Most Organized Home in America (Part 2) by Professional Organizer & Expert Alejandra Costello

Hi everyone, I’m Alejandra Costello, creative
organizing expert from and in this video I’m going to give you a tour of
my super organized home and show you all the organizing systems that I have in place that
when followed on a daily basis, you’re more efficient, more productive, things are less
stressful and life is just more enjoyable. Let’s go. Welcome to my house. I’m so excited you’re
here. In just a few moments I’m going to show you some of the major organizing systems I
have in place inside my house that keeps us really efficient and productive on a daily
basis. Let’s start in the kitchen. Okay, before we get started if you were just beginning
to declutter and organize your home, there’s link below to help you get started for free. The kitchen is one of those communal areas
that everyone in the family uses and it’s important to have organizing systems in place
so things are easy to find but also easy to put back. Let’s start in the junk drawer.
Okay, so here is our junk drawer. It has everything that we need and use around this area inside
the house. I used aqua organizers to make this drawer a little bit more fun because
when you’re organizing system is more fun it can inspire you to maintain and keep up
with the organization. Now that I’ve showed you the junk drawer let
me show you what’s in this cabinet right here. This cabinet right here has everything that
we use as a family. Everything that’s like communal. Okay, on the cabinet door right
here we mounted sheet metal because the front of our refrigerator is not magnetic and this
is really easy to do. Cut sheet metal, mount it with double sided mounting tape and now
we have all of our important reminders, cards, checklists, right here, nice and accessible,
easy to find. Right here I have a really nice check list. It’s called, In Case of Emergency
and it has all of our important phone numbers for neighbors, utilities, doctors and so forth
and so whenever we need a phone number, we come here, find exactly what we need, it’s
fast, easy and it keeps us productive. On this shelf right here we have all of our
medications, vitamins, first aid kit and I use a lazy Susan for all of the round bottles
because you organize round things on a round organizer to maximize space. Right here we
have a little recycling bin. This is for all of our expired medications. Every time we
see something that’s expired or we notice it, we pop it into this little recycling bin
and then when it gets filled we responsibly dispose of our medications. Over here we have these two tackle boxes that
has all of the first aid stuff and medications that aren’t inside bottles. I use a tackle
box because it’s nice and easy to access. Whenever you need some kind of band aid or
something you just come here. You find exactly what you need. It’s nice and fast and you
just grab it immediately. There’s no looking for things. There’s no messing around. It’s
nice and easy. On this shelf right here I have my battery
organizer and all the batteries are sorted by category, like by size, making it really
easy to find the right battery when you need it. No frustration. I use a tackle box again
and I just labeled all the sections with a bright yellow label tape from my label maker
so everything stands out. You come here, grab exactly what you’re looking for, and put it
back. When you have a dead battery, on this shelf I have this little recycling bin. It’s
so cute. It says batteries and you just pop in your dead battery and then when this thing
gets filled you just recycle your batteries properly. Up here I have all of my essential oils inside
this wooden box that’s away from sunlight because you should keep essential oils away
from sunlight and my husband and I made this together. All we did was we took a wooden
box that was two dollars and then we took a gardening knee pad from the dollar store.
We punched holes and now all of our essential oils won’t touch each other, they won’t fall
over and they’re nice and organized in this nice box that cost less than five dollars.
The top two shelves are empty because we don’t have anything to store up there. It’s okay
to have empty space. Now that I’ve showed you this cabinet let
me show you one of my favorite drawers in the kitchen. The tea drawer. This is my tea drawer and I love this drawer because I open it and it’s this rainbow assortment of tea bags and you just feel really calm. It’s fun to look at and it’s easy to find exactly what kind of tea you want to drink. Now that I showed you the tea drawer, let me show you the spice cabinet right next to the stove where you want to have your spices nice and
accessible, easy to access. All of the spices are organized on a lazy Susan because again,
you organize round items on a round organizer to maximize space. You just come you here,
spin this, find exactly what you need, put it back. It’s really easy and when your cabinets
are organized and everything in the kitchen has a home cooking in the evening is a lot
easier, faster and a lot more enjoyable. Okay, so now that I showed how to organize
this cabinet, let me share with you how I’ve organized a deep kitchen drawer. All right,
in this drawer right here I have all of my food storage containers and this is a large
deep drawer. What you want to do when you have a space like this is break it up into
smaller sections using drawer dividers so things aren’t floating all around. I organized
all the bottoms together and all the lids together and everything is stacked on top
of each other so when I need something I come in here, grab exactly what ever size container
I need, close the drawer and it’s very easy and frustration free. Now let me show you one of my entertaining
drawers. This drawer right here is all about entertaining and entertaining is fun and so
I used hot pink fun organizers to make the drawer feel more fun. Now that I shared with
you this drawer let me share with you what I’ve done in the pantry. Okay, this is the pantry and I’ve set up a
bunch of organizing systems to make everything nice and easy so when you come in here you
find exactly what you’re looking for. There’s no frustration and you stay focused. Right
here we have a tiered shelf that we use for all of our canned goods. You walk in here.
