Most IMPORTANT Video on Addiction | MUST WATCH! | Bruce Lipton & Tommy Rosen

welcome welcome to this moment and this this time together is precious time together we have dr. Bruce Lipton with us and when I reached out to him and asked if he would do this he said yes what have you been up to what shall we talk about and so programming story tellings stories in here where do they come from how do we work them out these kinds of ideas but well we'll just allow Bruce to go where he goes we are very very very grateful for his time and very grateful for his work which has helped so many people be free from my denser state of consciousness and the darkness and to understand that we are in fact in the driver's seat and we have things that we can do that affect the way that our own genetics play out and the way that our life will unfold so we seem to be participating in our own reality um so let's without further ado all you guys in the chat bar show Bruce some love right now well Tommy I am so honored to be here with you because I so appreciate what you're doing for our planet and for all those people out there because this is a time of our evolution this is an upheaval that's going on in the world right now it's kind of scary for most people because they see things falling apart and it's not really working it's like oh my god this thing's falling apart I'm going this is actually the good side for a very simple reason civilization the way it's been operating is responsible for what's called the sixth mass extinction of life on this planet five times in the history this planet life was thriving and then some event occurred world between 70 to 90 some percent of all life disappears we are now approaching 70% of life disappearing this planet since 1970 his fact they took a survey of how many animals were on the planet in 1970 and today 62 percent of those that population is gone so we're down to 38 percent they say the fish will be out of the ocean 2048 that's like a science fiction thing to no fish in the ocean 2048 recently Germany was carrying out a survey of insects in their national parks and for 27 years and the latest count of insects compared to when they started 27 years ago is down 75% and we're looking at this what's happening on the planet and it turns out the mass extinction is being precipitated by human behavior so right away it says we cannot continue the way we're living on this planet because we're causing the problem and crisis precipitates evolution meaning you hit the wall you got to do something different at this point we cannot continue what we're doing and it's a beautiful opportunity because really what we're raising is a higher evolution and the cool part is it's not a physical change in this evolution this is a consciousness change so we're changing consciousness for a very simple reason as we'll talk about we've all been programmed and the significance is that 70% of more of the programs that we've been downloaded with are limiting self-sabotaging disempowering programs and the relevance about that is our understanding about how life works is so confused with with the programming that we we don't understand who we really are and to give you an understanding about this is I was teaching conventional biology about genes controlling life and that that's the concept called genetic determinism that the genes you receive are actually a blueprint of a life that's unfolding so there are all these suspected genes like a gene for alcoholism a gene for cancer and a gene for this a gene for that to accommodate our experiences we had to put a gene in to make it make it work so I was teaching that in a medical school but at the same time I was cloning stem cells and stem cells or embryonic cells and your if you're listening to this program you have stem cells for a very simple reason a human body is made out of 50 trillion cells and every day we lose hundreds of billions natural attrition cells are just dying all the time we're still alive because thank God we have something called stem cells which are leftover embryonic cells that replace those cells on a daily basis so if you're here then by definition you must have stem cells otherwise continuous loss of cells every day without replacing them you would die so we have stem cells and I was cloning a stem cell and cloning a cell means you put one cell in a petri dish by itself and in the case of the stem cells they divide every 10 to 12 hours so first I put one cell in then there's two and then there's four and then there's eight 16 and after a week I have 30,000 cells in the petri dish the relevance about the these are all genetically identical cells because they came from one parent now the relevance here is if I change the culture medium now a little sidebar this is really critical this culture medium to grow cells in a plastic petri dish is a laboratory version of blood that's what the cells live in inside the body and we make a synthetic version called culture medium so the composition of blood is synthetically recreated as culture medium since I'm creating culture medium I can change the composition so I create three different versions of culture medium and I take my genetically identical cells after a week 30,000 of them and I put 10,000 into each of three dishes so I have three dishes of cells genetically identical cells in all the dishes but I put slightly different version of culture medium changing the composition a little tiny bit and and dish a culture medium a the cells form muscle in dish B culture medium B different variation the cells form foam and in a third dish with yet a slight change in the culture medium environment see the cells form fat cells well this is completely blowing my mind because I'm telling everybody in the medical school classroom genes control life and then in the laboratory it turns out hey all these cells were genetically