well, mother teresa used to make medicine
pouches for poor people whom she served. and this she made from old pieces of paper. take a xerox sheet and fold 3cms wide strip
along its length. then upturn the paper and fold this in 3 equal
parts and then tuck one flap inside the other. this will interlock. now upturn the paper and fold two skewed triangles
at the upper end and then take the upper end and just tuck it into the pocket and the medicine
pouch is ready. many poor people used to visit mother teresa
for medicines and as they wore no clothes they had no pockets to keep the medicines. mother teresa would fold pouches like this
and put medicines in them and then and with a string she would hang this pouch in patient’s
neck as you can see this lady. here is the medicine pouch and here is the
medicine. but now times have changed and you can also
fold a mobile purse from an A4 size paper.


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