You see all the labels, grab what you need and go. The cool think about this tiered shelf
is my husband made it. He took wood, stained it, assembled it and we’re not using plastic.
It feels homemade and the theme of this pantry is I wanted it to feel really homey and I
didn’t want bright colors and stuff and it just matches the theme of the pantry. Up here,
we use glass canisters to organize all the dry goods and things come out a package and
into a jar. My grandma hand wrote all the labels to give it a nice, special homey touch.
Now I just love grabbing them. They’re so nice and accessible. They’re air tight so
things will last long. What you can do when you have dry goods in
a container is cut out any information you need like cooking instructions or nutritional,
whatever it is, and pop it on the back here. This is a business pocket adhesive sticker.
Popped it onto the jar and then cut out the important information, stick it inside and
now you’ll never lose it. On this side over here I used two lazy Susan’s for all of the
round condiments and any other round bottle in the pantry. This was actually my mom’s
lazy Susan from the ’70s, which again makes it feel homey, it feels warm and it’s still
accessible and easy to grab. Down here I have these free standing drawers
for all of the things that come into a package. You just take them and you toss them inside
here. Right here there are snacks, there’s sweets and there’s chips. Whenever you want
a snack you just open this drawer and you just fish around and grab exactly what you’re
looking for. When you have boxes like this, you take the snacks out and you just toss
them inside the bin just like that and you reuse or recycle your box. This drawer right
here has all the sweets. Same thing, if something comes into a package, you take it out of the
package, toss it into the bin just like that. Down here is the chips drawer and when you
have chips they’re bulky. They need a lot of space so I use the biggest drawer possible
to organize all the big bulky things. When you’re setting up your organizing systems
in the pantry figure out what you buy often and then set up your systems around the things
that often come into the space. On the drawers on the sides there’s just a bunch of refills
for all the glass jars that I showed you above. On this wall right here we had a lot of dead
space so what I did was I found this organizer. It’s actually for organizing file folders
and I put all of our produce. There’s onions. Produce that doesn’t go in the fridge. There’s
onions, there’s potatoes and this is an overflow, which I doubt will ever get used. We just
lined the bottom with burlap so none of the shedding of the onions or potatoes will drop
to the floor and make a mess. Right here I just have a bag organizer for all of our plastic
bags that we reuse around the house. If you ever can’t find the pantry inside the house
we have a label that says pantry. Now that I’ve shared with you how to organize the pantry
let me show you my office where I spend a lot of my time. This is my office where I spend a lot of my
time running my business and teaching people how to get organized and so it’s important
to have the right organizing systems in place so I stay productive, I stay efficient and
I stay focused on whatever I’m working on. Let me show you the desk area first. I spend
a lot of time right here working and what I wanted to do was have minimal things on
my desk distracting me so I stay focused. All I have here is some pens, markers and
stuff and then right here I have all of my bills to pay, things that are like one task
and done. Anything that’s more than one task like five
tasks or ten tasks and becomes a project, up here I have all of my projects so anything
that is more than one task gets a folder, becomes a project and all I do here is I put
all the papers inside here and I label the outside with the name of the project so I
know exactly what is what. When I look up here there is no confusion, out of site, out
of mind. I just look here and I know exactly what everything is. Once a project is done
I’ll take out all the papers. I will recycle them if I don’t need them. Shred them if they
have sensitive information or archive them if I need to save them. Up here I have cards and thank you notes from
members around our community just expressing their gratitude and whenever I’m having a
bad day or experiencing some kind of challenge I come here and I read the cards and it just
reminds me to keep going, keep sharing and just keep taking steps forward even if they’re
baby steps. Down here in these drawers I have everything
I need to be productive at my desk. This top drawer has all of my office supplies that
I need to stay productive at my desk. Instead of using plastic organizers I found these
cardboard gift boxes from the dollar store and they fit perfectly and they’re hot pink
inside which makes them a little bit more fun and you know what, this drawer it so fun
it inspires me to keep it that way. This next drawer is my shipping drawer, which
has everything I need to mail something, to pay a bill and I use drawer dividers to break
up the space and create little compartments for each type of item. This bottom drawer
is more like receipts, technology stuff and the cool thing about this drawer is I used
tension rods as drawer dividers. It’s less expensive, it’s easier to find tension rods
than drawer organizers and it works perfectly. This next system is one my favorite organizing
systems in the office. It’s my shred bin, my trash bin and my recycling bin. Any time
I check the mail, which is every day, I come here, I take the mail and I sort it accordingly
so piles don’t stack up. If there’s shred I toss it in the shred bin. If there’s recycling
I put it in the recycling bin and if there’s any trash, I toss it in the trash bin. I do
a little bit each day. Does not take longer than like two to three minutes and by the
end to the week there’s no piles of mail. This right here is my organizing workshop.