identical the fate of the cell was determined by the environment in which the cells lived and that was completely different because we have been programming the belief genes turn on and genes turn off and genes control thing as like was this totally false totally 100% false a gene cannot turn on and off a gene is a blueprint it is no different functionally than a blueprint in an architect's office I say why Sorella I say you going go into the architect's obviously is your blueprint on or off and they look at you like wait crazy it's a blueprint so I'm like oh that's the point it's whether you read the blueprint or you don't read the blueprint that's the new biology the reading of the blueprint is not based on the blueprint it's really based on what's going on in the environment and what our perception is of that environment you say well how do I connect the two so basically you know let's just go back if I can try this and I would love it to work so let's see where's my here it is let me put this on this is so give you some pictures right here so we can talk about what was going on let's go this way I start with putting one cell on the petri dish it divides every ten to twelve hours to four eight sixteen thirty-two and after a while thirty thousand cells in the petri dish right but I change the environment and add cells in a three dishes an environment and they form muscle environment B they form bone and firemen see they form fat cells I go okay what's the conclusion it's like oh my god it's the environment and the perception of the environment that is controlling the genetics and the biology and you go well why is that relevant the program that we've all been led to believe is that jeans turn on and off by themselves and we don't control them so what's the meaning of that the meaning is what have you learned from that belief system and answer is this jeans control your life and you don't control your life you're just the unfolding of gene programs and you got those gene programs through your family so you become a victim of your heredity and all of a sudden we start to say oh my god my behavior my biology is being controlled by factors outside of my control and when we believe that we give up personal power and we say I'm just a victim of the genes it's like okay is this truly true and the answer is no why because it's the environment that was controlling this activity and I say well this is the new science called epigenetics you need to know this for this is the revolution in our civilization because when we were dealing with genetics and I say the word genetic control which is what you learned it simply means controlled by genes my life is under genetic control my genes control me and I don't control my life epigenetic control sounds the same but epi a little prefix epi is the revolution because epi means above so when I stood a epigenetic control I am saying control above the genes and I said well what controls above the gene I go a the environment and B or perception of the environment that becomes the critical part okay so what does this lead to at least to the understand in our cells in a petri dish the fate of the cell is not determined by the genetics it's determined by the composition of the culture medium and I go oh wow everybody goes that's neat that's a story of cells in a plastic petri dish and all that and I go no here's a story that basically every one of us is a plastic attempt I see a skin covered petri dish I'm point under your skin 50 trillion cells yeah and there's a culture me in that culture medium is the blood and I say uh when you change the composition of the culture medium you change the fate of the cells so I said or but now it gets really critical says oh so what is in charge of the chemistry of my blood my goal that's the exciting part because it turns out it's our nutrition is involved which is really important to eat natural whole organic food because if we start to toxify our culture medium blood with industrial farm products there's so many toxins in there and chemicals that are not supporting us so it's really to go back to natural and secondarily cellular signals I said what do you mean where do they come from I go up what happens is we live in an environment there's an environment outside of our skin and underneath our skin and then what I say is what the brain is nervous system is perception a simple point when the brain pool receives a signal it sends a signal to the body via the nervous system and the vascular system and that signal is the epigenetic control the signal above the genes that controls the behavior and gene activity so blood is the natural culture medium the skin covered petri dish is your body the composition of the culture medium is demonstrated in the lab is what controls the fate of the cells and I say yeah but the composition of the culture medium is controlled by the secretions of the brain the brain is the chemist and then I go so what's the next level I said well look at a simple reflex you go outside when it's warm out and the skin feels the warm it sends a signal to the brain the brain releases hormones that cause us to cool off we perspire change the blood flow and cool down and I said yeah but if you work outside the environment is cold like a different signal goes to the brain the brain releases chemistry that causes the body to heat up so I said well then the behavior wasn't controlled by my thinking or anything was controlled by what the environment was doing and environment picked up by the nervous system and the nervous system sending chemistry into the culture medium called blood and as the experiment demonstrated the composition of the coach Kerr medium determines the behavior and the genetics of our biology okay now I left something out and this is where humans differ and that is what we're talking about the environment controlling behavior in genetics