MSc Pharmaceutical Enterprise

My name is Ingo, I am from Munich Germany
and I am currently studying Pharmaceutical Enterprise here in the University of Birmingham.
I chose Birmingham University because of the unique study course, you can find here and
not anywhere else I guess. So what is special about my course, we have
a perfect combination between scientific and business related courses especially beginning
we have various lectures from different guest lecturers so you get a lot of different high
quality people into your course, and later on you have different opportunities to actually
gain practical experience, which would be though a startup project, or a consultancy
project. My course is delivered mainly through lectures
in the first part, so from module one to five we have lectures every day with different
guest lecturers coming in, and the second part is more of a practical experience, so
we have a consultancy project as well as a startup project.
There are various activities for postgraduate students to get involved in the university.
I personally joined a sports society, as well as the consultant club, so if you want to,
there are many options to get involved socially here.
So my favorite experience of being a postgraduate at this university was learning quite perfect
content which you wanted to learn, so it nearly felt like one year of work experience which
was really good. My plans after graduation are maybe going
into consultancy, so I had a job interview with a consultancy firm back in Germany and
also one in London so I am currently thinking about that as an option.
So the difference between undergrad and postgraduate studies is really focusing on the highly relevant
content and you have to put in a lot of independent work.
So my top tip for students considering this course would be to be aware that it is actually
a combination of business and science so you have to be prepared to get in contact with
both subjects, and you should be aware that you really specialise on one specific fields
and really be sure what you want to do.

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