I have all of my organizing supplies that I need to set up a system and also office
supplies, craft supplies, and anything I might need in the office to stay productive. On
this side of the closet all I did was I saved seven ice cream containers that we’ve been
collecting for awhile and then I sorted all of my markers and pens and pencils by category.
It’s really easy to get this look. All you have to do is eat seven pints of ice cream,
save the containers, and then organize all of your writing instruments by category. Pop
them in here and they’re easy to find and they’re nice and accessible. Down her I have more containers so these are
little tins that have hooks inside. Instead of using a label from your label maker or
hand writing a label you can just glue something on the outside and it tells you what is inside.
On this side of the shelf I have these four recycling bins for properly recycling pens,
pencils, markers, ink cartridges, label cartridges just like this that when you’re done you can
recycle it, gift cards. When these containers fill up we responsibly let go of them as opposed
to putting the in the trash can. It’s all about responsibly decluttering your home.
If you’re going to take the time to bring things in, you should take the time to let
go of things. This is part of my new program on simplicity. There’s a link below to check
it out. On this shelf right here I have all of my
paints and I made my own lazy Susan using two baking pans and a pack of marbles from
the dollar store and this is what it looks like. There’s two baking pan, a pack of marbles,
then when you assemble it, which takes two seconds, you spin it and you have a homemade
lazy Susan for three dollars. Right here I have a file box that has all of my greeting
cards organized by occasion. Next time I have an event I just come here and I find the exact
card I’m looking for. You don’t have to rush out to the store. Come here. Looking for a
congratulations card. Grab a card. Pull it out. Then put it back. Right here I have a letter hook that we put
into the wall and now all of our gift bags hang by size and every time I need a gift
bag I just come here and I quickly look for the right one, grab it and I’m done. Right
here I have all of my gift wrap and wrapping paper that’s out of the way. It’s off of the
floor so it’s not going to get damaged and all I did here was I took a pipe cleaner,
I wrapped it around the open wrapping paper and now the ends aren’t going to get unraveled,
ripped or torn and you’ll be able to give a gift that’s in nice shape. Right here I have all of my sticky notes and
everything is organized by color so you can find whatever color you want, nice and easy.
Over here I have all of my books, my binders and printer and scanner up here. Everything
is very accessible, easy to grab and easy to use. Down here I have all of my binders
for my work and my business and stuff and every single thing inside each of these binders
is super organized, making it even easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. This is our home binder and inside this binder
there’s a nice cover sheet, which all the binders have, and then inside here there’s
dividers and all of the dividers are labeled by what categories, keeping you focused on
what you’re looking for, no distractions. There’s no searching for lost documents. Every
single thing is accounted for. One other thing I wanted to show you is this little cord organizer
that just pops in the back of the furniture and it prevents your wires and cords from
falling behind and getting lost. This is my filing cabinet which has all of
my tax documents and then all of my files. This is my tax drawer and everything is organized
by personal tax documents and business tax documents. Everything is labeled by year and
if it’s personal or business and everything is organized into these nice folders so small
papers like receipts don’t fall out and permanently get lost. It has my tax return and any kind
of supporting documentation and everything is labeled by year and if it’s personal or
business. If you have all your documents super organized it makes accessing things super
easy, simple and frustration free. Okay, now that I showed you some of the major
organizing systems I have set up inside my office to keep me productive on a daily basis
let’s go upstairs and I’m going to show you how I’ve organized my closet and my bathroom
so getting ready every single morning is super easy and I get out the door on time. Now if
you’re watching this video and you’re just thinking, wow I’m so behind on getting organized,
my house is a mess and I just don’t know where to start, just pick one small project that’s
high priority, start it, finish it completely and move on to the next thing. If you start
too many projects at once it can get even more overwhelming on top of the overwhelming
clutter you have around your house. Here I am in my closet and this is a closet
that my husband and I share together. Half of it’s my stuff, half of it is his stuff