in humans we deal with something a little different and that is this we have a mind like ah the mind is interpretation and I go wiser relevant because as I go out and experience environment I'm getting direct information from the environment but I'm also interpreting the environment is it a healthy environment is a supporting environment is it a scary environment why my interpretation of that environment is what's going to go back into the brain the mind is going to cause the brain to release chemistry the chemistry represents not the real environment it represents my interpretation of the environment and all of a sudden says I could live in a happiest healthiest safest environment ever but if I wake up with the fear that something is going on then rather than enjoying the wonderful chemistry of a wonderful environment I'm gonna release stress hormones into my body and I'll be in the perfect environment I'll be totally stressed out why my mind interpretation I go ah so the mind is the primary controller of the composition of the culture medium which controls my behavior and my genetics and I say oh so if you change your mind you change the chemistry and when you change the chemistry you change the genetics and the behavior of the system I don't oh my god you've got to understand what this means what this means is this we have been programmed with the old belief of genetic control that we are victims victims of our heredity whatever genes we God they control us and we don't control the genes so if you got cardiovascular disease and your family anticipate you're gonna get that you got cancer running if oh I'm gonna get the genes for cancer I'm gonna get the cancer and we believe that the genes are controlling all this the experiments reveal completely different it says know the environment and our perception of the environment is controlling our genetics I go why zero then I go we're not victims why we can change our environment and we can change our perceptions of the environment and those are the elements that control our biology and all of a sudden you say well then I'm not a victim I'm a master because I'm the one that can change my mind I can change my thoughts I can change my environment I go yes those are the things that control your biology that controls whether you're gonna be healthy or have cancer not the gene people yes I may go ahead yeah III don't want to interrupt you cuz you're on fire but I just want to say anybody in this room and anybody who has overcome addiction has been through the exact process that you're describing they changed their mind they change their perception and they change their environment there's nobody that has gotten sober or moved from the darkness of addiction onto a path of recovery without changing their environment their perception of the environment in their mind right and that is the process of recovery so I just wanted to interject absolutely that's what it's all about and so just to give a the why is this important and when perception and an interpretation are involved then it's not the real environment that's controlling me now it becomes my belief about the environment that controls me and that becomes very critical because my beliefs are variable based on my life experiences and if I change my belief I changed my life as a matter of fact when people have a cancer and then they experience what it's called the spontaneous remission and the cancer disappears inevitably the thing that drove the remission was a change in belief they just all of a sudden said I'm not living this old life that so stressful cost all my problems I'm gonna change the way I live and when they change the way they live the cancer can go away just as fast so this becomes a critical understanding so in my little cartoon here I talk about a cell biologist but the simple truth we're all self biologists all of us are creating our biology and I say how does the work I say the brain is the chemist it's making that flask we call blood which is culture medium and we feed that culture medium to our skin covered dish with 50 trillion cells in it and I say well why is it relevant I show you how simple it is how simple it is you have a picture of love in your mind and the interpretation of love leads to these chemicals being released dopamine for pleasure oxytocin causes bonding to the one you love vasopressin increases your attractiveness and growth hormone as it says a facilitate your growth if I added these chemicals through my plastic petri dish the cells grow beautifully that is why having a perception of love causes a chemistry in the culture medium we call blood that enhances our vitality that's why when people are in love they glow they're so vital you go oh look that you can see they're in love see how healthy they are I go that's not an accident this is a direct result of a translation of perception and into chemistry just to give the opposite I say if you open your eyes you see something that scares you the chemicals of love don't come out a brain that's living in fear we need two completely different chemicals these things such as stress hormones and inflammatory agents I go I take those elements in fear and add them to my plastic petri dish my cells stop growing and they start dying fear kills that some the chemistry of fear kills that's why staying in fears of one of our biggest problems so a bassist says how you see the world changes the chemistry and the chemistry controls the behavior so the function of the mind and this is really critical for all of us understand the of the mine is to create coherence between our beliefs in our reality if I believe I'm a victim then my behavior and my chemistry of my biology will create the experience of victim disempower me I will become the victim and all of a sudden says oh my god then what you are believing is turning chemistry and the chemistry is creating