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tonight on dispatches the devastating impact of illegal drugs not on those who use them but on the 350,000 or so children whose parents have a serious drug problem but dad dad avenido put a needle in Jean Cocteau's and the grandparents who are left to pick up the pieces we walk in and leave these children and everybody else walks away I used to lock her out of the kitchen while we were injecting in the kitchen those children were just on the sidelines they didn't count as long as we got what we wanted around 3,500 babies are born to heroin addicted mothers every year that's ten a day a few weeks ago April was a heroin user who sold her body for drugs now she's moved back in with her mother who has given up her job to keep April clean and help protect her unborn daughter Carmela but April is struggling with the involvement of social services in her life social services can tell you because that's what they're there for don't they can I know these girls out there on drugs and they've got the kids what you don't seem to understand it it's in that I don't turn it down to that it's the lifestyle that you will leave in it's the fact that you want streets April that's the life they don't want this baby bought into that's my aunt's a mom yeah but they don't have to know your dog the fact that you never turned up to appointments you know that you weren't turning up to Ospital you weren't turning up to the I'm Tomatoes they worried that you're not thinking about you baby because they things that have to be done when you're pregnant it's what you've said into it and the day you've come home you've made Carmela say but you said to meeting your mom I can't promise you that I'll never go back if I weren't involved if social services weren't involved in says to protect Carmela many heroin users are given methadone on prescription every day this helps reduce the effects of withdrawal and are supposed to help them get off heroin though many users still take drugs on top of their method on my body's addicted to the arrow and into it and it craves for it so doesn't go in just methadone just puts back what what the heroin stopped because it stopped feeding me and here so methadone just replaces that they don't give me a buzz on off him but it just makes me feel normal she gets addicted to what I'm taking so obviously she'll be addicted to methadone as well they say it what she boned I don't care like those are long as it makes me feel better April is hoping that by sticking with her methadone treatment and staying off heroin she'll be allowed to keep her baby though in the Nottingham area where April lives about one in four drug users babies are fostered at birth now 15 I'm a guy 33 well and he used to sell drugs I thought I first ever tried it I got with them and it just started from there earlier just living from day to day working streets I used to go out and I even add a copy wish to do it day to be honest but he used to walk streets around the beat it's called to be in Nottingham I'm waiting for somebody to pick me up when somebody pick me up they'd pay me for sex and cuz they had to pay you first just run off with him on him and I know I laugh boy is not funny really robbing people for that they work hard for that one day and I just used to take it off on it were a battle to keep her here to start with after the first day she wants to go back to Nottingham that she told me that mom I really read and there's a bus goes past my ass and it says nothing I'm on it and it was passed every hour and she's comment every time bus went past that bus has gone to nothing on mum and they say for please just another day just you know just just try it another day just please don't go the doors open if you want to go I can't stop you from going I'm just asking you please just another day I'll try my hardest not to let come and attack the buffer at it tell her I could have got her took off me for the life I led she's not she's there she's with me she's staying with a man I worry that once Carmel is born this niggling back of my head thinking will she go back to the life that she had and it's it's frightening and and that's a nightmare that I live where everyday if April does return to drugs she and her mum have a formal agreement that her mum will become Carmela's guardian Jan has been looking after her granddaughters for five years Tia and Lacey's parents were both drug users but one night in 2003 the girls lives changed forever I had I just had a feeling that something wasn't right and that it and I had to go somewhere that morning and ask my sister to crawl down just to make sure everything was all right both parents were not conscious and the children were there so my sister just lifted the children brought them back and we found social services and the ambulance and that was it that was home we acquired the children what I'd been frightened of for so long had now become a reality the government doesn't compile official figures but unofficial estimates suggest that as many as 200,000 grandparents in the UK are in John's position caring for their grandchildren because of parental drug addiction you're angry that you've been forced into a situation that you never expected to happen and your own life is put on hold ready and some I suppose are angry about that some are resentful but I think the majority has found that you know these children have lost a few with the parents kinship carers like Jen don't just have to worry about their grandchildren they also fear for that drug-addicted child it's just a constant fear of not knowing what what's going to happen next and I know from you know the grandparents experience the years that you sort of you lying in bed waiting you just wake him to the police to knock to say that yeah they've been found out I don't they'd be murdered that's that's a fear we've all lived with and for some it's it's it's been a reality Pat is also a grandmother caring for her grandchildren because of parental drug addiction social services were involved with Kyle and his brother when they were younger but official policy is to try to keep children with their parents for as long as