Morning Routine: How I Stay Healthy!

[Applause] you good morning everyone the first thing that I do right when I wake up is drink lots and lots of water this will hydrate your body quickly waking you up and kick-starting your metabolism church is golden gram once I finished drinking and chugging my water then I head downstairs to make myself a cup of tea and I really like to make tiny tea by your tea because this tea helps to cleanse your digestive system and I have a sensitive digestive system and it also helps to reduce bloating it keeps my skin clear and it gives me tons of energy so you can obviously see why I like to start my day with this tea so once I finish making my tea then I head back upstairs into my room and I pretty much every single morning start editing one of my daily vlogs that I have up every day on my second channel which is BRE love's vlogs I love sharing my life with you guys and I love taking the time in the morning to just sit and edit and sip on my tea it's my favorite way to start my morning and it's definitely a daily ritual so once I finish editing and uploading my daily vlog then I will normally make my bed and this just makes you feel super productive very early in the morning and then yes I head back downstairs and I make myself a cup of coffee and I don't drink coffee every single day but I do love a good cup of coffee in the morning and I love adding this coconut creamer I love the flavor of it I love anything coconut and then I normally will add cinnamon and stevia into it it makes it taste so incredibly delicious and then I head back upstairs and I read my Bible and I will journal and I will just read or I'll read a book that relates to a book in the Bible I love spending time in the word in the morning it's the perfect way and my favorite way to start off the day I love love love having this me time just with me and God in the morning there's something so peaceful about it especially early in the morning there's seriously no better way to start off my day all right now it's time to get dressed and get ready to go work out so my workouts totally change every single day I don't work out every single morning sometimes I work out in the afternoon or at night but for the sake of this morning routine I definitely do work out a lot at least five to six days a week and I absolutely love starting the morning off with a run or a circuit class at the gym or something like that so I put on whatever I'm working out and I put on my deodorant and then I if I have time in the morning to do my hair which sometimes and most often the time I just throw my hair up in a bun but I actually really like this hair style of an inverted braid which it's basically a French braid but just like inside-out so you put the pieces of hair underneath instead of over the top and then you just finish off with a regular braid and you pull your hair up into a ponytail and this keeps your hair totally out of your face when you're working out it just takes a little tiny bit longer in the morning not too long honestly especially if you do it every single day you'll get real quick at it and then I wash my face with this really weird facial wash that my dermatologist gave me I don't even know it's called but I wash with that once I finished washing my face I go ahead and rinse everything off obviously and then I'll pat dry my face and then I will put on a sunscreen because it's really important to protect your skin especially if you're going to be out in the Sun for like thirty minutes on a run or something like that so I use this solar 30 it's an SPF 30 sunscreen if you couldn't tell and I love this sunscreen it's the best face sunscreen I've ever used my dermatologist recommended it to me and you can find it at like a drugstore and then I brush my teeth grab my quest bar which is an everyday thing and I go to the gym or I go for a run I love working out it's the honestly it's one of my favorite things in the whole entire world to do I absolutely love going for runs and just like jamming out to music and taking care of your body is something that is so not just beneficial to how you look but to how you feel in your overall health and it's about well-being you know it doesn't matter what you look like out there if you've never been for a run before or if you don't exercise it's just about taking care of your body not so that you can look perfect because nobody is perfect but so that you can care for yourself and the body that you were given and I absolutely love running because it's solitude time and it's time to be with yourself and to take care of yourself and I love it once I get back from the gym I obviously head into the shower and I don't wash my hair every single morning I definitely wash my body after working out but if I am gonna wash my hair then I do use the Paul Mitchell all Akua shampoo this stuff is amazing it's so good at keeping your hair clean and then this is the biological make your hair so soft so this morning I did not wash my hair so I just kind of blow dry it out whenever I get back from the gym just to give it a little bit more body and then normally I'll just curl it with a one-inch curling iron this one is from nume I have no particular way of curling my hair I just go ahead and go for it and then that's pretty much what I do with my hair if I do it that day and then I'll go back upstairs into my room start with a fresh clean face after the shower and I'll put on my Tarte Amazonian clay powder foundation this is the best foundation ever because it doesn't clog your pores and it lets your skin breathe it looks absolutely beautiful and never looks cakey and then I add my NARS Laguna bronzer which makes your skin look super glowy and I just contour my cheekbones a little bit with that and then I apply my NARS Oasis blush on the top this is such a gorgeous natural-looking blush then I apply a benefit Watts up highlighter this gives you this beautiful amazing healthy looking glow and then I apply my NARS Pro prime primer for your eyeshadow and I put a little bit of that on just so I don't have any creasing or anything like that and then with my Too Faced natural eye palette I apply these light shimmery colors pretty much all over my lid and then Velvet Revolver and then this other matte Brown right into the crease and then I go ahead and just smudge a little bit of the darkest color right onto the upper lash line just to define my eyes a little bit and then I'll normally just curl my eyelashes and apply my covergirl LashBlast waterproof mascara this is my favorite mascara that I've ever used I always come back to it and I use my Tarte eyelash curler I'm all about the Browse so I use my Avanti eyebrow pencil and I just lightly fill in my brows because I have pretty thick brows to begin with and then after that I go ahead and take my Bobbi Brown and my Inglot sleeks cream and that's what I use on my lips the Bobbi Brown lip liner is in the color beige and then I use my light pink and got lip gloss right on the top and it's just really natural looking and it's very pretty and it lasts for a pretty long time and I just like my makeup honestly like pretty natural-looking nothing too crazy or anything like that and I don't even wear makeup every single day but that's what I do when I do my makeup we got to get dressed so today I'm keeping it pretty simple which is what I do most days anyway but I'm just wearing this pretty casual outfit my shoes are by Sam Edelman and I love these shoes I wear these shoes way too much but you know when you have like a favorite pair of shoes and you just there's no such thing as wearing them too much really my jacket is from brandy melville and my shirt is from a local boutique and then this little tiny necklace is from my friend Faith her store on Etsy is called christina and co and she makes amazingly beautiful jewelry my longer necklace is from a local boutique as well and then i'm just wearing my favorite pair of dark wash skinny jeans and that's my super casual outfit so that day i went shopping for a wedding dress not a wedding okay a dress to wear to a wedding and i was hanging out with my little sister so that is my getting ready routine thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed give it a thumbs up if you did and I will see you guys in my next video my water singsong eautiful cool okay good morning get her she's a baboon