a complement to Rabbani to the vision so the chemistry is a complement to the picture in your mind and the chemistry then controls the genetics and the behavior to complement the picture in your mind if you feel you are a victim if you feel there's no way out if that's the way you feel then the chemistry that will come from that brain will assure your behavior will prove you to be right you'll be right there is no way out there is no saving why I believe that and this is why we have to change this Thunder of understanding but if you understand this this is why the 2,500 year old statement is an absolute scientific reality the Buddha says what we think we become I go that's not a coincidence or an accident thinking is translated into chemistry if you're thinking positive then you get positive chemistry you thinking negative you get negative chemistry and all of a sudden I say we keep looking at our body where the problem is I don't know man I've started and started right up here in your head it started up in your perception okay now the issue that we have and this is the one that Tommy works with you so much with and it's called the mind and I want to emphasize because what we say the mind there's some perception that there's a a mind a single mind I go that is where the problem comes from there are two minds that are interdependent two minds that work together but have different functions and learn in different ways and that's where all the problems come from so I said well what are the two minds well the latest evolution of the mind is right behind our forehead right here and this is called the prefrontal cortex this is the seat of what we call conscious mind this is the latest evolution of the brain and it's just it's about ten percent right behind your forehead that means the remaining 90 percent of the brain is called the subconscious mind that was there before the conscious mind even involved but here's the issue and this is if you don't understand this then life is just gonna be screwy and here's the issue the function of the conscious mind if first of all it represents who you are is a unique individual your personal identity your source your spiritual connection you have that no one else has that your conscious mind is unique to you it has your identity stamped all over it okay the unique aspect of this mind which makes us so powerful is that it's creative so if I say to you what do you want from your life ah now you're creating a future and I sell us the words the answer coming from of what you want oh I want to be healthy I want to be happy I want to be sober I want to have power I want to have love I want to be whatever these things I go oh good creative thinking where's it come from conscious mind why it's it's actually expressing imagination conscious mind can imagine something and then manifest it and so your imagination is turned into chemistry as well okay so the creative conscious mind has your wishes desires and aspirations so in this community of all of us here what wishes and desires do we have sober living healthy having a great love life great whatever successful career aha I don't care it's a wish and it's a desire and it comes from the conscious mind and if the conscious mind is running to show what's the function of the brain to take that belief and manifest it as reality so when we're having pause of thinking if the conscious mind is in control we manifest the expression of our positive thoughts now now we have to look at the opposite side of the picture here because this is where the difference comes from in contrast the subconscious mind is a record playback mechanism it is basic character as habituation habit this is what I recorded and this is how I when I push the button I'm gonna play the same damn program over and over and over and over again it's habitual now a lot of people say oh the subconscious minds where all the evil is they go no subconscious mind is a cold machine it's the equivalent of a CD recorder and for some of us older people a tape recorder I go why is irrelevant the recorder it's not bad or good it's just a recorder the program's ah those could be bad or good and I say well because we always talk about the evil part and I go think about the positive side you learned how to walk before you were too and for most people I don't care what age you are 70 80 you still using the same program you got when you were 2 congratulations that's a great program I don't have to think about how to walk I don't have to think how to drive the car because I learned how to do that why it becomes a habit so habits are cool if they support you and of course in contrast if the habit undermines you that's where the problems come from so I said where do you get the habits from instincts and experiences you're born with instincts if the ball comes toward your face you will instinctively close your eye to protect yourself so there built-in safety mechanisms but they're experiencing learning how to walk that's an experience you downloaded it once you've learned how to walk you didn't have to think about it again so that's really cool so all the good programs that we downloaded from our experiences are really great because it means it frees us up from having to think about how to do these things they're automatic this point okay here comes the problem this is the one Tommy's whole life and his career in helping you is based on it is this acquired behaviors and beliefs from other people that's the predominant source of the programs in the subconscious mind they came from other people we didn't even experience them so for example if you grew up in a family where there's bigotry I go what's wrong open about that I go you're a kid in that family you're an infant you've never even seen one of these people that your parents are talking about your parents are talking about those people they're the worst bla