possible today the thought of ever going back to live with his mother fills Kyle with dread worried she might fine but I realize I'm coming in the back get some long lighters break in and tip tip me and Daniel I think she wants us back with her Olivia so live the Lord and leave the family alone she takes drugs Kyle's brother doesn't want his face shown but he feels the same way she probably just did same thing what she's done all laugh again but men before us don't want anything to do we're sure hope and I just want a good life here with Anna I smell the onion Nana very small grandparents like Pat often suffer high levels of stress and depression looking after their grandchildren they get little or no financial support from the state to care for the children they've rescued many have to take on loans and then fall into debt you know boys were being abused neglect sewer and weaving him with anybody that you could get hold of anybody that she could get old enough to look after the children but from where I heard she'd even left him we're saying you're old when Watson talked to our room we never had not dinner and she put the fire extinguisher there it's all concurred out and every time we've tried to push door open and the fire extinguisher fell over its come upstairs move the fire exchange I'll open the door and senior shadows and then put clothes on put fire exchanger back it's estimated that just under half of the children of serious drug users are living with extended family usually the grandparents roughly the same number are still living with one or both of their parents Kim is a heroin and crack user and the mother of nine-year-old Serena Kim's been using drugs for the last five years and her daughter has been living with her Kim's life revolves around getting money to feed her habit yes out and grab some things for sure yeah and it makes me feel cool because I'm not gonna I'm not gonna do that that's in the old gods say I regret about shoplifting me walking around she was gone then can I have a cup of cream a galore skin on the day I said I counts when I mean I've not got no money and then I've said to her if I can get one I'll try and get one I said just leave it till we get outside the shop a minute basically or didn't lease a longer and Nicolas I think she must have known I don't think she twigged on sort of sight thing but then we got outside the shop and I would pick one up and got it without Alice I don't know I paid for that a second ago who said I mean I got it for ya and then she's gone on then you didn't need to and she pulled that the sleeve I said if your Nicollet serene and I'm with you the chances are you you will have to go to the police station with me and you will get done for it's not mean you should please can't do nothing crime only me all I said four big cancer means you're not I mean I said if I was to not not correct you for having that egg what's the chances next time you're out with your friends and I'm not with you what might you take them when I'm not with you Johnny Kim is sharing her crack with an ex-boyfriend she has more drugs than usual today because she's got a check for a social services hardship loan supposedly to buy school things for Serena this is a treat this is a treatment he's just only some what we do normally on the payday we just get one but season a series run hold himself back that was because Serena went school shoes and she's got a party in that ability Serena lived amongst this until just two months ago well the farm in Africa sided it weren't right you're being with me while I was still on the heroin his stuff most mornings she wouldn't be at school so I caught I don't think it took long before the members obviously to work out that it was because the drugs is that I mean I didn't obey anybody some good Kim has been to a dealer to buy some gear as they've not had any heroin yet this morning we now we may as well go and push you open all right open up a walking room I don't think I've never gone a day without it never kim's addiction affects all aspects of Serena's life she'd say things like Oh mum my friends at a lot of time around our house fatigued because you do flips she Fonda quite odd understand enough because you're going on going it's just so quick if I knew that mom was doing drugs I wouldn't want to put my daughter at risk I can understand why parents are like I don't blame himself I'd be a thing turn away just for this bit right Kim has repeatedly promised Serena that she will get into rehab soon the family have decided that Serena should no longer stay with Kim overnight such as the power of addiction that even uses themselves say that drugs always come first and children a poor second just so rapidly spiraled downhill you know everything was gone within months Jan and her granddaughters are out selling old toys to try to make some spare cash Heidi the girl's mother is with them she's trying hard to stay clean now during the week she's on an intensive rehab program but she visits the family at weekends now she's off drugs she's beginning to realize the impact her drug habit has had on the girls I met the girl's dad and he was exciting and I used to be attracted to the sort of bad boy type lacy remembers um daddy and mummy arguing and fighting she remembers about people who used to come to the house it's affected her confidence she's insecure I mean she's a lot better because she's been living with mommy lazy cats all my income support was going on drugs the nappies in the milk were often shot with it most of the money went on drugs come on come on stop me York words just listen right I'm phoning money minute wanna phone nanny and speak to her about your behavior it's often assumed that the children of serious drug users will be taken into care but in fact fewer than one in ten is offered that protection Jan tried to get help for Tia and lacy social services did visit but because there was food in the cupboards they weren't concerned so opposite you know as a dad down there every day I was going to stop today's thought this is the last time at tomorrow I'm not going to use not wake up and use and I wish I was dead every day I wanted to die I didn't have the