Music is Medicine Tour Stops at West Hospital – Boys Town National Research Hospital

My name is Ryan Brolliar and I’m a musician from
San Diego. I had a tumor on my spine two and a half years ago and it totally changed my life. Since then my life has become being service to
others. I started playing music and volunteering at hospitals and played for
a young girl, who was terminally ill and it changed my life. I walked out of there
and knew that this was a higher purpose than I’ve ever had. When I walked out I
heard 50 for 50 in my head and later figured out that means 50 hospitals in 50 states.
This is my ninth state. It’s grown into anyone that needs music and needs some
peace of mind as I’ve been in their shoes. It’s been a joy.
We love having visitors come to Boys Town to see our patients and families.
The smile on his face was almost immediate and seeing his head bobbing to the
music. He”ll be going back for a procedure and it just sends him off with
happy feelings, which we love. I love connecting with people and the music I
think brings a comfort to it and a joy to it. Honestly, a lot of times, some
fun. Before, during, or after surgery or any type of sickness they have, I
think that’s one of the best medicines you can have. Music is medicine.

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