and every single thing is in an organizing system which makes getting dressed in the
morning super easy and efficient. All I’ve done here is I’ve organized all my clothes
by category and then once everything’s organized by category I’ve organized it by color. All
of my hanging stuff is here and then all of my drawers here. All of my drawers are organized
by category and then I labeled each of the drawers so I know what is what. Now if you
don’t like to have a lot of labels in your house but you want to know what’s inside,
you could temporarily label your systems using them as training wheels and then once the
information is memorized, just peel the label off and you know what is what and what goes
where. I don’t mind having labels and it helps. In this drawer right here I have all of my
pajamas and when I reach for pajamas I normally just grab whatever is on top and so because
I do that everything is just stacked one on top of the other as opposed to filed and stored
vertically like another drawer down here. This drawer down here has all of my long sleeved
shirts. Again they’re filed vertically so when I open a drawer I can find exactly what
I’m looking for and find the right long sleeved shirt that I’m looking for. At the very top of the closet I have a donation
bin for all the clothes that I try on, they don’t work out, I wear them, they’re not comfortable
anymore. Any time that does happen I take the article of clothing, I toss it in the
laundry basket, when the laundry basket gets filled I take it down, I itemize it and then
I make the appropriate donations. I use uniform hangers inside of my closet because I like
the matching look. You don’t have to do that. The important thing to note here is that all
of the clothes have room to breath. Nothing is scrunched together like this. It’s really
easy to take something out. To put it back. Before we moved to this new house we decluttered
our home of hundreds of pounds of stuff and I got rid of a bunch of clothes and it feels
so much lighter inside this closet. It feels a lot easier to get dressed because everything
here I actually wear. I feel nice in it. I love it and I only have the things that I
use, need and love. Nothing more, no distractions and when the space has only the things that
you use and need it’s a lot easier to maintain and you just feel lighter. On this wall right here I have this jewelry
organizer that my husband and I made together. I have all my necklaces hanging here. My bracelets,
my rings, earrings, very easy. There’s not a lot of jewelry. When there’s less options
it’s a lot faster to get ready in the morning. At the very top of the closet you can see
there’s an empty shelf. There’s nothing up there. I don’t have enough stuff to fill this
closet and just because I have open space does not mean that I should go out and buy
more stuff. It’s okay to have empty space. It actually feels lighter. There’s more, it
feels like it’s easier to breathe in here when it’s not jam packed. On the inside of the door is a great place
to maximize space so what I’ve done here is I used over the door hooks to hang all of
my scarves and sometimes there’s sweatshirt or two here but you want to do is don’t hang
too much weight on the back of the door because it’s going to make it really heavy to open
and close. Keep it light, keep it simple and only hold onto things that you actually use,
need and love. Now that I showed you how I’ve organized my entire closet let me share with
you how I’ve organized the bathroom so getting ready is easy in the morning and cleaning
is even easier. Okay so here we are in the bathroom and I’m
going to show you all the different organizing systems I have in place. The first one is
my bathroom counter top. As you can see there’s not a lot of stuff on the counter because
I like to keep it minimal so it’s easy to clean because every night I come down and
I wipe the excess water and any dirt and other gross stuff. It’s really fast when there’s
not a lot of stuff. I just have just what I need and nothing else. Over here is the medicine cabinet and I have
everything that I need and use on a daily basis nice and accessible but also out of
the way. On the door of the medicine cabinet I took a bunch of information that I wanted
to memorize. I laminated it. I hung it on the door to maximize my vertical space and
I’ve read these things so many times that now I just have all this information memorized,
which was the point of putting all the stuff right here. Right here I have this magnetic strip. It’s
actually sheet metal I just cut and then I wrapped it in fabric tape from the dollar
store, which is awesome tape, and then I just put magnets on the back of my tweezers, just
like this, and now it just stays out of the way but nice and accessible on the door. Right
here I have my scissors and I also have nail clippers that again they hang on these hooks
and they are super easy to access. Okay, no let me show what’s inside the drawers.