guts to do anything about it so did you get off it mommy used to say to me if I love to the children I would have done it for them last year was the worst Tia came down the night and found me bent over she describes it as peanuts I'd gone unconscious and been sick and she was try and she said I was muttering she went upstairs and tell my mom it was something wrong with me you were much cooler ambulance and I was in intensive care for three days and tears still cries about that she still says to me why did you have peanuts coming out of your mouth why were you talking you sleep mummy what was wrong with you and you know what I don't know what to say to her her mom said that she wished her to you know died Heidi was on heroin throughout both her pregnancies this is me breastfeeding Tia so she was still getting some methadone or whatever into a system and she scratched her arms and scratched her face and the chin from their withdrawal symptoms we both had to wear mittens cuz he scratched the face so much cried a lot but it's a different sort of cry it's almost an hysterical pride with it when it's a baby that's worth drawing it's not a healthy cry it's an anguish cry this is me holding the baby couched out on the bed I'm still using models in the hospital they were going to assess here because she was showing agitated signs and scratching her face and I gave her a tiny amount of methadone to stop her being so ill I gave her that for a weekend and she came home with me I can't believe that is that I could have killed her I'm so ashamed that I did that I don't know what you've done with it you must have put yeah I don't know what you've done with it you didn't why'd you have these so tight got too tight not right finishes the finish is going to be a bit bigger than we thought April's baby is due in two weeks like Heidi she did things when she was addicted that she now deeply regrets you don't care about what all the people I going through and you care about the fact that you need drugs and you you need wanted to get it and if that means robbing somebody then you'll do it it's horrible some days I made two grand in a day just robbing men and and prostituting myself I'm running in and shoplifting and I could make 10 grand in a day and it but gone I'll say today I won't even I'd tie left next morning with drug addiction the next fix is all that matters poorly when you need it it's just you do anything to get it you don't might not do it certain I mean I never knew he'd been to prison and you've been in a few times and yeah now didn't know I never knew none of that I just think she's just such a young age and watches what she's been through and things like and and for me the story that that tells is lying in bed it side of her at night listening to her whimpering and listening to her crying and that is April's unconscious telling me that I fell that she is led and I lie here having nightmares thinking about what she's probably been through and I have been there you know a drug user dies of a heroin overdose every 10 hours in the UK most of them are parents my dad used to take drugs cannabis cocaine crack and that lot I said dad what's that and he said it's a normal family no I went no it's not it was like a drug to me and he went and it's cocaine and crack and all that luck I'm taking so I said why are you doing this and they said because I'll get real mad so I fast market I'll get happy it was gossip it cowl up on a Friday and Rodolfo bringing him up to find out where he was it's it's the rocket now and she kept bringing him up from bringing him up my dad's wife my mom in law well step mom she she found him in the living room on the floor midlanders I'm dead I think he cried a bit and said asthma daddy God's weapon is he an angel night it was rebelling it was mother can't quote Liam at the time I slash out some people I just locked bathroom and all that a lot yeah honestly I dr. Kimmel out that before his dad dad because he worshipped his dad Kim's daughter Serena has also experienced the loss of a loved one her uncle Kim's brother died of an overdose five years ago Serena fears that Kim too is at risk she was all about oh then what if you don't wake up and stuff like that's what I mean so I've obviously had to go through with her what to do if anything does happen if I don't sort of wake up after a dig and stuff pretty upset and sees as other kids don't even know about drugs allows me a flee to sort of almost teach my daughter the drug side of things just in case anything did happen whilst living with her mother nine-year-old Serena was surrounded by the chaos of addiction two days ago a friend overdosed in Kim's house in Summit chronic body's not used to that sort time I took a 40 mil that's a fort none that was too much for me cuz I'm thinking that's just no semi although that's really good every time so please take that pin in your honor it's a gamble in it look at this time this much last time probably not much just just to stop me just stop me Muttley nice to meet you stop me sway feeling ill stuff you know it's what I like to do I just stopped my realizing that's all you stop no no no if I'm like then I literally do nothing I don't get up and sort the sour foul I sort of show I mean just stay in bed and then the house just gets do it in Johnny he went to really really and in bed and she sort of just like sit on the end the bed sheets heli and go make a surface sandwich drop me mum do you want a drink it's sort of like almost like look after he was I was left there yeah I'd sort of like give her a tenner at the weekends and stuff and then she knew that ten-pound up to get her free for the week you say ma'am I'm gonna make sure I spend all of it she said because then if you're skint you can't ask me for a cup of pound if you need it then it scares me that I'll mess up again and let them down again scares me that a struggle saying no to the children I struggle to discipline them because when I do spend time with them I'm trying to make up for all the years that I've missed out on I love them to bits but I don't feel as oh now have to be a mother they don't respect well Lacey doesn't respect me and I'm partly responsible for