace want and then I so let us leave ie and want and live in this world as we thank you very much

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