bla bla bla you don't even know who they are but guess what you now have a program if you ever see one of those people it will be the stimulus to kick in the program and you become a bigot yourself and you never even knew one of these people so you became a bigger without even experiencing them oh my god ah if you understand that then you start to recognize how many of our behaviors were programmed in to us that we never experience but control our lives anyway and that's where the issues that we have to deal with for the most important reason and I say we all have been programmed there's not one human that hasn't been programmed you said well why should I be programmed so analogy you go to the Apple store you buy a brand new iPod you take it out of the thing and the boxing's brand-new and on the front it's called the touch screen the touch screen is creative make a playlist adjust the EQ change the volume rewind fast-forward you control that live so that's the creative part and relevance about that is that's how you your your creativity comes from on that iPod so I say okay I take the iPod touch the screen push play and nothing happens now you know being an old guy am a little angered about the fact I just spent all this money at the Apple store and the damn thing isn't working and some little seven-year-old kid come stuffin Yanks on me and goes hey mister you can't play anything unless you downloaded the program's first ah so the idea is the hard drive is a memory and once you have a memory you can use the creativity to work with that memory the touchscreen is equivalent of the conscious mind and the memory is the subconscious mind and the reason why this is important is if a child could speak the moment it was born it's coming out of the birth canal and we're all gathered around as the birth of this child is just happening and this baby's head comes out of the birth canal and we look at the baby and the baby is looking around and we say tell us something and the baby goes I don't know anything I just got here and I say ah in order to be conscious you first have to have some programs you've got no programs you've got nothing to be conscious of so before the conscious mind actually begins to engage the first part of our life is downloading programs so when consciousness kicks in we have programs to play so I go oh well let's look at this in regard to our development and I go when you put wires on a person's head it's called EEG and we could read brain activity and when you read the brain activity of an adult there's a whole range of different vibrations high and low vibrations I go when a child is born it ramps up from a low vibration to a higher vibration as it matures so for the first year or so of a child's life it is primarily in Delta and go Delta I go unconscious or sleeping yeah because a new baby spends most of its time sleeping so it's brain activity is the lowest one called Delta but by age two before ice two and up into age seven the brain of a child ramps up to a higher vibration called theta theta is imagination that's how a child riding a broom does not see it as a broom to that child's mind at that very instant that's a horse has every characteristic of a horse the mother says give me the broom the child's like I don't even know what you're talking about I'm a horse imagination theta by eight seven the next higher level of vibration kicks in and that's called alpha Nats calm consciousness and then by age twelve we ramp up one more time and that becomes beta that's higher consciousness engaged active consciousness this is why education of a child is different before age 12 versus education after age 12 before age 12 it's simple consciousness after age 12 complex active consciousness so you're not going to give a ten-year-old a calculus problem it's a little bit beyond them but after they're 12 they're getting ready okay and you look at my chart ago everything it's really cool except the most important thing which I didn't emphasize until right now is when did consciousness kick in the answer is age seven so I said well then we were not conscious in the sense of conscious processing brain function until age seven I said yeah I said well then what was happening before age seven I go predominantly theta I know what's Theta theta is hypnosis theta is programming a child is in theta for two actually the predominant activity it actually begins before birth but continues up through age seven primarily I say why is it relevant because this is inculturation this is how do I learn just stop for just a moment cuz I can't go in for all the details but how many details are necessary think about it to be a functional member of a family in a community oh my god thousands I mean just for example how a father talks through his own kid is not the same how the father talks to the neighbor's kid it's not the same out of the father talks to the mother which is different than the father talks to the neighbor which is different than the father talks to the policeman and all the same you say oh my god there's so many rules I go how is the child to learn these the answer is because we're in theta hypnosis theta is hypnosis all the child has to do is observe the world around them it's a record camera it's like a video camera the mine everything they record everything they see is not in the conscious mind that doesn't kick in until age seven before age seven everything you've experienced is recorded in the subconscious mind these are where the basic programs of how to become that member of a family in that community come from I say yeah but where the program actually come from observing other people your mother your father your family and your community I go why is it relevant an answer becomes very clear the fundamental programs that are downloaded into our system that consciousness will use once it appears those programs didn't even