Morehouse School of Medicine: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship

Hi and welcome to the Morehouse School of
Medicine where we are leading in the creation and advancement of health equity. I’m Dr. Sarah Vinson, and I will be the
new program director for the new child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship. We are really excited about the fellowship
here. As mental health clinicians, we think there is no better
place to start when it comes to advancing health equity then the mental health of children and families. This fellowship is new, but the partnerships
and the faculty are not. We are really excited about having our general
psychiatry program. It is really great that they have set the
tone for excellence in terms of psychiatric training here at Morehouse School of Medicine
already. We also know that medicine is leading toward
integrated care and that the psychiatrist’s role in primary care is shifting. And so a big emphasis of our program is integrated
care, and we’re going to have strong alliances with our pediatric department here at Morehouse
School of Medicine as well. We have made this fellowship possible through
collaborations with a number of long-standing, well-respected community agencies like Devereux
and Chris 180. We also have some of what might be considered
untraditional alliances too; places like The Satcher Health Leadership Institute. Even with Emory’s Law school, because we
know that so much of what affects children’s mental well-being and that drives them into our systems
and helps them get better, has to do with things that may or may not be couched in mental
health traditionally speaking. And so, our goal is really to develop and equip and inspire physician advocates to give you an education that is informed at every level and that every
step by cultural and structural humility. The program is going to give our fellows plenty
of work to do, but you can’t work all the time, and so I think it is worth mentioning
just a little bit about Atlanta and what a nice city it is to live in. Lots of stuff to do, the world’s busiest
airport (which can cut both ways) but can get you anywhere you want to go…major sports
teams, festivals and cultural activities going all the time, and a cost-of-living that
is still pretty reasonable for a big city. So, it’s a cool place to live and to work. And I have to mention that this is the first
child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at a historically black college and university
medical school. I went to Florida A&M University for undergrad,
also an HBCU, and we take particular pride in being part of this benchmark when it comes
to advancing our institutions. That said, we welcome people from a variety
of different backgrounds and experiences. We just want people who align with this mission
of treating the underserved and doing it in excellence.

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