that because I shrivel to discipline oh well done to you well done no I've already done avoided enough awesome I mean excuse me is that how we asked no mommy's gonna have her lunch now and you're going to eat this I did ask you if what you wanted and you said you didn't want anything when I was drinking mom used to get very angry about me or anything so tear knows it's wrong to drink Lacey used to look her up on it has naughty medicine she now knows it was drugs I don't think she understands a lot about it but she knows that you shouldn't do it Chris well she knows that because of drink she hasn't got her dad because of drugs she hasn't got her dad and she must feel let down by him as much as she was let down by me that those things were more important than she is is that the right way I should have put it on truth there's no nice way to you know to put it all it's that's as it is well done lace what are you looking for what are you taking drugs they're more important than anything else you're using in your drinking I'm more important than anything else nobody else comes into it you will do whatever it takes to get hold of that those drugs on well what do they call it when you're in the madness it is it's like being in the madness it's like it's like it's like living in madness and chaos and those children we're just on the sidelines they didn't count as long as we got what we wanted when when we'll talk the girls away from me I just carried on using I just carried on carried on doing what I was doing yes it you know at the time I thought it was her but it didn't stop me it was really hard seeing that empty cot it was just the way she'd left it and the toys and stuff but it didn't make me do anything about it I still carried on using April's baby carmella has been born at a healthy eight and a half pounds because her mum stayed off heroin during the last stages of her pregnancy Carmela has only had a detox from methadone sometimes if a mother or grandma walks in and takes over you calm down because someone's taking over and baby calms down specialist Midwife Sheena Prentiss first met April in prison when she was pregnant April's social conditions when we first met her were actually extremely poor and she wasn't in drug treatment she wasn't in a relationship with her mother she was basically involved in prostitution and my role with April was really to engage with services it's a very fearful time your instinct is that your baby will be taken from your care she never said to me you won't have your baby to coffee but if you carry on in this lifestyle she's sure got your coffee if you carry on every night he didn't she never lied to him and told me that she won't get to off me the only thing that I didn't notice in hospital with the constant sneezing yawning and very sharp jerky shaking movements which lasted just one to three days and were the worth of it at times she's been unconsolable crying which have worried both Sheree and April the the the dilemma is you think you're failing baby that maybe you should be doing something but there certainly April's very reluctant to even consider any sort of medication because that's almost like starting baby back to the beginning point and having to go through the process again I think I'll be a good mother and I'll never go back to life at it I know I can't say I'll never go back to it well I don't want to right to it and I'll bring her up Gordon I know at least I can tell her what I've been through and she's holding off and telling well advisor not to go down that path because I've been through it and I know what is right Kim has been evicted she has also been arrested for a burglary and is now on remand in prison awaiting her sentence what was Serena told she's been told I'm in detox you know she sent me a lot yesterday saying about how much she misses me and wants me to change and everything like that yet and all that a bit good when I got it though put me in tears it did yeah I'll read it to you lightly – mum I love you lots and want you to get better so we can be happy again stop do this right no I feel right doing it I'm gonna read it twice I don't would even read it that's one right when you was on drugs I didn't like it because you could have died I always think about you I miss you lots I love you please mum please get for us so we can be happy and have fun love you always mum see you soon be happy and think of me love you lots Amina it was shocking that you're not I mean they're being so cruder faster what I'm doing you're not I mean so so you're gonna tell her on you but I'll tell you when I get out like I've been here but not to know about yeah it's your worry too much yeah yeah I know if I go straight out tomorrow I'm gonna be straight back on the shit and I need to stay in for an extra week no we're not I'm clean and get my head and ready and round it ready to get out otherwise I'm just gonna go straight back there on the path and for the back in a few weeks again so yeah luminescent first I think for the children of drug users living with the consequences of crime often becomes the norm she won't see my dad and she smuggled drugs into prison for him and when the police found out about it the following prison the children of drug users are much more likely to experience their parents being arrested or imprisoned both of Kyle's parents spent time behind bars Cal's dad ended up in prison she went down to see him one particular weekend and tried to smuggle some drugs into prison for Cal's death in a baby's buckle to make it look like it were a formula I felt good I felt really good when if I know I thought using a child's bottle just to smuggle drugs into prison to somebody that is sinister and I've got questionnaire was good because we lived in a hostel all right so if we did she smack was I just felt like get me an older phone just shaking a saying what are you doing to your children you know I don't know but no no no stop and when it turns up is there anything anyone could do to help you no I'm not affected by anything the missing out on the role mother bringing them up the love and the affections that they should have offer I mean they've missed out on a lot of stuff