come from us they came from other people and consciousness not working means that nobody filtered the SPRO grasses is this a good program a program well there's nobody there to filter consciousness isn't working it's straight download so the fundamental behaviors of our lives are programmed in that first seven-year period where we are hypnotically downloading behavior of other people and then when you become conscious you use the programs that you have and therefore that's how you became a bigot you download a big tree you don't even know what the hell big it was but after age seven when you start to get a comprehension and consciousness you're gonna go back to that program you're going to be a bigger Tommy so can I just want to bring this to the topic of yes everyone in the room who whose is become someone who struggled with some form of addiction so it is to say that in the first seven years of our life obviously we didn't learn how to smoke pot necessarily we didn't know how to drink necessarily but we did me maybe maybe maybe but but more core to that as we learned how to avoid pain or avoid us yes in a certain kind of way would you agree with that 100% and I can tell you where did it start remember the culture medium is selecting the genes and the behavior I say the culture medium is the blood I go cool I go ah but you were a fetus and you were inside a womb and you were nourished I go but what were you nourished with mother's blood I got all so the mother's culture medium crossed into the womb and that became the culture medium for the cells called the fetus okay and I go why is it relevant and the answer is this because in the early days we say what was the contribution of a mother to the child's development in the early days she eats well she takes vitamins and supplements she exercises I go that's all that was required of the mother and say why was that all required to the mother because he at those days genes were thought to control life so genes controlling life all the mother had to do was just provide nutrition bottom line no problem genes would unfold and do the rest but that belief is false because we now know epigenetics environment and the culture medium is selecting the genes and the behavior I go oh well the mother is providing more than nutrition because in her blood or emotional chemicals the neuro chemistry of hormones and regulatory things and how her life is being expressed through the chemistry of her body and causing her to have a behavior which is remember it's the secretions of the brain that are creating the behavioral characteristics because they're in the culture medium and the culture medium as I showed in the petri dish is what controls behavior in genetics so the relevance about all this is a child is being programmed in utero especially the last trimester and I go what's the programming so to make a simple understanding let's talk about a song a song has lyrics and music point in the development of our emotions we make the music first the music is the mother's chemistry of her emotions coming through the womb if it's a one time thing that doesn't make a big deal but if there's a pattern then the repetitious pattern of your mother's behavior is actually expressed as a repetitious pattern of hormones and neural chemistry which are learned by the foetus point you learn addiction but not necessarily what the lyrics are you've got the music of an addiction this is the chemistry that your mother used to deal with her life she put up something to block the memory you know you go somewhere else and all that I go why is it relevant the addiction is the music the child when his forint creates the lyrics the lyrics matched the music but I could use lyrics with alcohol you could use lyrics with heroin I don't care that that's the lyrics the program the music was already in there so an addiction which type of addiction that's not specified as much as the need for an addiction the need for an addiction is life is stressful and I release these chemicals which dissipate the stress because whatever these chemicals are they break that that communication so I don't have to deal with it and so the music of addiction is the emotional chemistry it starts even before you're born because you're getting it from whatever mother's behavior is but then recognize this the mother's behavior is intimately tied into the father's behavior because if he screws up it changes the mother's chemistry and all the sudden you see wow the dynamic nature of the parents are creating a chemical flow and that chemical flow culture medium is shaping the genetics and the behavior so we're born with a you know proclivity to addiction but not necessarily the story not necessarily the the lyrics what lyrics are you going to use to accommodate that what what drug you'll use to accommodate that that that's you create the lyrics after you're born but you surely are moving to the music the music that will get you into writing those lyrics before you're born so that's where that comes in so the issue that most of us have is on the second thing called self identity this is where we and this is where the biggest problems of addiction come from who are we well how do you know who you are in the first seven years the only way you know who you are is because other people tell you who you are I'll give you a scenario that nobody really experiences but what the hell was a good idea your your parents say to you all the time you're the smartest most lovable the most wonderful child that ever happened you could become anything you can do anything you are powerful beyond belief you are so and so and so is so like oh that's great why because that's a download of a program that if you use that program it's going to give you very positive life but we now have 70 per– 70% of that dong downloaded program is actually disempowering program okay and so we're