MSNBC Host DESTROYS Republican Lie About Socialized Healthcare

this is actually one of those moments that I particularly enjoy where a Republican talking point bumps into I mean so much of the Republic into a greater authority and what I mean by that is so much of what you see on the right because in many respects if they're not full all-out authoritarian z– they respond to those cues and so you know for instance when Greg Gutfeld on Twitter's fans respond to what I say it's all about greg has 750,000 to followers and you have 50,000 who are you lady so it's nice to see them when they get slammed by just Authority because it's not like they actually know in depth what they're talking about it's always just sort of some type of signifier here is Ali Velshi he is an MSNBC host I guess he does the afternoon and he's quite good actually he used to be on CNN right and he's on with representative Jim Jordan from Ohio and they're talking about universal health care systems around the world and here is here's that exchange and no and I was just saying to Bill Kristol nowhere on the face of the earth is there a free health insurance market that works if you could point me to one and say what about a free-market closet I just want to make a point here this guy if I remember was the financial was a financial reporter on CNN and he is saying that there is no free market health insurance in the world that works there that that that exists and functions without some form of government support and even before Obamacare we didn't have a we support the insurance industry by taking the oldest people in the country and putting them on a government program called Medicare and so here you continue health insurance market that works if you could point me to one and say what that a free market works it's just one of those areas that a free market doesn't work it will work much better than work and then it's working now under a complete government control of health care for goodness sake do you think people are satisfied now how about people in the individual market who went from paying single people individual market went from paying one hundred to hundreds of month to pay in five six hundred five dollars a month but for six thousand but you know sarala see you know sir that in all those countries all the developed countries that have single-payer systems or universal health care happiness about health care is actually substantially greater than it is in the United States and while they are like expected they don't all come here you probably don't search they don't all come here people in Canada people in Norway people in the United Kingdom people in Sweden people in Denmark they don't all come to the United States for health care why do you say that well because they you see it although it's not true in Canada come here for extensive surgery they come here and get it done in the United Stated my entire family's in Canada nobody I know ever came to the United States for health care I'm sure you have a handful of stories about things like this it's not actually statistically true yeah well you think Obamacare is great you think that a free market work yeah there you go yeah I gotta hand it to Jim Jordan you change the subject really quickly oh yeah yes you like Obamacare hmm you're demonstrably Pro pedophilia there are actually some it just just had to get out of that Oh bumped into a Canadian so I thought you were Arab Wow hey folks Sam cedar here Donald Trump can kiss all of our asses and one way he can is by you subscribing to this channel I don't know how that works


  1. One would think this wrestler (Jimmy "Wild Child" Jordan) would get tired of having his singlet handed to him on every non-Fox network.

  2. Jim Jordan is a freaking boy lover!!!!!! who the hell cares what this creep from hell says. good grief. Jim Jordan should be in prison for rape.

  3. Jock strap Jim..Allowed rape because he's the guy who believe " women asked for It".
    No men just take.

  4. As long as we have goons like Jordan we’ll never have good healthcare for people not eligible for Medicare. Bravo to our Canadian neighbors who can enjoy good healthcare.

  5. The counties with UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE know NOT to come to the US because they'LL get SHOT & SERIOUSLY INJURED & end up with a HYPER EXPENSIVE BILL!

  6. The only “they” that would come to the USA for “expensive” surgery are RICH WHITE FOLKS…if at all.

  7. Since "they all come here to get major surgery"….Ask Randy Paul where he's going/went to get his surgery? He's a republiKLAN just so you know.

  8. Funny enough that insurance companies have been GAURUNTEED rate increases for decades, and
    Still we need to use Medicare to pay for the time period when we most get sick.
    They are built in to the Largesse.

  9. These people are scaringly dangerous. THAT DUSBAG Republican is more than a threat to our democracy, he knows what he's saying is a lie but he says it anyway and that's pure EVIL!

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