through not being with her miss out on a really lot of stuff probably the best times probably one up in little Norman Anna and the probably the worst times were probably we were living with our mom these are the things that become a man that I can think of you know that about it the children down what's this book it's at the children no cousin my daughter yep Mikasa my daughter it's them – I'm sorry for why should they go through what they are going through things turned out better start all over again in life and proper beautiful person Kim is off drugs for the first time since Serena was four years old part of her sentence for the burglary was to go into residential rehab she has done nearly a month and has five months to go I'm ashamed of who I was I admit that for last five years I've not been a man she's not to take care of me she's out to put it with me shoplift in to burgeroo's she's been through it all mentally and emotionally with me which I feel bad for that because I wasn't a man it was a category of neglect if you could say so it was it isn't right for a child to be brought up like that but now I'm looking in I know that was wrong but at the time it was right it was my addiction and it took a lot for me to realize all that was wrong I wasn't a man I've not been a mentor five years she won't say it because she knows it helped me out that she didn't like seeing me or she don't me out I feel bad like that but as I said this I've got to make it up a lot of making up to do the average time it takes a drug user to beat their addiction and get clean for good is 12 years that's most of a childhood Heidi and Jan are searching for a new place for the family to live Heidi hopes that this time she'll manage to stay clean and Laci and Tia will finally get their mother back I hope to be able to be I could step on them I hope to be able to give them a stable the stay of a life that when one's been giving them for the last four years I wasn't there for them and the best thing mom did was take those children away from me you know I tried to think the state they'd be in now if she hadn't taken them here doesn't remember that much about it but there's been you know there's damage done to Lacey and I just hope that it can be patched up that I can make a difference now she ladies still angry with me it's not as bad since I've stopped drinking as well as using it's um it's gang we're getting closer and she's not as angry with me is she she's got hope now the things are returning to normal she was a moment doesn't she when she she has her moments yeah sure but that you to do with me hate you nany but I won't there to do something oh dear excuse me why are you seeing everybody do you want to come in do you know what I think I think you're all getting a bit hungry we've had no lunch right okay right I'll call you in five minutes for there's something to eat if this was our new house where would you live which room would be yours I think it'd be the pink room what you think in a double bed yeah what about a room for nanny to us when mommy was drinking we never used to play like this to me where is it if you'd ever little bit because I didn't used to listen to you know Kim has run away from rehab she's in London are you Saturday nussle so I can't I panicked I knew they was gonna test me I knew it so I just got everyone to pull their chance to do it just Sarina no yeah they're just worried about me just worried about me because using gear what did she say to you just go back let's get butts worse I wish you afraid for you if you're gonna see the use of yeah what about you do you smoke 200,000 people went through drug treatment in England last year more than ever before but just 3.6 percent left treatment drug-free I'm not a man I'm not anybody all I am is Atticus although he class myself as a pure at it and being an addict I can't put the responsibility there for anyone but myself I can't put Serena or my family anyone first that's all I can do is put me first I can't up stuck-up mark being a mum I can't do what I can't take all the responsibility for a child when I can't even take on responsibility for myself I'm just glad that I don't have to wake up every morning needing that fix that now I can wake up and I can play with the kids and that obsession to score is not on me anymore and I'm building bridges that by rights I shouldn't have a right to build I'm just glad it weekly the billions that we're saving the government and bringing up these children the majority of grandparents kinship carers receive no finance at all and yes I suppose we do overcompensate because of what they've lost but it's very hard to be objective when you trying to cope with all this on your own by the time filming finished Kim was living rough she rarely sees her daughter Serena I admit it's really over daily or text or message I said I was gonna go around to see her boy I got too much to drink that's all look around yeah but she's obviously you know got in a bit of a hunk part of that and then when I got arrested the other day probation said that basically I didn't have a betta dress my family's also that they didn't me as a being a dress so they're obviously right hacked off I just haven't call the contacts and cry no the Aqua oh I'm gonna get billions are spent treating drug users but there are almost no services aimed at helping the innocent victims of their addiction their children and the grandparents who pick up the pieces many of the figures in this film are based on five year old estimates the Department of Health says it has plans to collect figures but none are currently available so no one knows how many children really are are living with drug-addicted parents the most recent drug strategy promises to intervene early with the families of drug users but until real resources are devoted to helping the family as a whole these children are condemned to find their own way through the chaos and tragedy of their parents drug use if we fail to help these children it should never be said that we didn't know what they were going through by getting good nah I got all the drugs in the world and I shoot them all and then get rid of them shoot the factory down


