More Services Enhance TeleHealth Care in Tonopah

When I first moved to Tonopah I didn’t
think that there was a lot of medical treatment available here but there’s
actually a lot! I love the telehealth. It’s very awesome,
very efficient. They can check your heart, check your breathing – everything – all
while you’re in there! It allows them to have the opportunity to have visits with
primary care, and a number of specialties where they don’t have to travel a
great distance. We added urgent care and occupational
care as well, and then also expanded the hours to Monday through Friday. Urgent
care allows patients to come in if they don’t need to follow-up with primary
care on a regular basis. Maybe they’re running a fever and have a flu, or
they’ve got a cold that they can’t get rid of. The expanded hours will help
because a lot of people are on 4/10 shifts at work, and it’ll help them be
able to use the facility more. There was opportunities to integrate our
services with Renown Medical Group. We want to make sure that when there is a
medical need, patients know what to do. So first, they call the nurse health line,
and nurses 24/7 can identify what their medical need is, and help them determine
what is the best course of action. Self-care at home. Come into the Renown
health clinic. We can also respond a community paramedic, and if needed we can
have them call 911. Or if air medicals – if it’s an emergency or a trauma
situation, then we can respond to air medical asset. Dr. Zigler is my prime
health provider through teleconferencing. She had the most awesome bedside manner,
and through Heather, her assistant here, they diagnosed me with a heart murmur. I
would probably be dead in a truck alongside the road somewhere! Thanks to
them and the people at Renown up in Reno, I now know that my heart is as good as new! It’s actually better! Well I think we
couldn’t have found a better provider interested in not only bringing services
back, and helping the district, and doing that, but finding the perfect fit for a
rural community like ours.

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