  1. Hi Cambria so I have been watching your videos and they really inspiring and now I am watching your videos every day and I really want to loose weight for 2019

  2. I am muslim… but i can so much relate to ur words in this video such as "reading bible in the morning, me and God in the morning, this is the best way to start your day, does'nt matter how u look but its about taking care of the body you were given". These things bring so much positivity in life. I like u already!

  3. "I went shopping for a wedding dress, okay a dress to wear for a wedding" EVEN THO YOU DID SHOP FOR A WEDDING DRESS TWO YEARS LATER!!!! 💕💕💕

  4. if your a girl and you want to have children, stop putting your computer on your vagina! it will cause you to become less fertile because of radiation. p.s. sorry for randomly saying that, I just wish someone told me sooner

  5. OMG so nice, in this video you say : 'Shopping for a wedding dress, well not mine, a dress to wear to a wedding.' And now you're actually getting merrie 🙂 so much can change in only 3 years…

  6. OMG I love it when you do morning routines and put god into your videos

    P.S You r SO PRETTY<3 🙂

  7. U know everyone think its weird for someone to show their faith like u did.Most people do not do that,they are shame…i really love you…God bless you,Never shame of Jesus!!!

  8. its so awesome when i come across youtubers that are christians and are open about it!! its just so uplifting and inspiring.

  9. WHERE did you get your mint workout pants??? I've been looking for some like that forever because it's my favorite color. <3

  10. I really liked this. I love the teacup. I sometimes add a bit of a cinnamon stick to my tea or coffee. I can't use stevia because of my asthma( stevia and ragweed are first cousins!) 😆😤

  11. I love the fact that you were so open about reading the Bible and being close with God. I think that is so special to see because you don't really see that from people on youtube. Also, your leggings are my favorite color they are sooooo cute.

  12. Who else remembers the song at 4:32 from ' A walk to remember ' 😭😭❤️❤️

  13. i love how yo are so positive you are an inspiration to me. i look up to you
    THANKS for being you not someone else

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