MS Achievement Center at KU Medical Center

[ Music ] >> The Multiple Sclerosis
Achievement Center is the premier site in this region for
support and services for people with progress to MS
and their families. >> I was in an all-girls
dormitory, and there was this really cute
guy working in the kitchen. His name was Bill. >> She was full of energy
and excited about things. >> I worked up the courage, and
I said, “Would you be interested in going to the formal with me?” >> I think we hit it off
really well from the beginning, and a year and a half
later, we got married. [ Music ] In May, we planned to
attend a graduation, and in the 10-minute drive
from our house to this college, university, Marvalee became
numb from the waist down. >> Have you ever sat on a leg,
and your foot goes to sleep? That’s the way it felt. >> We found out it was
multiple sclerosis. >> I heard MS, multiple
sclerosis, but I had no idea
what it was about. >> Folks come in,
and they’re isolated. They’ve been separated
from community, really, not knowing what’s accessible,
where they can get into. [ Music ] That’s part of what the
Achievement Center is about you showing people that there’s options,
and there’s hope. [ Music ] >> I really benefit, I
think, from the PT and OT, yoga, and music therapy. The day goes by really,
really fast. >> The transformation
that I see in people that come here is just
heartwarming to me. It’s gratifying to think that
there’s a place that they can go where they’re supported,
they’re encouraged. They can be themselves. They can let go and be who they
are, aside from the disease that they’re living with. >> Everybody here
is in the same boat. I’m going to be accepted
just the way I am. >> They start to blossom
and find themselves again and find a way to connect with
others, and that’s the thing that makes this place, this whole Achievement
Center, so incredible. >> You know, it’s not
just having people that have the same disease. It’s the friendships. I don’t feel alone
when I’m here. I love being here. >> I would say I’m proud of you
for getting through every day. Not all the days are easy. >> And I love you
for hanging in there, because we have been
together 45 years. The last 20 have been with MS. >> Join us today in
the fight against MS. [ Music ]

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