getting disempowering music and we get disempowering identity Who am I here's the crux of the problem Tommy so that people know where they came from on this at some level and that is why don't we have we love ourselves an interesting point I work in belief change programs and then the interesting aspect of a belief change program is simply this is when we ask the belief of every audience to test a belief the first belief test I say let's test this I love myself 80 90 percent of every audience will not test positive – I love myself and you know why is that relevant I say your program is you do not love yourself then you become self-critical I'm critical I I don't love myself I'm too much this or and too big fat whatever this I'm not smart enough I'm not capable enough I said where'd you get that and I get in here's where it comes from parents act like coaches of a sports team if you're an older kid on a sports team and the coach comes up and says come on you can do better than that who do you think you are you're not that good you shouldn't even be on this team you don't deserve to be here that child as an older age says oh yeah the coach says I'm slacking off I'm not doing that good I'm gonna work harder that's why the coach did that to needle me I say say the same thing to a kid under 7 you're not that good you're not that smart who do you think you are you don't deserve this which parents say because they're acting like coaches I go why is it relevant I go ah under 7 I don't understand what the parents are saying I'm just recording hypnosis I do not deserve I'm not smart enough I'm not capable I'm just recording whatever they're saying they're trying to get me to perform in a better level but they don't understand my consciousness just records so I say what's our subconscious data I say most of it is not good enough not deserving not loveable enough I go yeah the mass majority that's why 80 to 90% of people not just positive I love myself because the critical downloads that occurred in the first seven years have made us feel less than loved disempowered weak whatever these things are and I go wow so these are the programs in the subconscious mind and then I go yeah but the conscious Minds creative that's the one that says I am smart I am capable I am healthy I can do any darn thing I like I go that's great here's the problem it is recognized now that we're only using the conscious mind at most 5% of the time most people 1% of the time I go what do you mean how come my conscious creative mind with wishes and desires and the things that I really is working so infrequently an answer is this the subconscious mind is the equivalent of autopilot I know relevance I say here's the here's the where the whole thing falls apart Oh we'll make a little point right here LS my dear friend Tommy I say hey Tommy what are you doing on Saturday 1 o'clock now Tommy is it on your desk where's it behind you look on the floor see if the answers there No Oh where's the answer Tommy inside ah that is the crux of the problem when you are thinking the conscious mind is directed inside to seek the answers or whatever we're thinking about what am i doing tomorrow what happened to me last week what do I want what do I don't want I'm thinking 95 to 99% of the day we're in thought the result is as according to cognitive neuroscientists we are conscious of only about 5% and that's um the higher level most people are about 1% of the using the conscious mind because when we're thinking we go on an autopilot in other words you're walking down the street you have a thought your conscious mind goes inside doesn't mean you stop walking you're still walking yeah but now it's under the control of subconscious autopilot driving the car you get involved with a conversation with somebody you look out the window and you realize god I haven't looked at I haven't paid attention to the roads the last five minutes you know of course your passenger loves to hear that hey guess right I haven't watched the road for five bit they don't want to hear that but the reality is what you've been driving five minutes and I say tell me what you talked about Oh conscious mind remembers conscious mind was heaven oh we talked about this this and this and I go tell me what was on the road and all of a sudden is like I didn't see it I didn't notice it your subconscious was driving the car subconscious is a million times more powerful the computer than conscious in fact when you're in danger the car sliding out of control the system shots-off the conscious mind it's too slow if you're in a car spinning out of control going oh oh yes like no the moment it goes out of control you immediately engage the steering wheel the brakes whatever your you're engaged I go that's because the subconscious is super fast and very powerful so in a moment of especially something scary you're out of your conscious minds – it's too slow – to deal with it so now I go so why is it relevant 5% of our life is coming from wishes and desires at most 95% is coming from programs we've all been programmed and the fact is very simple and it says this you're operating wishes desires and aspirations the thing we seek the thing we want I want to be healthy I want to be happy I want all they say I great I go 5% 5% 95% is coming from subconscious so are you experiencing wishes and desires and answers know most people are self suffering under struggle I said where'd the struggle come from the subconscious acquired behavior and belief we were downloaded with life stuffs life's a bitch life's not easy now it's not good and all these things I go that subconscious belief what does that disempower me so we're really not running from what we want you want to be sober I say great five force and conscious mind 95% is not coming from I want to be sober it's coming from the program that actually caused you to have the addiction so 