MSc in Clinical Anatomy

clinical Anatomy is the study of advanced human anatomy but particularly with a clinical or applied slump Queens still conform in many ways to a traditional anatomy course the students would undertake a range of modules and the core of those are a series of modules based on regional anatomy like head thorax and so on but in addition to those they can take on optional modules like embryological anatomy or microscopic anatomy and even the study of the human body through evolution so students would have very often the opportunity to dissect but certainly the opportunity to observe real calibrating till this is not the case in many universities around the UK and elsewhere it's really certainly my own well my personal view and professional view that dissection of the human body is the very best way to really understand the complete structure of the human body students have a great opportunity to learn Anatomy studying what we call precept it's cadaveric specimens where they get a brilliant opportunity to examine all of the many wonderful structures of the human body as a clinician I have noted it was very highly relevant to clinical practice the availability of advanced cadaveric dissection is golden Anatomy underpins all SIF medical practice really and not just in specialties that are anatomy driven like surgery and interventional radiology but also other specialties such as anesthetics we are blessed with the fact that people are prepared to donate their bodies to us for these young people to study anomaly the cadaveric bodies that we get to use here are a huge benefit it's one thing learning from textbooks and models but actually get hands-on and see this is what happens in the body and then be able to relate it to yourself you know it's opportunities like that are very hard to come by and real privilege to have here at Queen's we hope to attract students who have an interest in anatomy perhaps for taking that not me forward and teaching anatomy at university level or those who feel that they need to gain additional Anatomy knowledge perhaps to help specialty training in medicine such as surgery or radiology I did my undergraduate degree here in human biology and Anatomy was part of that and I've always find it really interesting and the Masters offered a really and sir an in-depth look at anatomy and and also all the teachers and lecturers are really great and I've always liked cream in addition to these academic anonymous we have a number of clinical anonymous individuals who have spent many years as doctors surgeons and radiologists who come and give off their time to teach the clinical aspects of anatomy I've just come back from finishing my PhD it's been absolutely fantastic teachings been great and that's one of the reasons I came back I've been familiar with her for the last couple years and I was just a fantastic

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  1. Hello, I'm impressed by the way your department is displayed here. I have completed my Masters in Anatomy and would like to know if there are options by which I can further the scope of my education at Queen's. TIA

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