The top drawer right here has all of my makeup. As you can see there’s not a lot of makeup
because I got rid of a bunch of stuff and now I have just the things that I use, need
and then the products that I love to wear. Basically there’s like one or two of everything
and I took a bunch of clear organizers, lined the drawer and I sorted everything pretty
much by category. Some categories are mixed in but for the most part brushes are together,
lip stuff is together, eye stuff is together and so forth. Now everything is super accessible,
it’s easy to put back and it’s also easy to clean if I took everything out, wiped it down,
because there’s not a lot of stuff. This drawer has all of, this little section
right here, has all of Mojo’s stuff for brushing her teeth, combing her and stuff and then
all of the feminine care is back here and I sorted everything by category to make it
a little bit easier to find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it. When you have
a big drawer like this, if you don’t want to use drawer organizers like I showed in
this drawer what you can do is get drawer dividers just like this and you cut them to
size and then you place them exactly where you want them. They’re just a little bit more
customizable. The last drawer down here is a deep drawer
and it has all of my hair stuff. All I did here was I used the same dividers that I used
inside this drawer. I got taller ones and I created this little section right here so
I could take all of my hairbrushes and then stand them up as opposed to just letting them
lie in this deep drawer and then they get lost and they’re hard to access. That way
you’re maximizing the, you know the height of your drawer. Back here I have my blow dryer,
my flatiron and the cool thing down here is I lined it with contact paper that’s kind
of like a cushion contact paper so when you put something in here, this is a wooden drawer
and it makes a lot of noise if you just stick what’s in here. When I put this back, it doesn’t
make a loud noise. Now let me share with you what’s inside the
cabinet doors right here. This is under the a vanity sink. Let me share with you what’s
in the door. On the door I just have two Command hooks for hanging a cloth for wiping down
the sink every night before I go to sleep. That just hangs right here nice and out of
the way. Right here I just have another tool for removing fuzz on clothes and stuff. Back
here I just used stackable organizers to maximize the vertical space in this cabinet because
you have this pipe that’s in the way so the best way to organize a space that has this
pipe, annoying pipe, in the way, is to build up and you’ve accomplished that using stackable
organizers. Right here I just have bulk supplies for the bathroom and down here I just have
electronics that I use inside the bathroom as well. Over here, on this side of the cabinet I have
a household recycling bin so for awhile I was noticing that a lot of the things in the
bathroom could be recycled and instead of saving all the stuff and walking down to the
kitchen I thought it was easier just to add a recycling bin in the bathroom for empty
shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, the ends of the toilet paper tubes, all that stuff
can be recycled. Now I’m finding that ninety percent of the stuff in the bathroom is recycling
and like ten percent is actual trash. This has been great. Over here I have a makeup recycling bin and
then a dental recycling bin. Every time I have empty makeup containers or empty dental
containers or tubes or something, they go inside here and then when these things are
full I responsibly recycle them and responsibly declutter my bathroom cabinet. On this cabinet
door right here I have a over the cabinet door organizer to maximize your vertical space
and then I have cleaners right here for cleaning around the house that I made all them myself. All I did was I grabbed a glass bottle from
the dollar store. This is a garlic wine vinegar bottle and then I took a plastic bottle top,
again from the dollar store, added it here and then I grabbed a koozie from the dollar
store, put it around the bottle to make the glass more insulated, less noisy but also
because these cleaners have essential oils inside them and essential oils shouldn’t be
exposed to sunlight so this keeps the sunlight out. Then I labeled the top with what the
cleaner is. This says glass cleaner. Then around the bottle underneath here it has the
recipe for what the cleaner is so when this runs out I know exactly how to refill it and
there’s no stopping to research how to make this again. That goes there and that’s the
bathroom vanity. That’s everything. I’ve shown you a lot of
different organizing systems that we have inside our home that keeps us productive,
efficient around the house, easy to find things but also easy to put things back. I hope this
video has inspired you to begin decluttering your house and begin setting up organizing
systems that are going to work for you and your family. If you’re looking to begin decluttering
and begin getting more organized there’s a link below to help you get started and if
this is your first time watching any of my videos you can check out my website
for more tools an training on living a more organized life. Also subscribe to my YouTube
channel for more videos on getting organized. Thanks for watching and I will see you soon.


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  15. I feel like she is that mum that packs gram crackers, a cheese string, apple slices, some pom bears and a water bottle. She would write her kids a note everyday for school telling her what is for lunch today and a note for motivation for school. She would help out at the school fairs and she would be the one that always comes and helps the teachers when the teachers offer parents to come and help on school trips

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