Mother of former video game addict warns of screen time addiction dangers

sometimes it can be hard to put your phone down it's something we've all been guilty of but when does it become an addiction Eyewitness News reporter Deshawn brown spoke with one mother whose son battled an addiction to video games and they Shon after her experience I know she told you she's determined to help others Erica that's exactly what she was doing here in this church tonight now the cloud is gone now but before that there were parents here experts even teenagers and they were talking about how to manage not only videogame addictions but really any screen time one mother's experience is her mission now I am very very aware of the pain that it can cause a family Melanie Hampi says her oldest son Adam battles a video game addiction through his teenage years into college the warning signs were all there there were mood changes he quit activities he eventually dropped out of school he had to play every day see children shouldn't have to play video games every day I'm a nurse and I thought I had a pretty good handle on medical issues but no one talked to me about this in nursing school about screen addiction so that's the goal tonight to talk about it can't be pulled together a team of experts from across the country bringing them to this church in Pineville that included doctors and researchers she also invited parents and their children the rule was full each time we measure it nationally we think it can't get any higher and it keeps doing it dr. Douglas genteel is a psychology professor at Iowa State University he referenced a study where his team followed thirteen hundred families to the school year where parents put limits on their children's screen time the difference was staggering across the board they were getting more sleep which in turn related to lower weight gain so lower risk for obesity they were getting better grades I've made all the mistakes that you make but then I've now I'm with my younger children I've kind of figured it out and I just want to be encouraging to parents and la is the way to go and by delay that mom is referencing either waiting until your kids get older until they're until they're exposed rather to as much screen time also setting limits for them we also spoke about her son in this story and she said he is doing very well right now but that is that recovery has taken work and in some cases it may also take treatment reporting live in Pineville Bay Sean brown channel 9 Eyewitness News

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