95 percent of the day unconsciously you're gonna sabotage yourself it's everybody not just you everybody it just depends on how bad the sabotage is some of us got some real crap programs and when we play them without thinking that's when it all falls apart so that's the program to mine and that works 95% of time so the movie the matrix is not science fiction it's a documentary there's not one person who not been programmed on this planet and I go why is it relevant an answer is because most of the programs are disempowering and there's a range some just trip over things that other people fall flat on their face based on the nature of the program so the issue is this yes in your lucid moments when your conscious mind is working ago I don't want this life I want to be healthy I don't want that addiction I I want to have this life and I go this is really great and I go the only problem is it's only 5% of the time and as a result unconsciously you're playing these programs so let me close this little bit here with this story which I've been saying 20 years and lecture same story because it's that profound and here's the story I'm sure some place sometime during your development you had a friend and you were very close to your friend so you knew your friends behavior very very well and you happen to know your friends parent and one day you see your friend has the exact same behavior as their parent of course this amuses you so you want to tell your friend right away so you go hey Bill you're just like your dad and then you back away from bill because bill will never believe obelisc how that how can you compare me to my dad and now everybody laughs because they're familiar with it I go why is this the profound story why and the answer is this everybody else can see that Bill behaves like his dad who's the one that doesn't see it bill you go why can't he see and I go why is he playing his dad's program because his conscious mind was busy oh so when your conscious mind is busy whatever's coming out of subconscious you can't see it it's blind it controls you it's working 95% of the day and all of a sudden it says oh my god then if I need to take my power back then the first thing I have to do is recognize I am NOT living from my conscious wishes and desires and creativity I am living from programs most of them disempowering and all of a sudden my life is not a reflection of what I want wishes and desires conscious mind and just closed because there's Street last couple of slides and simply this the idea that you have been programmed is not new give me a child for the first seven years and I'll give you the man it's been around for four hundred years what are they saying exactly what we know in science seven years is programming whatever program you get in that seven years ninety five percent of your life is going to be playing that so whatever I put in in the first seven you will become it's not new and there's one way out and that's take the red pill get out of the program and I say most of us at one point for some period of time not too long for most but for some period of time we took the red pill and our life was completely changed instantly and I said what was that and now we know what it is what it is is this when you fall in love that's an example it's not the only one we experienced what's called the honeymoon effect I say your life could suck every day every day and then you meet this person and 24 hours later is like oh my god life is so beautiful I love my life life is so great I go what happened in 24 hours that life sucked in now it's heaven on earth and the answer science has found out very simply is this that that state of exuberant health which is where all the good hormones come out from the idea of love that abundant life energy that people that are love mandate they go for days having great love you know and I have a honeymoon experience the heaven on earth experience where did it come from and here's the answer a wandering mind is an unhappy mine this is a science article what does the title mean simple when your conscious mind is wandering you're playing the subconscious by definition 70% or more of those programs are disempowering yourself sabotaging so what is mind is wandering conscious mind is wandering you are left with programs of disempowerment how many percent of them or so okay what they found out is what created the honeymoon and the answer was they found that most people when they fall in love keep their conscious mind present instead of thinking they stay what is called mindful they keep their mind in the present moment why well if you've been looking for this person your whole life and they showed up this is not the time to be thinking this is time to be present so we become mindful without knowing it I go why is it relevant because it's the first time in your life that your programs are coming from your creative conscious mind and not coming from the subconscious and the moment you stop playing the subconscious programs you created heaven on earth


  1. Another interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton.
    Nature vs nurture affecting down to the cellular level. Mind blown. Somewhere in the scriptures it is said (paraphrasing in layman terms) that Love and Fear cannot coexist. God = science.
    “The statement, "As a man thinketh, so is he," could equally well be rendered "As a man thinketh, so does he." If one thinks it long enough he is likely to do it.” 
    ― Spencer W. Kimball, The Miracle of Forgiveness
    If you think about it, no one becomes what he's not thinking about and now I guess its affects go down to the cellular level.
    “Sow a thought, reap an act; Sow an act, reap a habit; Sow a habit, reap a character; Sow a character, reap an eternal destiny.” 
    ― Spencer W. Kimball, The Miracle of Forgiveness

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