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So my name’s Alison Thomson I studied undergrad sport and exercise science at Heriot Watt University and I went on to do the anatomy Masters in 2012/13. I chose the Masters because anatomy was my favourite module in my undergrad but I didn’t get a chance to do any actual dissection so the Masters allowed me to do a full body dissection from top to bottom which is something that I’d never been able to do before, and I loved it. I did my dissertation with one of the staff members of anatomy looking at spinal muscular atrophy and this led on to doing a PhD in the same subject up at Aberdeen University, and that has again led on to me now being a postdoctoral researcher with Dr Murray. Hi I’m I my name is Lavanya and I’m from India I have done my undergraduate degree from medical school, from India I’m interested to become a future surgeon. I wanted to do anatomy because I want to be thorough in my anatomy. I highly recommend it because the staff are so friendly over here, and they’re really helpful, in all aspects. The city is so beautiful, and the buildings, the architecture, I really like, and the people are so friendly. My name is Alexander Ahl and I studied anatomy here a couple of years ago. I’m doing a PhD in neuroscience. Neuroscience is something I took up for my dissertation during my MSc. What I really enjoyed about the structure of the MSc course was the different areas of anatomy itself that we got to get experience, everything from body handling to how cadavers are handled in the law, and the ethical issues around that, while still being fully immersed in the actual learning of anatomy. Hi, my name is Rocky and I’m from Hong Kong We have about 8 to 10 hours of compulsory teaching every week and the one thing I most look forward to is acutally the dissection So we actually have about 3 hours of compulsory dissection every week and the reason I chose Edinburgh is because of the teaching component of this course, because in the future I would like to pursue a career in teaching or maybe become a professor of anatomy. Ok yeah my name is Sameer, I’m from England originally – been living here for nearly 3 years now I studied the Anatomy Masters 2 years ago and now I’m working here full-time as teaching staff. The good thing about the course was that it had a variety of assessment types so if you weren’t as strong at presenting you might be better at vivas or spot exams. So there’s a strong variety of assessment types which can suit different people. This course has made me realise how much I love anatomy and has inspired me to go on and do other things with anatomy possibly into teaching or doing a PhD. I’m currently a first year PhD student in Anatomy and Tissue Engineering I’m also a medic, with a background in plastic surgery. I was particularly drawn to the option of having the opportunity to dissect an entire body which I knew I wouldn’t get any time again in the future That’s been particularly helpful with surgical exams. Also I wanted to get further involved in anatomy education, and the course provided both a theoretical element and a practical element which has been really excellent in furthering my skills the opportunities I have at both an undergraduate level and further on now in postgraduate teaching.

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