  1. Nana should be VERY proud. Thoes two boys love her and aren't afraid to show it. She's doing wonderful with them!!!

  2. Of course social services don't come and grandparents of drug addicts are left to make loans and burn their pensions up to care for their kids! How could it be any money to spare with the hordes of illegal immigrants, Pakistanis intermarried cousins living 10 people in a terrace and all the African single-mothers-with-seven-kids-each!! When all these people come to Britain just to leech off the welfare system what happens is that people like these are left out.
    Worst thing is how British people are prepared to let this travesty continue until they starve to death just so nobody will call them "racists". And it is shameful.

  3. I knew a lot of heroin addicts and some of them were actually very sweet, damaged people. You couldnt trust them as far as you could throw them but underneath they had very vulnerable personalities. A lot of them are dead now. One of the worst I knew was a mother and her child has paid a price for it, but the mother finally sorted herself out decades later. It was no childhood for her daughter though and she is now a mother herself and very messed up. Lemmy said it best, heroin is too nice for people to be trusted with. It turns good people into thieves and whores.

  4. Yep and I know three BEAUTIFUL children going through this right now two little boys and a smashing teenage girl luckily me and my husband are looking after her with her elderly grandparents neither they or us get any help financially the drugy mother won't sign her over purely because she doesn't want people to think she's a bad mother that's got rid of her daughter even though she has and everyone knows it her little ones live in filth and starvation social services have been completely useless anyway her loss and our gain cause she's a sweetheart we're very proud of her I despise her mother she use to be a friend but after everything she's done I'm ashamed she ever was I just wish those other two babies were rescued also but me not being a relative just a family friend can do very little 😞

  5. Every single one of those parents loves and adores their children. They don’t love drugs more than their kids. But due to the change in their brain as a result of substance use their primary objective will be to not be in withdrawal. All they want is their kids back but they are sick with a medical condition and need support and help to get well. Also methadone isn’t only to get people off heroin some people use it to help reduce their use or stabilize their use – it is not just about abstinence.

  6. This little boy Kyle knows too much its as if he's been allowed to know everything about his parents at an early age seems as tho their little minds are poisoned by their own peers

  7. I don't understand this. I was in the military and was injured and placed on hard pain meds.. I ended up moving onto street drugs and I got pregnant to my HUSBAND. I got clean, lost the baby and relapsed and was told I would never conceive again after losing an ovary to a tumor. Well, they were wrong.. I did a few weeks later and was FORCED onto methadone. All drug use STOPPED. I had my son, he luckily had no symptoms and I have been clean since. Eight years now. I could NEVER lose my kids to drugs and refused to allow it to happen..
    If these girls WANTED to get clean, they would. It's that simple.

  8. Most addicts have been through more than you could imagine to get to that point, wether you know it or not. More than methadone they need therapy but instead doctors just throw pills at it and mental health services are so hard to access. I am not a drug user but it is a problem that has plagued my family, I can't forgive but I can try to understand

  9. Reportedly Heidi has passed away. Kate Jowett who was a producer of this made an announcement on her website.

  10. Anybody who is suffering from any sort of addiction and desires
    spiritual inner peace…please seek out Jesus! Jesus has a track record
    of helping people out. Try 1) Verbally communicating. Pour out all
    that's on your mind. 2) Randomly go through a bible. Could be
    something you read will bring you comfort. 3) Listen to a Jesus loving
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  11. I am in shock even as an individual with experience within similar circumstances. Bless all the children, present and expected. Bless the extended caregivers. These substances turn people into Heartless monsters who have little awareness for anything but the little wraps that are stored and/or transported up in the bum or vagina then passed mouth to mouth then injected…………I am shaking with anger and have to end my comment

  12. if you are a kid reading this drugs are good. Try them. Best are opioids like heroin and oxy and stuff like meth cocaine xanax. Basically harder means better. The best way to take these drugs is everyday so you build a dependence.

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